Person:Ephraim Love (1)

Ephraim Love, of Muddy Creek, Augusta County, VA
d.Bet. 1772 - 1773 Rockingham County, Virginia
  • HEphraim Love, of Muddy Creek, Augusta County, VA1695 - Bet 1772 - 1773
  • WMary Donovanest 1700 -
m. 07 April 1720
  1. Daniel Love1720 - 1790
  2. Capt. Ephraim Loveest 1728 - 1798
  3. David Love1730 -
  4. Elizabeth Lovebef 1737 -
  5. Jennet LoveBef 1739 -
  6. Mary LoveBef 1748 -
Facts and Events
Name Ephraim Love, of Muddy Creek, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1695 Dublin, County Antrim, Ireland
Marriage 07 April 1720 to Mary Donovan
Death? Bet. 1772 - 1773 Rockingham County, Virginia

Ephraim Love was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Discrepancies regarding Ephraim Love

Discrepancies exist regarding this Ephraim Love and his son Ephraim. Some sources claim that this Ephraim Love died in Rockingham County, Virginia in 1798 (Rockingham was formed from Augusta County in 1778), which would have made him about 103 years old, which would have been quite remarkable during that time period. This is more probably the date of death of Ephraim Love's son, Capt. Ephaim Love. Although no direct sources have been found to corroborate the date of death of Ephraim Love, Sr., some sources indicate he died sometime abt. 1772-1773, although no mention of his death has been located in Augusta County, VA records. Ephraim Love vanishes from Augusta County records about 1771, when he sold land to John Hopkins (the Love and Hopkins families were apparently close) and records after that date may be in Rockingham or another neighboring county. More research is needed to determine more accurate information on this family.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 16.--19th July, 1748. Jacob Dye and wife Mary, farmer, to Ephraim Love, late of Lancaster County, Penna. Delivered: Wm. Hopkins, 6th March, 1753. Muddy Creek; corner Daniel Harrison, Wm. White, Wm. Carroll. (Note: the size of this lot are not listed, but are given as 307 acres in the disposition below).
  • Ephraim Love and William Hopkins received a patent (most likely from William Beverley) of 204 acres "on head branch of Muddy Creek above John Hopkins' land at the Aspe Bottom Branch" on 5 September, 1749, (as listed in the dispositions below).
  • Vol. 2 - 1750, November 28th--Ephraim Love, 50 acres, joining Shanklin, with one right; 50 on a branch of Muddy Creek, near Harrison's meadow, with one right.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 75.--21st May, 1755. Ephraim Love to Wm. Hopkin, £50, 258 acres, part of 307 acres patented to Jacob Dye, 21st June, 1748, and sold by Dye to Love; corner said Love. Delivered: Thomas Poage, April, 1780.
  • Page 531.--20th August, 1761. Ephraim Love to William Hopkins, £20, on head branch of Muddy Creek above John Hopkins' land patented to said Love and William Hopkins, 5th September, 1749, the Aspe Bottom Branch, 204 acres. Teste: John Poage, Daniel Love, John Hopkins.
  • Page 494.--17th June, 1769. Ephraim Love, farmer, and Elizabeth to George Baxter, 130 acres on head waters of Mudey Creek at foot of North Mountain, Daniel Harrison's line. (Note: this record refers to Ephraim Love's wife as "Elizabeth", which seems to indicate a second marriage. The omission of a wife listed in the earlier dispositions may indicate that Ephraim's wife, Mary Donovan had died prior to 1755. More research is necessary).
  • Page 443.--17th June, 1771. Ephraim Love to John Hopkins, on head branches of Muddy Creek, part of tract whereon said Love now lives. Teste: Silas Hart, Daniel Smith, Jno. Grattan, Jno. Steed, Jno. Gorden.

Processioning List of 1760

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:
Page 295.--1760: Processioned by John Hopkins, David Ralston, in Capt. Ephraim Love's Company: For Thomas Gordon, for Francis Green, for Jeremiah Harrison, for Daniel Love, for Daniel Callkin, for Robert Cravens, for Thos. Harrison, for Ephraim Love, for Widow Johnston, for Alex. Herring, for Edward Shankling, for Widow Logan, for William Logan, for John Cravens, for Widow McDonel, for Joseph Cravens, for Wm. Hopkins, for John Hopkins, for Thomas Shankling, for Alex. Miller, for Mathew Black, for Thos. Campbell, for Daniel Harrison, for Daniel Harrison, Jr., for Samuel Harrison, for Robert Harrison, for Pat. Guin, for Wm. Snoding, for John Fowler, for David Nelson, for Samuel Briges, for John McGill, for Christopher Thompson, for John Wright, for Archibald Hopkins. (Note: this record clearly shows Ephraim Love, Sr. and "Capt. Ephraim Love" (Ephraim Love, Jr.) in 1760).

