Person:Davis Stockton (4)

Davis Stockton
b.abt 1686
m. 8 Nov 1691
  1. Davis StocktonAbt 1686 - 1761
  2. Richard StocktonAbt 1692 - Abt 1760
  3. Samuel StocktonAbt 1694 - Abt 1739
  4. Joseph Stockton1697 - 1770
  5. John Stockton1701 - 1758
m. abt 1707
  1. Richard Stockton, Sr.Abt 1710 - Bef 1775
  2. Thomas Stockton1714 - 1783
  3. Hannah StocktonAbt 1716 - Abt 1795
  4. Samuel Stockton1720 - 1807
  5. Elizabeth "Betsy" Stockton1720 - 1796
Facts and Events
Name Davis Stockton
Alt Name David Stockton
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1686
Marriage abt 1707 to Sarah Goudelock
Death? 1761 Albemarle, Virginia, United States[Estate Appraisement 8 January1762]


YDNA. Stockton Surname


This is probably the same person as Person:Davis Stockton (2) of Ablemarle NJ. Davis is commonly identified as marrying "Sarah Gudylogh". Other persons claiming descent from this couple share a common YDNA signature that does not match that of descendants of Person:Richard Stockton (4). They do, however, match the YDNA signature for Robert Stockton, an exact contemporary of Davis,who settled in Lancaster Co. NG.


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Source:Stockton, Jerry. Davis Stockton of Virginia
FamilyPedia Substantial compilation of annotated records related to Davis Stockton (2)


DS Tavern, Albemarle County, VA
Person:Michael Woods (1)
Stockton Land Grants in Virginia
Ancestry Vita for David Stockton bc1680
Stockton YDNA project review
FTDNA Stockton YDNA Project
Documentary Timeline for Davis Stockton and family
Person:Robert Stockton (7)


YDNA. Stockton Surname


ALBEMARLE COUNTY IN VIRGINIA, by Rev. Edgar Woods, 1901, pp. 319-320. "Among the earliest settlers in the western part of the county, who came as is said under the leadership of Michael Woods, was a family named Stockton. Though their name has entirely disappeared, they have in a number of ways left their mark behind. They consisted of several branches. They erected perhaps the first mill in that section of the county. The north fork of Mechum's River still bears the name of Stockton's Creek, the south fork in early times was called Stockton's Mill creek, and the first name by which Israel's Gap was known was Stockton's Thoroughfare. The famous abbreviation of D. S. is also ascribed to the head of the family. One story recites that Michael Woods and Davis Stockton landed at Williamsburg, and came to the wilds of Goochland together, that arriving at D. S., they advanced in different directions, Woods continuing straight forward to Woods's Gap, and Stockton bearing to the left along the foot of the mountain towards Batesville, and that as a memorial of the place where they separated, Stockton carved his initials on a tree . . Woods's home lay at the mouth of Woods's Gap, and the Stocktons were settled along Mecham's River, the south fork as well as the north."

Davis Stockton settled in what would become Albemarle County sometime before 1737 as attested to by a land patent secured on 10 June 1737

"Davis Stockton's Line" is mentioned on a Virginia Land Office Patent to Michael Wood (Woods) dated 10 June 1737. "George the Second . . . in Consideration of the Sum of Forty Shillings of good and lawful Money . . . do Give Grant and Confirm unto Michael Wood one certain Tract or Parcel of Land containing four hundred Acres lying and being in the County of Goochland on the heads of Ivy Creek on other Branches of the North River on the South Side of the North River and bounded as followeth (to wit) Beginning at a hiccory on Davis Stockton’s Line . . . crossing a Branch of the North River . . . to Pointers in Davis Stockton's Line . . . the Tenth Day June one thousand seven hundred and thirty seven In the Tenth Year of our Reign. William Gooch” [5]

Davis Stockton's land probably lay on Ivey Creek, bordering the land of Person:Michael Woods (2), and close to the Three Notch'd Road (red line). Stockton also owned land on Stockton's Mill Creek, a bit further to the west, on on which he presumably operated a mill.[6] He also had property on Stockton Creek proper. The Green hexagon shows the approximate location of the home of Michael Woods father, person:Michael Woods (1) on Lickinghole Creek.


