Person:David Graham (19)

m. Abt. 1735
  1. Col. James Graham, Sr.1740/41 - 1813
  2. David Graham, Sr.1742 - 1768
  3. Robert Graham1749 - 1811
  • HDavid Graham, Sr.1742 - 1768
  • WJane WalkupBef 1746 -
m. 1764
  1. John Graham1765 - 1835
  2. Joseph Graham1766 - 1857
  3. Florence Graham1767 - Aft 1830
Facts and Events
Name David Graham, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? 1742 Cow Pasture, Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage 1764 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Walkup
Death? Feb 1768 Augusta County, Virginia

David Graham was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of David Graham's Estate

  • Page 412.--3d June, 1769. David Graham's estate appraised by John Davis, Archibald Smithers, Wm. Hutcheson. Accounts against, viz., Job Fletcher, Thomas Mann, Robert Vachob, Jas. Fitzpatrick.
  • Page 441.--21st August, 1771. Jane Graham settles David Graham's estate--By Wm. Follin's note; Uriah Humphrey's; paid Jacob Salmons, David Floyd, Christopher Vachob, Mathew Morehead, Nansey Hamilton, Jacob Keyls.

Differing Accounts of the Identity of David Graham's Wife

Note: There is conflicting information on the wife of David Graham. Court records in Augusta County, Virginis prove that his wife was Jane Walkup, daughter of Joseph Walkup (see David Graham's page under "Records of David Graham" for the specific record). Several sites on the internet claim that he married Jane Armstrong, but this appears to be in error.

Records of David Graham in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • MAY 28, 1751. - (580) Thomas Mann, orphan of John Mann, to be bound; James and David, orphans of Wm. Graham, ditto.
  • AUGUST 29, 1751. - (185) John Graham appointed guardian of James and David Graham, orphans of Wm. Graham.
  • Page 386.--29th August, 1751. John Graham's bond as guardian to James and David Graham, orphans of Wm. Graham; appointed.
  • FEBRUARY 18, 1761. - (472) Robert Shanklin, qualified Captain of Militia. John Davis, qualified Lieutenant of Militia. Thomas Gardner appointed guardian of Mary Gardner, orphan of Thomas Gardner. William Graham, decd., his son, David Graham, chose William Man his guardian.
  • FEBRUARY 15, 1763. - (452) Motion William Mann, John Graham, late guardian of David Graham summoned to account.
  • November 22, 1764 - November 22, 1764, David Graham accused of stealing a watch.
  • NOVEMBER 24, 1764. - (213) David Graham bound over for insulting John Christian in discharge of his office as magistrate.
  • AUGUST 22, 1766. - (231) David Graham was arrested for contempt, but made his escape before judgment. Now rearrested and bound over.
  • AUGUST, 1768 (C). - William Crow vs. Capt. Walter Cunningham.--Sundries. 1762, 1763, 1764; 1762, March 25, to one pair shoes for your sister Betty; June 19, to your provision account, 174 rations, at £1; 1763; 1764; 1765; 1766, January 21, to cash stopped for James and John Ward; January 23, stopped for Thomas Carpenter, Alexander Tilford, Wm. Daucherty, Archey Handley; 1767, April 10, your assumpsit for David Graham; May 15, to club at Poaking; November 20, to club at Vestry; 1768, April 26, to George; March 15, to cash answered for Captain Lynch. Credits--1766, February 11, by cash at Strother and McPherson's frolic; February 22, by cash answered for your son, £15. (Between the dates above scarcely a day passed without several charges for drinks. I have only noticed a few items of an extraordinarily long account.)
  • Vol. 2 - List of Delinquents - 1768--Andrew Dunken, Pennsylvania; Wm. Pollocke, Carolina; Geo. Taylor, lives over the Ridge; Henry Taylor, lives over the Ridge; Benj. Hays, in Carolina; Jno. Smallwood, runaway; Wm. Phillips, runaway; Mathew Linsay, runaway; Jno. McCallister, gone to Pennsylvania to live; Wm. Robinson; Thos. Welsh, runaway; David Graham, des't (destitute) ; Peter Kindred, runaway; Jno. Williams, Pennsylvania; James Lagon, runaway; Goodwin Daniel, Bedford.
  • MARCH 21, 1769. - (78) Jane Graham, widow of deceased, and Joseph Vohub, qualify admrs. of David Graham.
  • MARCH 16, 1778. - (408) Court appoints John Graham guardian of Joseph Graham, orphan of David Graham.
  • Vol. 2 - Guardian's Bonds - 16th March, 1778--Jno. Graham, ditto of Joseph Graham, ditto of David Graham.
  • Vol. 2 - Joseph Graham of Monroe County vs. Stuart--O. S. 39; N. S. 13--Bill filed 13th November, 1802. Orator's father, David Graham, died in Augusta about or prior to 1771, leaving orator an infant of very tender years and his widow, Jane Graham. Joseph was grandson of Joseph Walkub. In 1776 Jane married Alexander Stuart. David Stuart, son of Alexr. Stuart, deposes 27th September, 1804, in Augusta, that his father lent Rebekah Graham, wife of Joseph Graham, a bed. Margaret Vachub deposes, 27th September, 1804, about the time James Stevenson left this country. Robert Vachub, aged 57, deposes Greenbrier, 17th September, 1805, that his father (grandfather to complainant) gave complainant while an infant, two cows. William Graham deposes in Augusta, 18th June, 1804, at the tavern of James Edmondson in Staunton, that in 1793-4 he was present when his father, John Graham, guardian of complainant, settled with Compt. after which Joseph went to Kentucky and remained some time and returned to his father's, Jno. Graham's, about 1800 or 1801. William Fulton deposes at house of Charles Campbell in Rockbridge, 5th July, 1805, he was a school teacher and taught Joseph Graham 1778-1779. (Note: this record proves that David Graham's wife was Jane Walkup, daughter of Joseph Walkup (spelled as Walkub or Vachub in some records).