Records of Ephraim Love in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 208.--1st September, 1748. Vendue held at house of Samuel Stewart of goods of Joseph Harrison sold by Jeremiah Harrison. To Timothy Convey, Samuel Harrison, Samuel Monsey, Arthur Johnson, Abraham Smith, Tunis Wood, Samuel Hull, Edward McGinnis, Archibald Buchanan, Aaron Oliver, Ephraim Love, Solomon Turpin, Samuel Wilkey.
  • Page 274.--14th November, 1750. Charles Gallagher's will (Gallaghar)--Beloved friend. Rev. Mr. William Wappaler, £10; beloved friend, Rev. Mr. Taylor, £10; beloved friend, William Hopkins; beloved friend, Samuel Cerrel; beloved friend, Ephraim Love, executor. Teste: William Hopkins, Isaiah Shipman, Jennet Love. Proved, 28th August, 1750, by Wm. Hopkins, and others summoned. Proved, 26th February, 1750, by other witnesses, and Ephraim Love qualified executor.
  • Page 309.--26th February, 1750. Ephriam Love's bond as executor of Charles Gallagher, with sureties Isaiah Shipman, Andrew Lewis. By John Anderson, Robert Pog, John Peterson.
  • Page 364.--14th August, 1753. Robert Shankland, Sr., to John Fulton, 1753. Cor. Jacob Dye, North Mountain, patented 1746, 300 acres. Teste: Ro. Ralstone, Ephraim Love, Jno. Thomas.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 14, 1753. - (3) Ephraim Love to clear a road, his place to main road that leads from the South Branch over Swift Run Pass.
  • Vol. 1 - (undated, appears to be abt. 1754) - Inhabitants of North Mountain, at head of Muddy Creek, petition for road from Ephraim Love's to the road from South Branch to Swift Run Gap: Ephraim Love, John Herdman, Jeremiah Hanason, Aaron Oliver, Thomas Campbell, Robert Pattison, John Slaven, Patrick Black, Robert Rallstone, John Negarry, Tomes Shanklin, John Taler, Daniel Harrison, John Foolton, Jesse Harrison, Patrick Cain.
  • Page 130.--5th December, 1754. Appraisement of Richard Tictom, in the Gap of the North Mountain upon Sorondo, sold by Daniel Love, 5th December, 1754 To James Bagge, Jacob Richards, Nicholas Mase, Uriah Humble, Ephraim Love (part of a tramble), Daniel Love, Wm. Pickins, John Davis, Howel Jones, Jacob Bear. Robert Denton, John O'Neal, John Miller, Edward Megary, Mathew Waters, James Bryant, Jacob Sword, Robert Williams, William Carrill, Thomas Wast, Zephli Joseph, Mathew Waters. Joseph Zrepbli, Andrew Seduskay, Charles Witman, Abraham Bird, Nicholas Custert. Arnold Custard, Jacob Richards, James Claypole.
  • Page 84.--19th March, 1755. Daniel Love's bond as guardian (chosen) to Margaret Donelson, orphan of Andrew Donelson, with sureties Ephraim Love, David Ralstone.
  • Page 91.--10th April, 1755. Jacob Green, farmer, and Sarah ( ) Green to Thomas Gorden, farmer, £22, 165 acres on head springs of Linwell's Mill Cerek. Teste: Ephraim Love, Thomas Shanklan, Isaiah Shipman. "Sent by P. Grant, August, 1760."
  • Page 174.--20th August, 1755. Robt. Rallstone and Martha (her mark) to Wm. Castleberry, £110, 350 acres on Muddy Creek. Teste: Ephraim Love and Arthur, army trader. Delivered: Grantee, March, 1757.
  • Page 198.--18th August, 1757. John O'Neal's appraisement by Ephraim Love, Thomas Gordon, Daniel Love.
  • Page 491.--8th November, 1757. Robert Ralstone (Rollstone) and Martha (Matherew) to David Ralston, £50, 350 acres by patent, 16th August, 1756, on Mossey Creek, cor. Wm. McReeters. Teste: John Edwards, Ephraim Love, Reuben Rutherford. Delivered: Ralston, August, 1758.
  • Page 28.--28th June, 1758. Peter Moser's estate settlement, by Michael Mallow, allowed 19th May, 1761--To Cathron Moser, Jno. Hopkins, Danl. Love, James McDole, Jno. Wright, Fardrick Kestor, Jacob Harper, Andrew Arewen, Powl Shaver, Eaform Love, Nickles Hofman, Edward McGary. (2nd vendue held 8th November, 1758?) To Alex. Miller, James McGill, Jno. McCoy. (3d vendue held 3d October, 1760.) Credit by Patterkole money received on Peter Moser's account. From Jno. Madison, from George Caplinger, from Henry Carr, from Captain Cartley (Keartley), Capt. Abraham Smith (patterole money), from Captain Smith, for provender; from Captain Smith, on account of Wm. Wood; from Jno. Hogleer; from Capt. Ephraim Love, for provender and paterrole (patrol) money; from Capt. Smith, patterole money. Paid Jacob Rolman, paid Daniel Smith for clorking, paid Fredk. Opp for schooling, paid Fredk. Easter for salt and store goods, paid Johnson Hill for weaving, paid John Hughes, paid Stephen Conrad, the blacksmith.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 206.--16th August, 1758: Margaret, daughter to Wm. Willson, bound, to Ephraim Love.
