Person:Edward Thompson (31)

Edward Thompson
b.ABT 1710
m. ABT 1730
  1. Thomas ThompsonABT 1732 -
Facts and Events
Name Edward Thompson
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1710
Marriage ABT 1730 to Daughter Means
Death? 1764 Augusta County, Virginia

Edward Thompson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Edward Thompson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

(Note: most appear to be for this Edward Thompson)

  • 24 September 1751 O. S., page 163 - Samuel Mead is appointed Overseer of the Road from Edward Thompsons to Thomas Davis’s and Ordered that he do keep the same in Repair and Erect Stones or Posts according to the directions of the Act of Assembly in such Cases made and Provided. [Fairfax County Road Orders] (Different Edward?)
  • 17 June 1752, page 206 - John Osborn is appointed Overseer of the Road from Edward Thompsons to the top of the Blue Ridge. Ordered that he do keep the same in repair and Erect Stones or Posts according to the directions of the Act of Assembly in that case made and Provided. [Fairfax County Road Orders] (Different Edward?)
  • Page 127.--21st October, 1754. Robert Mean's will - To John McClung. Money in hands of Edward Thomson and Thomas Thomson. To the said Thomas McClung, the note of James Nilly, which is in hands of Thos. Black; wife a keeping, to said John. Teste: James Gay, Jenot Warrick. Proved, 21st November, 1755, by the witnesses; administration granted Thomas Thompson, nephew and heir-at-law of Robert Means, who qualified with sureties Hugh Hicklin and George Wilson.
  • Page 249.--12th December, 1756. Nicholas Nutt's appraisement, by Edward Mullin, Edward Thompson, Joseph Carpenter.
  • Page 241.--17th May, 1758. Thomas Thompson's bond (with Patrick Martin, Edward Thompson) as guardian (chosen) to James Crockett, orphan of Robt. Crockett.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 1758 - Means vs. Thompson.--Edward Thompson of Augusta County and Hugh Means of Red Clay Creek Hundred, merchants, and held and firmly bound unto the Rev. Mr. Charles Tennent, of Mill Creek Hundred, County of New Castle. Bond dated 27th November, 1753. Assigned by Tennent, 13th September, 1757. (Note: record below immediately follows this record).
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 1758 - Thomas Thompson vs. John and William Handly.--John Handly and William Handly of West Nantmill Township, and County of Chester, weavers. Bond to Charles Tennent as above. Minister of the gospel, dated March 14, 1746-7, assigned by Tennent in January, 1748-9 to Robert Boggs of same County. Assigned by Boggs to Thomas Armor, August 28, 1749. By Armor, October 14, 1749, to Thomas Thompson of Augusta. William Handly, returned not in County, 1754.
  • Page 123.--11th February, 1763. Robert ( ) Fletcher and Christian ( ) to James Stevenson, £50, 200 acres on Little Calf pasture, part of 460 acres conveyed by Beverley to John Hindman, 9th-10th April, 1745, and recorded in General Court, which descended to Robert and Christian as nephew and heir-at-law of Hindman; cor. James Stevenson. Teste: James Lockridge, Samuel Crockett, Edward Thompson. Delivered: Mr. Stevenson, 31st August, 1787.
  • Vol. 2 - Quarles vs. Thompson.--To Mr. John Thompson, Tinkling Springs. Sir: I would very freely, according to your request, have sent you the money for the proven account if I had had it, but I have it not at present, but as soon as I possibly can get it, depend on it I'll bring, or send, to you. This from your friend and humble servant. (Signed) Edward Thompson. December the 21st, 1765.