Person:David Maggard (3)

David Maggard
d.bef. 21 March 1775 Shenandoah County, Virginia
m. est. 1715
  1. Samuel Maggard1716 - bef 1778
  2. David Maggard1718 - bef 1775
m. 1741
  1. Rudolph Maggard1746 - 1798
  2. David Maggard1752 - 1824
  3. Benjamin Maggard1755 - 1805
  4. John Maggard1757 -
  5. Henry Maggard1761 - 1839
  6. Elizabeth Maggard1764 -
  7. Jacob Maggard1766 - 1840
Facts and Events
Name David Maggard
Alt Name David Maggert
Gender Male
Birth? 1718 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 1741 Shenandoah County, Virginiato Margaret Mauck
Death? bef. 21 March 1775 Shenandoah County, Virginia

David Maggard was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • David Maggard and Daniel Weitreith received a patent of 300 acres (perhaps more) "on north side Shanando joining Wm. Philips" on 1st June, 1741, as listed in the records below. (Note: the records of this deed may be recorded in adjoining Frederick County, Virginia records).

Acquisition of Land from Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys:

  • Northern Neck Survey: David Maggot, 15 Aug. 1749 - 29 Aug. 1749; 400 acres on head of Hunts Run & a branch of Shannindoah where he lives. Chain Carriers - John Spidler & John Lienberger. Surv. John Baylis. [Abstracts of Virginia's Northern Neck Warrants & Surveys, Orange & Augusta Counties, with Tithables, Delinquents, Petitioners, 1730-1754, Volume One, Peggy Smomo Joyner, pg. 27].

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 90.--8th February, 1750-1. David Magert and Daniel Weitreith of Frederick, to John Fudge. Delivered: to Geo. Zimmerman, June, 1754. 300 acres on Shanando joining Wm. Philips. Teste: John Hopes, John Funk, Jr., Mathias Seltzer.

Will/Estate Records of David Maggard

  • I, DAVID MAGERT, in the Colony of Virginia, in Frederick County make my last will. Wife: Margret, to get a third part of all movable Estate as long as she lives or if marries it is given to her. Children: David; Benie; Daniel; John; Henry; Jacob; Rudolph and Elizabeth. Everyone is to have an equal share of all of the land and the moveable estate according as it is baised ant that the oldest son, David is to hold the land and shall pay to his brothers and sister out of it an equal share according as it was baised and then fuerther the children are to be with their mother until they be of age, she is to learn them to read and write and to learn a trade, what trade soever they have a mind to learn, but if these children would not obey there as children art to obey there parents, then there mother and Executors may bind them out to learn a trade. Executors: Jacob Sheafer and Henry Mauck. Witnesses: George Kuntze, John Magert and Peter Rothgeb. Dated: 23 December 1770. [Source: Shenandoah County, WILL BOOK A - PAGE 780
PAGE 79: At a court held for Dunmore County on Tuesday 25 May 1775 - Will ordered recorded. PAGE 86 and 87: Agreeath to an Order of Dunmore County, We Benjamin Strickler and Joseph Ruffner and George Roadcup - appraised the Estate of David Maggett.

From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA Records:

  • Page 340.--21st March, 1775. Catherine Magert's bond (with Jacob Peter. Charles Walker) as administratrix of David Magert.
  • Page 392.--22d November, 1775. David Magget's appraisement (recorded) by Jacob Bare, Henry Millar, Francis Kertley.

Records of David Maggard in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 342.--13th March, 1751. Michael Rinhart's inventory, by John Dobkin, Nicholas Seehorn, David Magit, George Shuneman.
  • Page 182.--4th January, 1770. Francis Kirtley and Elizabeth to John Futch, £50, 210 acres, lower fork of Elk Run in a line of Earley's land. Teste: Jacob Bear, Conrad Futch, David Magert. Delivered: John Futch, November, 1776.
  • Page 93.--__ _____, 1771. John Futch, Sr., and Katharine ( ) to John Futch. Jr., their son, £10, 140 acres, part of tract whereon John now lives, on Shanando River, patented to David Magart (Magot) and Daniel Weitreith, 1st June, 1741 and by them conveyed to John, Sr.; also 96 acres. part of a patent for 290 acres on north side Shanando, to John, Sr., 15th August, 1764: corner Hemburger's survey. Teste: Conrad Futch, Jacob Bare. David Magett. Delivered: John Futch. November Court. 1776.
  • Page 98.--__ _____, 1771. Same to Conrod Futch. £10, 140 acres on Shanando, part of patent to Magot and Weitreith, corner John Futch, Jr.; also 96 acres on Shanando, part of 290 acres above. Teste: Conrod Futch, Jacob Bare, David Magott.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 19, 1771. - (180) Mary Huffman, orphan of Nicholas Huffman, to be bound to David Magert.--Hie agrees to give her £8, 10, and a new spinning wheel when she comes of age and teach her to read and write. Elizabeth Huffman,
  • Vol. 2 - Page 600.--19th September, 1772: Mary Hopham, orphan, bound to David Magart.