  • Page 170.--15th September, 1758. William Dryer's estate sold to viz: Jno. Mooberry, Ephraim Love, Wm. Cunningham, Wm. Craig, Richard Shanklin, David Nelson, Edward McGary, Charles Differ, Jno. Hughbanks, John Cravens, Thos. Fulton, Wm. Ingles (English), Jas. Thomas, Andrew Erwin, Margt. Dyer, Mathew Black, John Herman, Wm. Brown. Sold and appraised, 5th December, 1759, viz: John Farris, Hugh McGary, Robt. Minnis. Cash due by John Cally. Settlement by Margaret Cravens, late Margaret Dyer, administratrix.
  • Page 272.--8th November, 1758. George Mouse's appraisement, by Ephraim Love, Daniel Love, Arthur Jonson.
  • Page 298.--21st December, 1758. Rees Thomas' will, farmer--To wife Jean, tract of patent land on Brock's Creek, 350 acres, until son Evan Thomas shall be of age; to son Rees Thomas; to son John Thomas; to son James Thomas; to his daughters and his wife's daughters. Executors, wife Jean and son John. Teste: John Alderson, Elizabeth Kimsey, William Bodeker. Proved, 16th May, 1759, by Alderson and Bodeker. Executors qualified, with Ephraim Love and Abraham Bird.
  • Page 82.--20th March, 1759. Robert Ralston and Martha (her mark) to Thomas Campbell, £6, 40 acres on a branch of North River called Muddy Creek. Teste: Ephraim Love, James Bruster, Jno. Davison. Delivered: Archibald Hopkins, March. 1763.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1759. - Arthur (Army Trader) (Arthur Trader) vs. Ralston.--Signatures: Thos. Moore and John Harrison, Robert Ralston and Ephraim Love, Howel Jones and Abigail Sempil.
  • Page 333.--21st November, 1759. William Stephenson's appraisement, by John Malkem, Thos. Gordon, Ephraim Love.
  • Page 289.--26th November, 1759. Mathew Campbell to Adam Stephenson, £27.10.0, 250 acres on North Branch of South River, Shanando. Teste: Abraham Smith, Thos. Gordon, Ephraim Love, Wm. Cravens.
  • Page 66.--18th August, 1761. George Moser's sale bill recorded--To Nicholas Hufman, Philip Harper. Cash by Smith and Love for Peter Roling. Paid Ephraim Love, Arthur Johnson, Thos. Wilmouth, to nursing deceased 5 weeks when he was under the doctor, and taking care of his creatures.
  • Page 240.--19th August, 1761. Daniel Smith's bond (with Ephraim Love) as guardian (chosen) to Robert Hill, orphan of Johnston Hill.
  • Page 533.--20th August, 1761. William Hopkins and Elizabeth to John Hopkins, £20, 200 acres, part of 258 acres conveyed to William by Cap. Ephraim Love, on a branch of Muddy Creek; cor. between William and John Hopkins; cor. Ephraim Love. Teste: Daniel and Ephraim Love.
  • MAY 19, 1762. - (215) John Hopkins and John Herdman, surveyors of highway, from Ephraim Love's to James Wait's.
  • Page 350.--5th June, 1762. John McGarry and Sarah ( ) to James Greer, farmer, power of attorney to recover a patent for the land John now lives on and convey same to Archibald Hopkins. Teste: Ephraim Love and John Hopkins.
  • Page 772.--4th September, 1764. Thomas O'Neal to Archibald (Ersbald) Hopkins, £4, 27 acres on a branch of Muddy Creek; corner Wood's land. Teste: Ephraim Love, Jno. Hopkins, Geo. Baxter.
  • 1766--Supernumeraries: Thos. Shanklin, 1; John Deniston, 2; James Bruister, 1; Perunia Regen, 1; John Taylor, 1; Chas. Powers, 1; Aaron Hughs, 1; Martin Shoemaker, 1; Thomas Gordon, 2; John Barley, 1; Philip Crites, 1; Geo. Conrod, 1; John Shanklin, 1; Adam Raeburn, 1; James Crawford, 1; Mich'l Shorley, 1; John Black, 1; Joel Robinson, 1; Thos. Frames, 1; Mich'l Mildeberger, 1; Thos. Hutcheson, 1; Ephraim Love, 3; Mark Rigs, 1; Charles Parsons, 1; Andrew Bushong, 1; David Keal, 1; Francis Hughes, 1; Henry Shoemaker, 1; John Stalp, 1; Sam Nicholas, 1; Wm. Lewis, 1; Jno. Slavin, 1; Boslin Nosier, 1; John Hopkins, 2; James Bell, 2; Geo. Shoemaker, 1; Geo. Jordan, 1; Adam Kelvie, 1; Edw'd Beard, 2; John Stephenson, 5; Petter Assomsis, 1.

Information on Ephraim Love

From "Papers read before the Lancaster County Historical Society, Volume 25", by Lancaster County Historical Society:

On July 28, 1747, Ephraim Love, a resident of Lancaster County, Pa, bought land on Muddy Creek, in Augusta County, Va., from Jacob Dye. Deed Book 2, p. 16.