Person:David Tate (8)

David Tate, Sr., of Jackson River
d.aft. 1815
  • HDavid Tate, Sr., of Jackson RiverABT 1730 - aft 1815
  • WCatherine ThorntonABT 1734 -
m. ABT 1754
  1. Edward Tate1755 -
  2. David Tate, Jr.1759 - 1838
  3. John Tate1761 - 1836
Facts and Events
Name[1] David Tate, Sr., of Jackson River
Gender Male
Birth[1] ABT 1730 Londonderry, Ireland
Marriage ABT 1754 Virginiato Catherine Thornton
Death? aft. 1815

David Tate was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's: [unless otherwise stated]

  • Page 208.--17th March, 1767. John ( ) Davis and Judey ( ) to David Tate, £17, 85 acres on Jackson's River. Delivered: David Tate. June, 1770. (Note: this land was apparently part of the "Lewis Land Grant" on Jackson River, part of 280 acres sold by Robert Allen to John Davis in 1763). [Source:]
  • Aug 3 1771, David Tate received a grant of 80 acres on the James River. (DB 3-322; Annals, 581) In Feb 1774, David brought a suit against McDowell, but lost and was ordered to pay costs. (Court Minutes) Rootsweb

Disposition of Land in Botetourt County:

  • Page 122. August 14, 1770. David Tate and Katharine his wife to John Sproul and Margaret his wife. 20 pounds. 85 acres on Jackson River, known by the name of "Englands Place". [Botetourt County, Virginia Deed Book No. 1]
  • October 1793, David Tate sold 400 acres on the Jackson River to Michael Helmantoller. (DB 5-22)
  • April 1795, David Tate sold 230 acres on Jackson River to Conrad and Christian Fudge. (DB 5-220)

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • 1767--Lists of Supernumeraries: James Henry, Mathew Ralston, Jno. Bowin, Robt. Armstrong, James Akin, David Tate, Edw'd McMullen, Thos. Hicklin, Sam'l Hodge, Pat Lowry, Wm. McMurry, Jas. Lauderdale, Jno. Hodge, Jno. Kinkead, James Simpson, James McCoy, Chas. Lewis, James Robinson, Jno. Henderson, Wm. Hugart, Wm. Feemster, Wm. Blanton, Thos. Willson, Jno. Lowry, Sam Campbell, David Smith, Robt. Kilpatrick, Robert Guinn, Wm. Martin, Wm. Lowry, Thomas King, Geo. Jemison, Sam'l Lawrence, Peter Right, Wm. Black, Jos. McDonald, Benj. Watson, Henry Bowin, Mary Glass, Sam'l McCrackin, Andrew Hamilton. (Note: this record places Edward McMullen near David Tate in 1767. Edward's daughter Sarah married David Tate, Jr. in 1787).
  • Page 464.--17th May, 1768. Patrick ( ) Denny and Elizabeth ( ) of Forks of James River, to John McKee, of said Forks, £44, at head of Kerr's Creek in the abovesaid Forks of James, branch of Kerr's Creek called Cunningham's Creek, 80 acres. Teste: John Gilmer, Robert McElhenny, David Tate ( ). Delivered: John McKee, April, 1773.

Records in Botetourt County, VA

Botetourt County Order Book I, 1770

  • Page 51 David Tate versus Zophar and Thomas Carpenter, for debt.
  • Page 158. David Tate versus Zophar and Thomas Carpenter, Solomon Carpenter security. To appear before next court.
  • Page 177. William Mann versus David Tate, in case.
  • Page 195. David Tate versus John Humphries and Thomas Carpenter for debt.
  • Page 199. In the case of David Tate versus Zophar and Thomas Carpenter; court finds for the plaintiff in the amount of 10 pounds 4 shillings with interest from March 11, 1767.
  • Page 212. William Mann versus David Tate. Special imparlance.
  • Page 264. William Mann versus William Hamilton. Attachment. William Mann versus David Tate, continued for plaintiff. William Mann
  • Page 267. David Tate versus John Humphries and Thomas Carpenter, attachment for debts.
  • Page 303. May 14, 1771. William Mann versus David Tate. The plaintiff not further prosecuting, suit ordered to be dropped.
  • Page 354. William Mann versus David Tate. Alias copias.
  • Page 369. Andrew Edmundson versus John Mann. Plurias copias. William Mann versus David Tate. Alias copias.
  • Page 386. William Mann versus David Tate. Special imparlance.
  • Page 419. William Mann versus David Tate. Justification and issue.
  • Page 181. William Mann versus David Tate. Tate guilty.
  • Page 14. Agreed William Mann to pay John Mahon 124 pounds tobacco for witnessing against David Tate, 200 pounds of tobacco to John Robinson, Esquire for five days attendance against Tate, Thomas Mann 800 pounds tobacco for eight days’ attendance for him in Seely trial.


