Person:David Stephenson (3)

Maj. David Stephenson
b.abt. 1740/41
d.Bef. 27 November 1815 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Est. 1735
  1. Adam Stephenson1736 - Bef 1794
  2. William Stephensonabt 1738/39 - Bef 1816
  3. Maj. David Stephensonabt 1740/41 - Bef 1815
  4. Sarah Stephensonabt 1742 -
  5. Matthew Stephensonabt 1743/44 -
  6. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Stephensonabt 1745 - 1821
  7. James Stephensonabt 1746 - bef 1814
  8. John Stephensonabt 1748 - bef 1814
  • HMaj. David Stephensonabt 1740/41 - Bef 1815
  • WMary DavisABT 1763 - Bef 1818
m. 11 November 1783
Facts and Events
Name Maj. David Stephenson
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1740/41
Marriage 11 November 1783 Greenbrier County, Virginiato Mary Davis
Death? Bef. 27 November 1815 Augusta County, Virginia

David Stephenson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of David Stephenson

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 101.--24th November, 1798. David Stephenson's will--To wife, Mary whole estate and executrix. Teste: John Smith, Alex. Robertson, Wm. Robertson. Proved, 27th November, 1815. Holograph (?) will.

Records of David Stephenson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 85.--8th October, 1762. Thomas Story and Mary ( ) to John Stuart, £200, 200 acres, part of 675 acres patented to and granted by Andrew Cathey to Thomas, 20th July, 1745, on Middle River of Shanando. Delivered to Maj. D. Stephenson.
  • Page 527.--14th November, 1772. John McCoy and Sarah ( ) to Abel Griffith, on Mossey Creek, part of 320 acres patented to John McCoy and James McCoy, 25th September, 1762, and since conveyed by James to John, 24th March, 1767. Teste: David Stephenson, Evan Griffith, Joseph Malcom.
  • Page 352.--7th April. 1774. Adam Stephen (prob. s/b Adam Stephenson), of Berkeley County, Virginia, in Mark Bird and Henry Miller, of Berks County. Pennsylvania. Page 366.--Part of tract in Beverley Manor whereon Alexander McClenachan now lives. Page 371.--Teste: Samuel McDowell. David Stephenson, Robert ( ) Feris.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 17, 1785. - (18) New Commission, viz: Thomas Adams, William Bowyer, Thomas Hughart,* Alexr. St. Clair, Charles Cameron, William McPheeters,* Joseph Bell, Samuel Vance, John Givens, David Stephenson, Richard Mathews, Robert Porterfield, Jacob Warrick, George Moffet, Alexr. Robertson, Elijah McClenachan,* Thomas Hughes,* George Poage, James Steel, John Wilson, Samuel Lewis, John Taite,* Robert Gamble, James Crawford, Jr., James Davis, Alexr. Crawford, John McKemey. (Those marked (*) qualified.)
  • Vol. 1 - JULY 19, 1785. - (141) David Stephenson qualified Justice.
  • Page 216.--20th August, 1785. Thomas Murray, of Green County, North Carolina, to John Allison. Jr. Teste: D. Stephenson, Edward Rutledge, James Agnew, Thomas Carel.
  • Page 409.--15th December, 1786. Edward Rutledge and Sara to their son George Rutledge, place salled Flag Spring, part of 250 acres patented to William Kerr, 5th September, 1749. Delivered to David Stephenson, 20th July, 1790.
  • Page 551.--31st January, 1787. Edward Rutledge's will--To wife, Sarah; to daughter, Rebecka Rutledge; to son, James; to daughter, Rosanna; to son, George; to son-in-law, John Allison, for his sons John and James Allison; to 5 children, viz: Lucy Allison (wife of Jno. Allison, Jr.), Rebecca, James, Rosanna, and George Rutledge; to children, viz: Mary Erwin (wife of Wm. Erwin), Sarah McNeeley (wife of George McNeeley). Executors, William Allison, John Allison, Jr., David Stephenson. Teste: D. Stephenson, Gilbert Carr, Samuel Steel. Proved, 20th February, 1787, by Carr and Steele. D. Stephenson qualifies.
  • Page 220.--14th January, 1790. John Givens' will (Sr.)---To wife, Margaret; to son, Thomas, 150 acres, part of home plantation; to son, James; to daughter, Mary; to daughter, Sarah Lofftis; daughter, Ann Henderson; son, John; son, George; son, Samuel; son, William; daughter, Elizabeth Lamme; daughter, Margaret Agnew. Executors, wife Margaret, son James. Teste: D. Stephenson. George and James Crawford. Proved, April 20, 1790, by D. Stephenson and Geo. Crawford. James qualifies. Margaret Givens refuses to execute and nominates son James as sole executor.
  • Page 213.--15th January, 1790. John Stuart's will--To wife, Frances; when youngest child arrives at 18; to children, Mary, Margaret, Samuel, and child wife may now be with. Executors, wife, David Stephenson, Robt. Kenny. Teste: George and James Crawford, Mary Stuart. Proved, 16th February, 1790, by Geo. Crawford and Mary Stuart. Frances qualifies.
  • Page 30.--15th January, 1790. John Stuart's will--To wife, Frances; when youngest child shall come of age of 18 years; to children, Mary Stuart, Margaret Stuart, Samuel Stuart, and child wife is now big with. Executors, wife Frances, David Stephenson, Robt. Kinney. Teste: George Crawford, James Crawford, Mary Stuart. Proved, 16th February, 1792, by Geo. Crawford, Mary Stuart. Executrix Frances qualifies. (Note: John Stuart's will is listed twice in Chalkley's).
  • Page 227.--Edward Rutledge's estate in account with David Stephenson, acting executor--Paid legatees, viz: Rebecca Rutledge, John Allison. Settled 20th April, 1790.