1. Original source documentation is needed to confirm the identify of the wife of Davis Stockton. Davis apparently died intestate; some of those researching this line have made extensive collections of original source records for Davis, and include an inventory of his estate, but no will that might identify his wife. Land records in the area after Davis' death mention a "Sarah Stockton", but this could be a daughter, or other kinsmen, not necessarily Davis' wife. "Sarah Goudelock" is often said to be Davis wife, but direct evidence for this seems to be lacking. An "Adam Goudelock" appears in the area at the same time as Davis, and is commonly identified as Sarah's father. Some, however, had identified him as the husband of Sarah, daughter of Davis.

2. Child lists for this couple are also hampered by the lack of a will for Davis. Several Stockton's appear in the land records for the area about this time, and some have (apparently) used them as the basis for identifying his sons.

3. Woods, 1901 discusses the Stockton family in some detail, as early settlers in Albemarle County. He describes (but apparently does not believe) that Davis Stockton and Person:Michael Woods (1) "landed in Virginia" and came overland together to Albemarle County. It can be clearly shown that Michael Woods (1) came to Albemarle from Pennsylvania, passing down the Cumberland Valley into the Shannandoah, and then passing eastward over the Blue Ridge to settle in Albemarle. Thus the idea that he immigrated to America through Virginia is not easily supported. We have no direct evidence, however, for where Davis Stockton was living prior to his appearance in Albemarle. It is not inconceivable that he immigrated through Virginia, and by chance happened to settle near Michael Woods. On the other hand, marriages between the Woods family and several other family lines (i.e., Campbell's, Wallace', Cowan's, Gass) prior to their appearance in Albemarle, suggest that there were a fairly large group of families that came with Michael Woods from PA. It is possible that the Stockton's were among those families. This would point to an entry of the Stockton's into America through Pennsylvania.

In this regard, a Robert Stockton appears in Lancaster County about the time of that Davis Stockton appears in Albemarle County. YDNA evidence for descendants of Robert and Davis Given suggest that they were kinsmen. Given a matching YDNA signature, and the fact that Robert and Davis were exact contemporaries of each other, its possible that they were brothers, though other relationships are possible. This, in turn, suggest that Davis may have immigrated into Albemarle through Pennsylvania. That's consistent with a migration in the company of the extended family of Michael Woods, but does not preclude that Davis arrived independently in Albemarle.

The POB of Davis Stockton is sometimes identified as Cheshire, England, and sometimes as Durham, England. The 1841 census of England identifies no Stockton's as then living in Durham County. It also shows that Cheshire was the center of the Stockton distribution in England (32% of all Stockton's in England 1841 lived in Cheshire. While this does not preclude the possibility that Davis was in fact from Durham County, and that all Stocktons living there in the latter part of the 17th century and early 18th century, left for other areas, Cheshire still seems like the more likely POB for Davis.

5. A Stockton YDNA project was established through FTDNA. A summary of the results of this project are shown at YDNA. Stockton Surname. This project shows descendants of Robert Stockton of Lancaster and Davis Stockton of Albemarle, as sharing a common YDNA signature. An issue for this is the fact that the Davis Stockton YDNA test was reported at 12 and 25 markers. Low marker tests (12 and 25 markers) generate frequent false positive results, and also frequent false negative results. While it is likely that the conclusion that Robert and Davis are closely related is probably accurate, expanding one of the Davis Stockton kits to at least 37 markers would provide much greater confidence in these results.

