Person:David Gregory (4)

David Gregory
m. abt. 1755
  1. Jacob Gregoryabt 1755 -
  2. Benjamin Gregoryabt 1756 - abt 1801
  3. David Gregoryabt 1764 - 1802
  4. William Gregoryabt 1766 -
  5. Christian Gregoryabt 1767 -
  6. Isaac Gregoryabt 1768 - 1852
  7. Thomas Gregoryabt 1770 -
  8. Catherine Gregoryabt 1773 -
m. 9 February 1786
  1. William Gregoryabt 1788 -
  2. Mary Gregoryabt 1790 -
  3. Margaret Martin Gregory1792 - 1878
  4. Ann Warwick Gregoryabt 1794 -
  5. Nancy Cartmill Gregoryabt 1796 -
  6. David Hyrum Gregory1801 - 1885
Facts and Events
Name David Gregory
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1764 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 9 February 1786 Warm Springs, Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Warwick
Death? 9 July 1802 Lemon, Butler County, Ohio

David Gregory was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1786--February 2, David Gregory and Margaret Warrick; David, son of Mary Gregory; Margaret, daughter of Wm. Warwick; surety, Wm. Rider; witness, John Slavins.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond - 1786--February 2, William Ryder and Mary Brisco, widow; surety, David Gregory.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Record - 1786, By Saml. Shannon, V. D. M.: February 9th, David Gregory and Margaret Warrick.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Record - 1786, By Rev. Saml. Shannon: February 7th, David Gregory and Margaret Warrick. (duplicate of record listed above).
  • Vol. 2 - BOOK MARKED "RECORDS FROM SEPTEMBER, 1789, TO APRIL, 1793," DISTRICT COURT. - Page 301--List of insolvents for year 1786 in Augusta returned by Thos. Hughart, which was charged to be false, and he was indicted for perjury. Charles Ash removed. Ephraim Beats removed to Kentucky. Thomas Bleack removed to Greenbrier. Following have removed: John Awfold, Joseph and Jacob Bennett, Henry Baker, Jno. Brinkley, Jno. Bean, Jno. Collins, Henry Casebolt, Thos. Davis, John Denison (to French Broad), Jacob Elsworth, Francis Graham (to Kentucky), David Gregory (to Kentucky), James Hicklen (to Kentucky), Wm. Hicklen (to Kentucky), John Jordan (to Kentucky), Thos. Jerris (Jervis), Andrew Moody (to Kentucky), Henry Null (to Kentucky), James and John Lambert (to Kentucky), Henry Morrison, John Nelson, Cornelius Vansdale, Jno. Portlock (to Kentucky), Wm. Robenson, James Rucker, Chas. Ramsey, Lewis and Francis Tackett, James Tanner, Richard Bennett, Thos. Tackett, George Stout.
  • Vol. 2 - List of Delinquents and Insolvents in the Revenue Tax for 1786 given in by Thomas Hughart, Sheriff, in Second Battalion. These removed, viz: Charles Ash, Jos. Bennett; Ephraim Beats, to Kentucky; Henry Baker, John Been, Henry Casebolt; Jno. Denison, to French Broad; Francis Graham, to Kentucky; James Hicklen, to Kentucky; John Jordan, to Kentucky; Andrew Moody, to Kentucky; James Lambert, Henry Morrison, John Nelson; Jno. Pourtlock, to Kentucky; James Rucker, Lewis Tackett, Francis Tackett, Thos. Tackett, George Stout, Jno. Awfold, Jacob Bennett; Thos. Bleake, to Greenbrier; Jno. Brinkely, Jno. Collins, Thos. Davis, Jacob Elsworth; David Gregory, to Kentucky; Wm. Hicklin, to Kentucky; Thos. Jervis; Hennly Null, to Kentucky; Jno. Lambert; Cornelius Miller, deceased; Cornelius Vansdale, Wm. Robenson, Chas. Ramsey, James Tanner, Richard Bennett, Robert Stuart.