  • Page 226.--3d May, 1790. Inquest upon body of a man found in a field of Maj. Andrew Anderson. Verdict: Is the body of John Peck, son of Andrew Peck, aged between sixteen and seventeen; died by hand of God-- Robert Kenney, Andrew Anderson, James Allen, Jr., Alex. Reed, John Crawford, Thomas Poage, Jr., Jas. Kerr, Jas. Cochran, Thos. Frame, Wm. Crawford, John Campbell, John Gamble. Held in consequence of an order from me in absence of Coroner.--David Stephenson.
  • Page 310.--10th July, 1790. Timothy Caul's will--To three sons, Thomas, Hugh, William (William is infant); to wife, Elizabeth, executrix; to daughter, Agnes Caul, unmarried; to daughter, Margaret Caul, unmarried; to daughter, Mary Caul, unmarried; executors, Thomas and Hugh; to son, James, 5 shillings. Teste: Andrew Allison, D. Stephenson, John McClure. Proved, 18th January, 1791, by Stephenson and McClure. Thomas and Hugh qualify.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER, 1790. - Additional commission, dated 28th April, 1785: David Stephenson (several others listed).
  • Page 259.--17th January, 1792. William Wilson and Elizabeth to Michael Dickey, James Allen, Thomas Fraim, Alexander Robertson, Jos. Bell, Robert Kinney, David Stephenson, James Seawright, William Young and William Craig, trustees of Augusta Stone Meeting House Congregation, the graveyard contagious to said Meeting House.
  • Vol. 1 - JULY 15, 1794. - (138) Depositions to be taken in contested election for Senator between David Stephenson and John Oliver.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1796 (F to K). - Spa. to revive against David Stephenson and Mathew Patton, executors of William Patton, deceased, dated 20th June, 1793.
  • Page 255.--18th April, 1796. Thomas Frame's will--To wife, Jane, tract purchased of Samuel McKee; to son, Samuel; to grandson, John Craig Frame, infant; to son, Samuel's next oldest son or daughter (after Jno. C., supra). Executors, wife Jane and son Samuel. Teste: D. Stephenson, James Hodgson, Thos. Connelly. Codicil, 8th September, 1796. To son, Samuel; to grandson, John Craig Frame; to Augusta Church. Teste: William Wilson, Samuel Steele, Joseph Peck. Proved, 20th December, 1790, by Connelly and Irwin. Codicil by Steele and Peck. Executors qualified.
  • Page 294.--16th January, 1798. David Stephenson's bond as Sheriff.
  • Page 348.--19th February, 1799. David Stephenson's bond as Sheriff.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 19, 1799. - (468) David Stephenson qualified Sheriff the second time.
  • Page 37.--22d May, 1799. Rosanna Rutledge's will--To mother, Sarah; brother, George (executor). Teste: D. Stephenson, Benj. Eagle. Proved, 28th October, 1799, by Stephenson, and 23d December, 1799, by Benjamin Eage.
  • Page 42.--24th October, 1799. David Hogshead's will--To daughter, Jane Hogshead; son. David. Teste: David Stephenson, Robt. Gilkison, Francis Gilkison. Proved, 27th January, 1800, by all witnesses. David qualifies.
  • Page 279.--8th May, 1800. Samuel Bell's will--To wife, Jane; sons, William, Samuel, David, George; to son, Joseph; son, John; sons, James and Thomas; to daughter, Elizabeth Glaves; daughters, Margaret and Martha Bell. Executors, wife Jane and sons David and James. Teste: D. Stephenson, Wm. Beard, Thomas Givens. Proved, 27th June, 1803. Executors qualify.
  • Page 307.--5th March, 1816. Mary Stephenson's will, widow of Major D. Stephenson--All slaves to be liberated and transported to some free State; all estate to be divided into two equal parts, one to David's relations and one to Mary's; 1st, to Adam Stephenson's (deceased) children, to James Stephenson's (deceased) family, to William Stephenson's (deceased) family (all three brothers to David), and to Elizabeth Herring (sister to David), and to Robert Shanklin (son to David's sister); 2d, to Catherine Gordon (Mary's sister), Mrs. Ruth Davis (Mary's sister), James Davis, Walter Davis; and the children of Robert Davis (all Mary's brothers). Executors, Charles A. Stuart. Proved, February Court, 1818. Executor qualifies.
  1.   Blair, Charles William. A History of Mossy Creek Presbyterian Church, pg. 40.

    A Major David Stephenson was a justice in Augusta County in 1785 and 1790. Also a David Stephenson was a trustee for the congregation at Augusta Stone Church in 1792. If he had been a member of the Mossy Creek congregation, he may have become a member at Augusta Stone after joining the Mossy Creek congregation in 1771. Service as a trustee for a congregation did not necessarily imply membership in that congregation. His will, filed in 1796, left his entire estate to his wife Mary, who was a Davies. Again, the fact that his wife was a Davies further links this David to the congregation at Mossy Creek.
    As stated previously, the wife of David Stephenson was a Davies, and marriage records for Rockingham County note that a Mary Davis (Davies) married a Major David Stephenson in 1783 and that she was the daughter of John Davis. The assumption that she was the daughter of John Davies of Mossy Creek is further supported by the fact that John Davis was given charge of William Stephenson's children when he died and that David Stephenson was one of the children for whom he had responsibility. When Mary Davies Stephenson died in 1816 she mentioned her brothers and sisters in her will. From this will living children of John Davies can be identified as sons James, Walter and Robert and daughters Catherine Davies Gordon and a Mrs. (Miss?) Ruth Davies. The date of John Davies' death is unknown.