Person:Juliana Carpenter (2)

Juliana Carpenter
chr.7 Mar 1584/85 Bath, Somerset, England
m. 1583
  1. William CarpenterBef 1584 -
  2. Agnes CarpenterEst 1584 - 1615
  3. Juliana Carpenter1584/85 - 1664/65
  4. Alice Carpenter1590 - 1670
  5. Mary Carpenter1595 - 1687
  6. Priscilla Carpenter1598 - 1689
  • HGeorge Morton1585 - 1624
  • WJuliana Carpenter1584/85 - 1664/65
m. 22 Jul 1612
  1. Nathaniel Morton1613/14 - 1685
  2. Patience MortonCal 1615 - 1691
  3. John Morton1616 - 1673
  4. Sarah Morton1620 - 1691
  5. Lieut. Ephraim Morton1623 - 1693
m. Abt 1627
Facts and Events
Name Juliana Carpenter
Alt Name[4] Juliann Carpenter
Married Name[4] Juliann Morton
Gender Female
Christening[2] 7 Mar 1584/85 Bath, Somerset, England
Emigration[4] Bef 1600 Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
Emigration[4] Bef 1611 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands
Marriage 22 Jul 1612 Leiden, Zuid-Holland, Netherlandsto George Morton
Emigration[4] Bef 1620 London, London, England
Immigration[1] 1623 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesAboard the Anne
Marriage Abt 1627 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United StatesMarried in America...assuming Plymouth. rc
to Manasseh Kempton
Death[1][3] 19 Feb 1664/65 Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts, United States

From Bradford of Plymouth

p.89: "Another wife-providing family was that of Alexander Carpenter who had come over first with the Ancient Brethren. Alice, who later married Bradford, had become Mrs. Edward Southworth, and Agnes had married Samuel Fuller the same year Bradford married Dorothy (May). Julia Ann (or Juliana) had married George Morton the year before. Priscilla was to marry William Wright in 1619, while Mary remained a spinster and ultimately became a member of Bradford's household in Plymouth."

p.195, the arrival of the Anne: "Alice Southworth, though leaving her two children behind, had not come without family. Her older sister Juliana had come with her husband George Morton and five children."

p.212: 1628 Bradford household consisted of... "Nathaniel Morton (1616-1685), son of George Morton and Juliana Carpenter..."

Juliana Carpenter was born 07 March 1583 in Wrington near Bath (Somersetshire) England. Her parents were Alexander and Priscilla Dillen-Carpenter. Since her father was a member of the Ancient Brethren, a group which were Dissenters and Separatists, Juliana was, perhaps, ten years old when her family moved to Holland for religious freedom. She married George Morton while in Leyden, Holland, and had five children: Nathaniel, Patience, John, Sarah and Ephraim.

Juliana was in Amsterdam (with her father, Alexander, and probably her brother and sisters from c.1600 to 1609; married George Morton in Leyden, Holland in 1612; Morton died in 1624 and Juliana married Menassah Kempton at Plymouth Colony in 1627.

Juliana arrived in Plymouth aboard the ANNE of London (140 tons); arriving July-August 1623 with about 60 persons aboard. She and husband George Morton are listed as "Saincts" as they were of the religious beliefs of the governors of Plymouth Colony. There were also another of the original Scrooby Congregation on board--the last ever to reach Plymouth--the prosperous merchant, George Morton, "a pious gracious servante of God," who had brought his wife, four children, a nephew and his wife's sister, Mrs. Alice Southworth, widow of Edward Southworth, the silk worker.

Three of Juliana's children are listed as having been born in 1616, one in 1618 and her last child, Ephraim, was born on the ANNE during her voyage to Plymouth.

Husband #1: George Morton (1585-1624), b. Harworth, Yorkshire, Eng., merchant, of well-to-do Roman Catholic family of Harworth, near Scrooby, England. Died June 1624 in Plymouth--impoverished not long after landing, his brother-in-law William Bradford providing for his family. Married 23 July 1612 in Leyden, Holland; arrived Plymouth 1623 via ANNE along with wife, four children, a newborn, a nephew and sister-in-law, Mrs. Alice Southworth. Children: Nathaniel (1616-1685), Patience (1616-1691), John (1616-1673), Sarah (1618-1694 and Ephraim (1623-1693).

Husband #2. Menassah Kempton (c.1600-1663) of Colchester, Essex; Purchaser for Plymouth Colony 1626; married Juliana Morton 1627, moved to Dartmouth 1652; no children of this marriage.


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