Transcript:Savage, James. Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England/v3p242


Volume 3, Page 242

tell no more, and guesses that he rem. to E. SAMUEL, Dedham, in the
part wh. bec. Medfield, eldest s. of Joseph of the same, m. 10 Feb. 1665,
Elizabeth Moore, had Samuel, b. 8 Feb. 1666; Elizabeth 28 Mar. 1668; Hannah,
30 Aug. 1669, d. soon; Hannah, again, 9 Nov. 1670, d. soon;
Ruth, 21 Mar. 1672; JOSEPH, 16 Jan. 1674, both these d. young;
Joshua, 7 Apr. 1679; Eleazer, 10 1680; and Belloni, 19 June
1682; and in one week aft. his w. d. He m. 29 Apr. 1684, Sarah
Thurston, had Solomon 5 Jan. 1685; and Sarah, 11 July 1636; and
this w. d. 29 Apr. 1688; and he d. 28 Feb. 1718. SAMUEL, Sherborn,
youngest s. of the first Daniel, by w. Deborah had Samuel, b. 4 June
1687; Eleazer, 22 Oct. 1688; Deborah, 1690; Mehitable, 1695, d.
soon; Martha and Sarah, perhaps tw. 1696; Bethia, 1698; Miriam, 30
June 1700; Tabitha, 1702; and Benjamin, 1703, d. next yr. and the f.
d. 2 Mar. 1704, and his w. d. 5 Oct. 1719. THOMAS, Dedham, adm.
the ch. 28 June 1640, but I find not his name in the great Geneal.
in the preparat. of wh. Rev. Abner, in our days, spent over thirty yrs.
WALTER, Boston, I suppose of Muddy riv. bef. 1667, James Clark
of that planta. in his will provides for the d. who m. him yet his name
is not includ. with the innumera. Morses. WILLIAM, Newbury, br. of
Anthony, came with him 1635, in the James, from Southampton, hav.
been a shoemaker at Marlborough, by w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth wh. d. 18 Mar.
1655; Ann, perhaps bef. her, yet may be the d. nam. by Coffin, 6 Mar.
1641; perhaps John, wh. liv. at Tiverton; Jonathan, 1640; Joseph; Timothy,
10 June 1647 or 8, d. young; Abigail, 14 Feb. 1652; and prob. Edmund;
d. says Coffin, 29 Nov. 1683, aged 69. He had also Joshua, and prob.
William, as he is call. sen. All the fam. was scatter. by the witchcr. virulence,
some to R.I. some to Plym. and perhaps not a few in N. J. or further s.
were spell. Moss. Ann m. 5 Feb. 1655, Francis Thorla of N.
Mather, Magn. VI. 68, exults in the wondrous, diabolical operations,
within, around, and against his dwelling, of wh. all were traceable, to a
roguish gr.son. It was Increase Mather that first publish. the full
relation of those follies as wonders. Much of the evidence how the
devil was played in 1679, for wh. Elizabeth the poor tormented of
young scapegrace was sentenced to be hanged, but happily pardoned; bef.
the gr. adversary's full triumph, was gather by Coffin in his Hist. of N.
and is well giv. in the Memorial of the Morses. Thirteen of this name
in sev. forms of spelling, had, in 1834 been at Harv. six at Dart.
four at Yale, and three at other N. E. coll.

by w. Jane had Dorcas, b. 28 Nov. 1674; Edward, 20 June 1676;
Elizabeth 19 Aug. 1678; Richard, 10 Aug. 1680; Jane, 12 July 1686; and
Robert, 31 July 1688. He is highly commend. by John Dunton, wh.
says he came from Ireland. RICHARD, Boston, perhaps br. of the
preced. by w. Ann had Mary, b. 28 May 1664. THOMAS, New London,
was constable 1680, had w. Elizabeth and two ds. Mary, wh. m. Robert
, and Elizabeth m. Abraham Willey. He d. 11 Mar. 1710.