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Volume 3, Page 243

    MORTON, CHARLES, Charlestown, eldest s. of Rev. Nicholas, wh, d. at
Southwark, near London, there hav. a parish, descend. of an anc. m. at
Morton, in Co. Notts, where was the seat of Thomas Morton, says
Farmer, secr. of Edward III. was b. 1626, in Cornwall, bred at Wadham
Coll. Oxford, and sett. at Blisland, in his native Co. as a min. thence
eject. in 1662, he liv. sev. yrs. at Newington Green, near London, and
was wholly engag. in teach. a private semin. until 1686, when he emb.
for Boston, and 5 Nov. of this yr. was ord. at C. His neph. Charles,
an M. D., came with him, but went home in July of next yr.; ano.
neph. Nicholas, H. C. 1686, wh. d. at Charlestown, 3 Nov. 1689, had
come a yr. earlier than his uncle. An aged wid. Ann, says the rec. d.
20 Dec. 1690; but she may not have been relat. Some reports still
circulate a. the design of mak. him head of our college, but there can
be no founda. for the idea, that such an inducem. caus. his com. for
Increase Mather was chos. near. a yr. bef. his leav. Eng. and some
jealousy was rais. against him for teach. matters of high rank in the
college curriculum. Vice President he was indeed chos. being the first
in such rank, and, I suppose, the last who acted under a presid. officer,
for when the Inst. was reliev. from the rule of Mather, and nobody was
to be found fit to be his successor, with condition of resid. on adequ.
salary, Willard was made real head of the Coll. with the inferior title
that Morton had enjoy. yet not held to resid. M.was too old to succeed
Mather, when this latter was sent to Eng. and d. some yrs. bef. the office
was vacat. by him. It is rather strange, that his d. wh. was on 11
Apr. 1698, by Penhallow, who was his pupil in Eng. and came over
with him, is mark. 1696, see 2 Mass. Hist. Coll. I. 162, and by Dr.
Bartett, in the next Vol. of Coll. 171, noted 1706, aged 80. EPHRAIM,
Plymouth, s. of George, came with his f. in the Ann, 1623; but Judge
Davis, in the preface to the Memorial, says, he was b. on the passage.
Cotton's Plymouth ch. hist. in 1 Hist. Coll. IV. 126, marks his d. 7 Sept.
1693, in 70th yr. of his age, wh. implies that he was b. aft. the arr. of the
sh. in July. Perhaps the differ. may be explain. by error in Cotton's
use of the Latin word, as very frequent. occurs in careless mod. writers.
He m. 18 Nov. 1644, Ann Cooper, wh. d. 1 Sept. 1691, had Ephraim,
b. 27 Jan. 1648; Rebecca, 15 Mar. 1651; Josiah, 1653; George; Nathaniel;
Eleazer; Thomas; and Patience; who were all m. and ea. s.
had issue. He had sec. w. Mary, wid. of William Harlow, d. of Robert
Shelly of Scituate, was a man of much serv. in the council of war, a
col. and rep. 28 yrs. from 1657, and again under the new chart. 1692
also a deac. in wh. office his s. George succeed. Nathaniel was in the
milit. a lieut. He is by Judge Davis nam. anc. of Perez, late Att. Gen.
GEORGE, Plymouth, not the s. of Thomas, b. at Austerfield, in Yorksh.