Person:Edward Breedon (1)

Edward Breedon
b.est. 1732 Surry, England
m. bef. 1758
  1. Jane "Jenny" BreedonBEF 1758 - 1864
  2. John BreedonABT 1760 -
  3. Elizabeth Breedon1762 -
  4. Mary "Polly" Breedon1766 - 1853
  5. George BreedonBET 1768 AND 1779 - 1849
  6. Edward Breedon, Jr.1770 - 1847
  7. Ann "Anny" Breedon1772 -
  8. Martha "Matty" BreedonBEF 1773 -
  9. Sarah Breedon1776 -
  10. Hannah BreedonEst 1777-1785 -
Facts and Events
Name Edward Breedon
Alt Name Edward Braden
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1732 Surry, England
Marriage bef. 1758 to Elizabeth Erwin
Death? June 1805 Augusta County, Virginia

Edward Breedon (Braden) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 145.--24th February, 1768. Elizabeth Erwin ( ) to Edward Braden, £45, 200 acres formerly conveyed from George Breckenridge to Mathew Erwin, 15th February, 1748, and devised to Elizabeth by Mathew; corner Samuel Lusk. Teste: James Bell, John Francis. Delivered: Elizabeth Erwin, 27th July, 1772.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 374.--17th August, 1773. Edward ( ) Breden and Elisabeth ( ) to George Breakinridge, of Fincastle County, tract formerly conveyed by George to Mathew Erwin.

Records of Edward Breedon in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 114.--27th August, 1792. William Anderson's will--To wife, Elizabeth; to son, John, tract whereon James Black lives, 244 acres; to son, George, tract known as Burnt Cabbin whereon George now lives, adjoining John, Robert, and Jacob Baylor; to son, Robert, 149 acres whereon Ro. now lives; to son, Alexander, home plantation, 290 acres; to sons-in-law and their wives, viz: James Clendenning and wife Margaret, Wm. Skillings and wife Mary, James Grigsby and wife Rebecca, Samuel Anderson and wife Elizabeth; to daughter, Jean Anderson. Executors, son John and David McNare. Teste: Edward Breadin, Sr. and Jr.; George Breaden. Proved, June Court, 1794, by all the witnesses.
  • Vol. 2 - Braden vs. Braden--O. S. 95; N. S. 32--Edward Braden died in Augusta in 1805, June, intestate, leaving widow, since deceased. George Anderson and Mary, his wife, Henry Headrick and Hannah, John Braden of Tennessee, Peter Jones and Martha, George Braden, Elizabeth Braden, Ann Buckley, wife of John Buckley, Edward Braden, Jinney Holmes, wife of James Holmes, Sarah Russell, wife of Joseph Russell. (Note: this record in Augusta County provides great information on Edward's children).
  • Vol. 2 - Holmes et ux, vs. Braden--O. S. 188; N. S. 66--Bill 1810. Complainants are, viz: James Holmes and Jane, his wife; Edward Braden, father of Jane, died intestate, owning 200 acres in Augusta; Jane Holmes; George Braden; Matty Jones, wife of Peter Jones; Polly Anderson, wife of George Anderson; Ann Buckley, wife of John Buckley (John Buckley has separated from his wife and moved out of State); Edward Braden; John Braden; Hannah Hendrick, wife of Henry Hendrick (Edward, John and Henry Hendrick and wife have moved out of Commonwealth), are children and representatives of Edward Braden. Edward died about 1806. George answers that Jane was born before marriage of father and mother.

Possible Breedon/Braden Relatives in Augusta County, VA Records

  • Page 27.--17th November, 1772. Recorded. Thomas Bradon's appraisement by James Steel, John Coulter, Hugh McClure. (Possible sibling of Edward?)

Information on Edward Breedon

From post:

Erwin/Breeden, c1737+, Augusta Co VA Posted by: Jim Date: January 20, 2000 at 11:41:27

  of 2539  

Am looking for family of Elizabeth Erwin (bc1740, Staunton, Augusta Co VA) m Edward Breeden/Breeding (bc1737, Surrey Engl); had

1 Jane "Jenny" (<5/17/1758, Staunton, Augusta Co VA-?)-c1778-James Holmes
2 John (ARW vet) (c1760, Staunton, Augusta Co VA ->1810 [CV], 8/3/1840 [HB], Grainger Co TN)--Sarah ___
3 Hannah --Henry Headrick/Hendrick/Henrick/Heydick
4 George (27 yo in 5/1806 or b c1779 [HB] or 1768, Staunton, Augusta Co VA [VC]-1/22/1849, Staunton, Augusta Co VA [Will Probate])--> TN
5 Edward jr (1770, Staunton, Augusta Co VA-2/6/1847, Hinds Valley, Grainger Co TN)—Patricia _____
6 Mary "Polly" (11/1/1766, Staunton, Augusta Co VA-9/1/1853, Fisherville, Augusta Co VA)-2/12/1789, Old Stone Presbyterian Ch, Ft Defiance VA-George A Anderson
7 Martha "Matty" -12/1/1792-Peter Jones b>1771?
8 Sarah (1776, Staunton, Augusta Co VA-?)-2/13/1797 [?] OR 3/11/1802, Staunton, Augusta Co VA [CV] OR 5/23/1808 [Bales]-Joseph Russell b>1776?
9 Ann/Anna "Anny" (1772, Staunton, Augusta Co VA-?)-6/17/1799, Staunton, Augusta Co VA-John Buckley b>1778, separated, JB left state
10 Elizabeth (1762, Staunton, Augusta Co, VA- >1850, Staunton, Augusta Co VA)—dnm

There is an Elizabeth b <1745, Rockingham, no husband listed. She is the dau/o Francis and Jane Curry; he is s/o Edward "Ned" Curry and Frances ___. Same Elizabeth??

([ ] are source notes) Any info on her family (or Edward's!), pls eml me! Tx Jim