At a court held for Botetourt County the 10th day of August, 1780.
The Commonwealth against David Tate on suspicion of his being a torey, a jury was sworn to try him according to evidence (towit): Caleb Worley, Wm. McClenachan, James Mitchell, Samuel McFarran, Thomas Hall, Saml. Walker, Junr., Hugh MeNeell, Edward Greem, Joseph Walker, Robert Shadden, James Campbell and Israel Kelley returned a verdict in these words: "We of the jury find for the Commonwealth one thousand pounds current money of the State, to be levied on the goods and chattels of the said defendant, and also to be imprisoned ten years." And it is ordered that judgment be given for the same with costs.
The Commonwealth against David Tate, Junr., on suspicion of his being a torey, a jury sworn to try him accdg. to evidence (towit): Malcom Allen, Saml. Baldwin, Thomas Ferguson, James Corbit, John Lapsley, David Smith, Wm. McMullin, Richard McDonald, Adw. Willson, Edmund Sturns, Ephraim Willson and Hugh Allen returned a verdict in these words: "We of the jury find for the Commonwealth seven months imprisonment."
Upon consideration of the judgment passed yesterday on behalf of the Commonwealth against David Tate, Junr., it is ordered that upon the said Tate's enlisting into the Continental service for eighteen months from the date hereof without any bounty or other gratuity except his pay as a soldier, cloathing and provisions he shall be discharged from his present confinement and the judgement of the court against him.
At a court contd. A held for Botetourt County the 15th day of September, 1780.
Present: Geo. Skillern, Wm. Hamilton, Geo. Rutledge, Andrew Woods, Josiah Martin and John Baller, Gent. Justices.
Ordered that Colo. Skillern apply to the Governor that he will remit the confinement of David Tate, a State prisoner in the geoul of this County by a verdict for two years so, for that ho the said Tate giving sufficient security to Colo. Skillern confine himself to his plantation and a bounds of five miles from the same during the term above mentioned and be of good behaviour &c. [Source: Annals of SW Virginia].
  • P. 322. Feb. 7, 1785. Jas. McCall & Elizabeth his wife to Uriah Humphries. Con. 40 pounds. 80 A. on James R., formerly grtd. unto David Tate by patent dated Aug. 3, 1771. Witnesses: Benjn. Peck and Jos. Jenkins. [Botetourt County, Virginia Deed Book No. 3].
  • 1812-1815 - David Tate included on the Tax List of Botetourt County, Virginia.

Information on David Tate

From "Lord Dunmore's little war of 1774", by Warren Skidmore, Donna Kaminsky, pg. 130:

Botetourt Public Service Claims, part two:

[152] David Tate, by allowance for a Bull, by 13 days service.

From "The Tate Family", This article was published in the Chattanooga Times, November 29, 1936:

My great-grandfather's name was David Tate. He had a brother Elijah Tate who I have been told died in Ireland and left a large estate worth several million dollars, but I to not know much of him. David Tate, came to America as a Lieutenant in the King's Service, after the establishment of the Colonies. His term of service expired while he was in America and he never returned to England. His wife, an Irish girl named Catherine Thornton, her family belonged to the nobility of Ireland. She ran away from home and came to America as did many others at the same time impelled by a spirit of adventure and settled in Virginia. Source:

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