Person:Edward Hall (49)

Edward Stuart Hall
m. abt Jul 1786
  1. Isaac HallAFT 1778 -
  2. Alexander Stuart Hallabt 1785/90 -
  3. Edward Stuart Hall1788 - 1870
  4. Eleanor "Nellie" Hallabt 1790 -
m. 9 October 1816
Facts and Events
Name Edward Stuart Hall
Gender Male
Birth? 1788 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 9 October 1816 Augusta County, Virginiato Jeannetta Ewing
Death? 1870 Tarrant County, Texas

Edward Hall was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia

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  1.   Todd County, Kentucky Family History. (Turner Publishing Company), pg. 198.

    EDWARD STUART HALL - Edward Stuart Hall (1788-1870) came to the part of Christian County that later became Todd [County] in 1817. His bride, Jenette (Jenettae) Ewing (1792-1845), accompanied him over the Wilderness Road from Augusta County, Virginia. Jenetta was the daughter of John Ewing (1761-1796) and Sallie Davis (daughter of Walter Davis and Martha Cunningham), all natives of Augusta County, Virginia.
    Jenetta Ewing and her parents had started to Christian County in 1795; however, they stopped in Hardin County, Kentucky, where her father, John Ewing, planted a corn crop. Unfortunately, he died there. Her mother, Sallie Davis Ewing, resumed the journey with her four children and joined her brother, James Davis, a pioneer settler in Christian County. (James' will is the first on record in Christian County). Unfortunately, in 1805 Sallie Davis Ewing became ill and realized she would soon die. She sent her daughter Jennetta back to Virginia by horseback over the Wilderness Road, accompanied by her 18 year old nephew, Benjamin Harrison Reeves (1787-1849), to be reared by a nephew. When Jenetta was mature, she married in Augusta County, Virginia, and with her groom, Edward S. Hall, emigrated back to Christian County and took up the old Sallie Ewing farm. Here about 1 1/2 miles south of Bell's Chapel, they lived until Jenetta died in 1845. Following her death, Edward S. Hall continued to live there until 1857 when he sold his farm and along with all of his children, emigrated to Tarrant County, Texas, where he died in 1870. Edward S. Hall and Jennetta had four children that reached adulthood. Among these children, the oldest was John E. Hall, about whom more will be said later.
    Edward Stuart Hall was a descendant of Dr. Isaac Hall, a native of County Armaugh, Ulster, Northern Ireland, who arrived in Virginia before the year 1740. His wife was Sarah (?) Jane Allison. Dr. Issac Hall (c1719-1796), an early settler in Augusta County, Virginia. Edward married Eleanor Stuart (1724-1802), daughter of Archibald Stuart (1700-1759) and his wife, Janet Brown. Edward Hall's son, Major Alexander Hall (1759-1831) married Mary Patterson Stuart (b. 1763), niece of Eleanor Stuart. Like his father, Major Alexander Stuart was an Augusta County, Virginia farmer. He and Mary Patterson Stuart became the parents of 11 children, the oldest was John E. Hall, about whom more will be said later.