Person:Edward McLaughlin (4)

Edward McLaughlin
b.bef. 1776
Facts and Events
Name Edward McLaughlin
Gender Male
Birth? bef. 1776
Marriage 1 December 1796 Bath County, Virginiato Jane 'Jean/Gean' Erwin

Edward McLaughlin was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Marriage Record

Marriage Record: Bath County, Virginia marriages to 1850:
McLAUGHLIN, Edward and HUGHART, Jane - 01 Dec 1796

Records of Edward McLaughlin in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Sitlington Heirs vs. Sitlington's Widow--O. S. 79; N. S. 27--Bill, 3d December, 1805. Orators are viz: James Kelso, and Elizabeth, his wife, John Young and Polly, his wife; Nathan Crawford and Jane, his wife; Jennet Sloan (Kean?), Andrew Beaty and Agness, his wife; Edward McLaughlin and Jane, his wife; of whom Elizabeth, Polly, Jane Crawford, Jennet and Agness are the daughters and Jane Erwin is granddaughter of John Sutlington, deceased. John was brother of whole blood of Andrew Sutlington, of Bath. Andrew died 1787 without issue, widow Elizabeth. He made a will, dated 1801, and this suit is to contest it on account of inability by age and infirmity, being 90 years old. Andrew had writt John in Ireland to come to Virginia. He married Elizabeth when aged. She was a Montgomery? Her brother (?) John was a preacher. Defendants are viz: Elizabeth Sutlingon (widow of Andrew), Jacob Warwick, Andrew Sutlingon Warwick, Andrew Sutlington (son of Robert Sutlington), John Montgomery, and Andrew Erwin. Jacob Warwick answers that oratrix, Jane McLaughlin, is niece of Andrew Sutlington, who is understood to have had a half-sister, Mrs. Sherman, living in Pennsylvania at his death. Andrew had married the mother of Jacob. Elizabeth answers that John Sutlington had a son, Robert, now living in Bath. James Erwin is brother of Jane McLaughlin. Andrew died 15th April, 1804. He was in his 85th year. John Sutlington came to this country in 1774. Andrew and Elizabeth were married in 1779. Andrew Sitlington's will dated 12th October, 1801. Proved in Bath County, June, 1804. Wife Elizabeth; legat Gean Crawford, wife of Nathan Crawford. Legatee Andrew Sitlington Crawford, son of Nathan. Legatee Gennet Sloan and her daughter, Polly Sloan. Legatee Polly Young, wife of John Young. Legatee Agness Beaty, wife of Andrew Beaty. Legatee Elizabeth Kelso, wife of James Kelso. Legatee Elizabeth, Sitlington Kelso, daughter of Elizabeth Kelso, Legatee nephew, James Erwin. Legatee nephew, Andrew Erwin. Legatee niece Jean McGloughlin, wife of Edward, and her son, Andrew McGloughlin. Legatee Andrew Sitlington McDonald, son of Samuel. Legatee Elizabeth McDonald, daughter of John. Legatee Elizabeth McDonald, daughter of Samuel. Legatee Andrew Sitlington Warwick, son of Jacob. Legatee Andrew Sitlington, son of Robert. Letter by Andrew to John dated Greenbrier, 25th September, 1776, speaks of brother William (in Pennsylvania), and brother Thomas, of sister Elizabeth. [Source: Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia 1791-1842, Jean Randolph Bruns].

Records in Bath County, VA

Will of Andrew Sittlington:
to niece Gean McGlaughlen, wife of Edward, 100 pounds.
Inventory of Andrew Sittlington.
Bonds, money and accounts, submitted July 1804 Court by Elizabeth Sitlington and Jacob Warrick, exec., with some payments noted and bond dated back as far as 1787: Edward McGloughlin (listed among many others).
[Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia, 1792-1842, Bruns, pg. 36-37].

About Edward McLaughlin

From "Annals of Augusta County, Virginia", by Waddell:

Edward McLaughlin, a native of Londonderry, Ireland, settled early in the eighteenth century near the place now called Goshen, in Rockbridge county. His wife was a Miss Irvin. He was a member of Captain Dickinson’s company at Point Pleasant, and during the Revolutionary war participated in the battles of the Cowpens, Guilford, and Yorktown. His son, Edward I., was the father of Judge William McLaughlin.