6. The Stockton YDNA project examined a number of Stockton lineages, identifying four main independent lines, along with numerous unrelated Stockton lineages with only a single kit. Such a result is fairly typical of most YDNA surname projects. The project also provides near complete lineages for many of these kits (something not common among YDNA projects). While many of the kits show no lineage information at all, those that do facilitate useful comparison with the many lineages provided for Stockton lines though such sources as Ancestry Public Member Trees. Comparing those lineages suggests that many of the public lineages include ancestors that belong to different YDNA lines. This is particularly problematic in the lines descended from Richard Stockton of Burlington County New Jersey (Cheshire G Group in the Stockton Project). Comparing Ancestry lineages for the four major lines of Stocktons shows that data from the Cheshire Group G line has been interspersed among the genealogies of some of the other lines. This may be because a grandson of this Richard Stockton of the Group G line, figures prominently in the history of the American Revolution (he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence. As a result, some genealogists may have "claimed him" as an ancestor, even though there is no genealogical connection. While the lineages of the Stockton YDNA project do not show direct evidence of this, it is possible that some confusion remains. A detailed examination of the supporting evidence for at least one line of the four major groups is needed to sort this out.


The material below is placed here temporarily while working not the history of Davis Stockton. These materials will be removed once this article has been completed.

From the following it would appear that the Stockton's of Bedford were part of a large extended family associated with person:Michael Woods (1), who arrived in Bedford about 1730 from the Cumberland Valley of western Pennsylvania, coming to the area via the Valley of Virginia. Other associated families include, Wallace's, Campbell's, Gass' Cowan's, all of whom intermarried with Michael's family, either before or after their appearance in Albemarle/Bedford. SOme members of this group settled east of the Blue Ridge in Albemarle, others to the west in Old Augusta. In the 1760's, a number of members of the family line moved south, some to North Carolina, and some to South Carolina. Some remained in Virginia in Botetourt area. Eventually, some back flushed into southwest Virginia, and northeastern TN. It is common to find members of these families (or at least persons with the same surname) continuing to live in close proximity with each other, where-ever they settled. This pattern continued at least into the early 1800's, and is hinted at in Dot's note below.

A significant problem in the history of these families is to figure out where they were living prior to their appearance in Old Augusta (Including Albemarle and Bedford). There's clear evidence for them in the Cumberland Valley, but their appearance there appears to have been relatively brief. The families probably came there from eastern PA, and northern Maryland, but direct evidence for them there is needed. Pursueing the early history of any of these families may yield useful information about the others, and may help point back to their place of origin in the British Isles (assuming that's where they came from. most of these families seem to be Scot Irish, but at least one---the Gass---could be German.)

From Dot Doll, 19 April 2014, personal Communication

I’m preparing a preponderance of evidence that my possible James Cowan b. 1765 or before d. 1828 is related to the Stockton Family that came into the Mecham River area with Michael Woods. I believe that person:David Cowan (1) d. 1811 Sevier County, TN first lived on or near this river. Adam Goudylock came with them too. This part of the Mecham [watershed] eventually became Albemarle, Co VA.
This is the Davis Stockton Family, Not of Richard Stockton’s line of N.J.

His son Thomas (1) had a son, Thomas (2), and a son named, John Stockton who m. Margaret.

Richard, brother of Thomas (1), also had a son, named Thomas (3), It was one of these that came into old Cumberland Co KY/Clinton Co KY around 1793, and settled the Stockton Valley there. John Stockton’s (s/o Thomas (2), daughter Mary Stockton married a man named a James Cowan. No dates here for this couple, but her siblings were born ca. late 1760’s to 1781.

James Cowan b. 1765 or earlier, his son, James Jr. b. 1777, Andrew Cowan, and William Cowan all lived on connecting lands in Stockton Valley, either on Spring Creek, or its tributary, Smith Creek. In county land transactions after his death, James’ wife was known and (Polly) only, His brother, Andrew Cowan, reportedly was married to Elizabeth Montgomery. who maybe tell related to the John Montgomery line, some of whom went to Franklin Co TN. These Cowan men of old Cumberland/Clinton Co KY are assumed to be brothers by the county historian, and they did live side by side or adjacent to each other, though James also owned land on the TN border that may have lapped over into TN, then Overton Co TN.

There is no known wife for William, but he had 4 sons and 2 daughters, of which we have no names. We have his estate inventory dated in 1814. They are all known to be from Virginia.

