Person:David Hamacher (1)

David Hamacher
m. 28 April 1739
  1. Maria Salome 'Sarah' Hamacher1745 - 1822
  2. David Hamacher1752 - 1810
  • HDavid Hamacher1752 - 1810
  • WAnn Herr1760 - bef 1804
m. 1778
  1. Barbara Hammakerabt 1778 -
  2. Samuel Hamaker1790 - 1858
m. 21 January 1804
Facts and Events
Name David Hamacher
Alt Name David Hamaker
Alt Name David Hammaker
Gender Male
Birth? 1752 Pennsylvania
Marriage 1778 Lancaster County, Pennsylvaniato Ann Herr
Marriage 21 January 1804 to Margaret Stout
Death? 1810 Augusta County, Virginia

David Hamacher was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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From DAR Application:

The name of David Hamaker occurs on the rolls of the Associations from 1777 to 1785. At first, he served in the Company of Captain William Laird, then in that of Capt. Abraham Scott and in 1784-85, with Capt. John Bishop. During this time, David had moved from Derry to the vicinity of Mount Joy. Possibly he was then serving a term as journeyman miller but in 1779 he was taxed for one cow and one horse and he owned 130 acres of land in Mount Joy Township.
In 1786 he bought 109A land on Powell's Creek in Paxton Township.
In 1783 David offers a caveat against the probate of the will of his father, but in January of the next year he withdrew it and confessed he had no good ground for his objections.
In 1788 David and his wife Ann sign a quit claim on the estate of his father in consideration of the sum of 117, 9 sh., 11p. paid by Adam, Jr., his brother. This receipt is signed by David Hamacher, Ann makes her mark and, as witness, Abraham Hammacher signs in copy book German script.
This Ann, David's wife, was the daughter of John Herr and grand-daughter of Abraham Herr, the pioneer. John Herr's farm lay adjacent to that of Peter Hamaker, as noted previously and David's farm was not far away. Witnesses to John's will were Philip Shoemaker, the father of Anthony and Mary, and Frantz Groff - evidently quite a center of Hamaker influence.
In 1792, David bought 200 acres of land on Stony Brook in Augusta Co., Virginia, and the deed bears his name in German Script - David Hamacker. The list of heirs of the 1793 indenture refers to David Hamaker and Ann his wife as of --- Co., Virginia.
In the Augusta Co. records of 1795, we find the item on the marriage of Barbara, daughter of David Hamaker, to Abraham Lambard, presumably her cousin. David is here located in "Shenandoah".
Samuel, a son of David and Ann, was reared in the family of Frederick Croan, and married Elizabeth, one of the daughters of the Croans. The later history of Samuel and Elizabeth may be found in great detail in the published genealogy of the Croan family.
There is a tradition that there was another son, Adam, born to David but no details are available.
In 1805 David married Margaret, the widow of Daniel Stout.
Of the 200 acres which David had bought, he sold 152 in 1795 and in 1805 David and Margaret sold the other 48 acres.
Barbara Hamacher X Abraham Lamberd Shenandoah, Va. (see Lambert Family)
Samuel Hamacher X Elizabeth Croan Ind.
John Hamacher X Nancy Noakes
David Hamacher X Rebecca Boles
Frederick Hamacher X Lucia Rawlings
Elizabeth Hamacher X Samuel Boles
Mary Hamacher X David Clark
Anna Hamacher X George Shearer
Adam Hamacher ? "