Person:Elizabeth Unknown (3652)

Elizabeth Unknown
b.est. 1740-1760
  • H.  McNeal (add)
  • WElizabeth UnknownEst 1740 to 1760 - Bef 1798
m. bef. 1787
  • HJames MartinEst 1740 to 1760 -
  • WElizabeth UnknownEst 1740 to 1760 - Bef 1798
m. 1787
Facts and Events
Name Elizabeth Unknown
Married Name Elizabeth McNeal
Gender Female
Birth? est. 1740-1760
Marriage bef. 1787 to McNeal (add)
Marriage 1787 Rockingham County, Virginiato James Martin
Death? bef. July 1798 Rockingham County, Virginia

Elizabeth (Unknown) McNeal Martin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Elizabeth (Unknown) McNeal Martin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

Vol. 2 - McMahon vs. Brown--O. S. 307; N. S. 109--Bill, 28th January, 1820, by William McMahon of Rockingham. On 25th November, 1783, Elizabeth McNeal bought from Thomas Harrison a lot in the town of Harrisonburg. She had previously taken under her charge a boy named Brown and declared she intended the lot for him. But she married James Martin, who very soon after became deranged and then disappeared. Elizabeth remained in Harrisonburg until 1798, when she made a will, devising the land to Brown, who sold to orator. Certain persons, viz: Mary, Jane, Andrew Paxton, James Manany and Margaret, his wife, claim as relatives and heirs of Elizabeth. Deed, 13th May, 1819, by James Brown and Nancy Brown of Licking County, Ohio, to William McMahon of Harrisonburg, above lot in Harrisonburg. Gordon McWilliams deposes, he came to Harrisonburg in May, 1797, when he met James Martin, husband of Elizabeth McNeal. Deed, 25th November, 1783, by Thomas Harrison of Rockingham to Elizabeth McNeal, widow of Rockingham, lot No. 2 in Harrisonburg, being part of 1,290 acres granted by inclusive patent to Thomas Harrison, 1st March, 1773. Will of Elizabeth Martin of Rockingham. Beloved friend James Brown. Corner opposite Mr. Thos. Scott's lot, fronting on Irish Street and Elizabeth Street. Husband, James Martin. Dated 7th March, 1798. Recorded July, 1798.