James Montgomery (s/o John) had a daughter named exactly as Mary (Polly) Montgomery married a Capt. James Cowan. It seems that he is the James Cowan who went to Franklin Co TN.

A Thomas Stockton had land across the French Broad River from David Cowan d. 1888 Sevier co TN and Andrew Cowan, Justice of Jefferson Co TN. Thomas Stockton sold his Sevier Co land to his son, Samuel Stockton and his wife, Patience in the 1780’s. Nathaniel Evans m. Anne Cowan, their daughter married David’s son, Andrew Matthew.

Living near THE Thomas Stockton of Stockton Valley, were the Cowan brothers I’ve mentioned and a Nathaniel Evans, not to mention James Chitwood (is he related to Pleasant Chitwood?), who married a daughter of David Cowan d. 1811), and several others with connections.

The above James Cowan b. 1765 or earlier, appears in a Cumberland County KY land transaction, “James Cowan to Aaron Cates of Sevier Co TN. I believe that it was he to settled Stockton Valley, part of old Cumberland County KY. He and his son had land surveyed in the county in by 1799.

  • It would be interesting to know if this is the mysterious James Cowan, who was noted in Andrew Cowan’s letter to David Cowan.
  • Does this pique anyone’s interest? Does anyone have any data on any of these men, to help me differentiate them.
  • By the way, Nathaniel Evans who lived next to the Cowans/Stocktons moved to Overton Co TN, later, a county that sat on the TN/KY border from old Cumberland/Clinton Co KY. Later on, the northern part of Overton Co TN was split into two counties, the west portion-Clay Co, the east portion-Pickett Co TN.
  • The early men of Stockton Valley claimed land by 1798-1810. Present day, Stockton Valley is named Duvall Valley, and it sits, east, northeast of Albany KY.
  • Please, can you or someone tell me now Kit #89028 relates to those in the Cowan Project, some kits are so close to us percentage wise in the Core 7 Cowan group.

Davis Stockton

Thomas (1)
THomas (2)
Mary fl 1770 =James Cowan
James Cowan b 1777
Andrew =Elizabeth Montgomery
WIlliam d c 1814, 4 sons, 2 daughers names unknown
THomas (3)
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  1.   Patrick Hogue (Samples). The Samples / Semples Family

    From: Megan Hogue November 28, 2007
    My mother's maiden name is Goudelock, and with what geneology my dad has done on her family, and where her family came from, we are descended from the Goudelocks that lived (and still live I guess) in the Carolinas. I've been doing some research on the family for my linguistics class and have stumbled upon this message board. I was just wondering what exactly the name "Goudelock" means. I've been told by several people that it means "Guardian/Keeper of the Loch/Lake," but I'm not sure if that is correct. I'm also interested to know if anyone knows for sure exactly where in Scotland the Goudelock's came from.

    With my father's geneology research, he has figured out that my mother and I are descended from ADAM GOUDELOCK who died in 1793 in SC, and through the family line we are directly descended from the 4th Generation. I believe that BROWN NUCKELESS GOUDELOCK, born 1888 in Pickens Co., SC; died in 1958, was my mother's great-grandfather and that his son FORREST was my mother's grandfather. I know my uncle BUREN GOUDELOCK just recently passed away last year (2006), but as for that, I really don't know much else.

    I'm not excessively close to my mother's family and my mom doesn't really talk much about her family history, hence why I'm so in the dark about everything. Plus, I'm really terrible at reading the family tree because I don't really understand what all of the numbers and stuff means. But my mom's grandma is named EVA G. GOUDELOCK and my mother's father is Karol Goudelock.

    Anywho, here is the link that my father has on his website to a Goudelock family tree website: My mother's name is listed under #24 as only saying that "Kara Goudelock Hogue is descended from this line". If anyone could lend a helping hand on what the family name means and where in Scotland we came from, I would greatly appreciate it. Please Email Megan Hogue <>

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  6. Need original source showing that he operated a mill.