Information on David Graham

Note: the site below claims that this David Graham married Jane Armstrong, daughter of John Armstrong. This is in error, as shown in Augusta County court records, listed above.

6. DAVID3 GRAHAM , SR. (WILLIAM2, CHRISTOPHER1) (Source: David Graham, History of The Graham Family, (1899).) was born 1742 in Calf Pasture, Augusta Co., VA, and died February 1768 in Augusta Co., VA. He married JANE ARMSTRONG 1764 in Augusta Co., VA, daughter of JOHN ARMSTRONG.

Notes for DAVID GRAHAM , SR.:
His father died when he was nine. On 26 May 1751, the court orders orphans James and David to be bound to their uncle John, but this is apparently not a happy arrangement. On motion of William Mann, John Graham Sr. is summoned to give an account of his guardianship of David Graham on 23 Nov. 1762. He chose William Mann as his guardian . He enlisted in Capt William Preston's Company of Rangers, Augusta Co., Va, in 1758 in the French and Indian War.
More About DAVID GRAHAM , SR.:
Fact 1: 1758, soldier in Capt Wm Preston's Co of Rangers in war bet. Britian & France
Fact 2: May 28, 1751, Court ordered to be bound , orphan
Fact 3: August 29, 1751, John Graham appointed guardian
Fact 4: February 18, 1761, David chose William Mann as his guardian
Fact 5: November 22, 1764, accused of stealing a watch
Fact 6: November 24, 1764, bound over for insulting John Christie, magistrate
Fact 7: August 22, 1766, arrested for contempt, escaped, rearrested
Fact 8: March 16, 1778, John Graham appointed guardian of Joseph, orphan of David
Fact 9: Bef. 1766, settled in Bath Co., VA
23. i. JOHN4 GRAHAM, b. January 01, 1765, Augusta Co., Va; d. April 20, 1835, Floyd Co. KY.
24. ii. JOSEPH GRAHAM, b. 1766, Bath Co., Va; d. December 08, 1857, Lowell, Summers Co., WVA.
25. iii. FLORENCE GRAHAM, b. August 28, 1767, Virginia; d. Floyd Co. KY.

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Descendants of William Graham

1 William Graham b: 1705 in Donegal, Ireland d: 1748 in Augusta Co, Va
+Jane Mays b: 1715 in Augusta Co., Va m: 1739 in Ireland d: 1756 in

Augusta Co., Va Father: James Mays

.. 2 James Graham Sr b: January 03, 1740/41 in Donegal Co, Ireland d: January 15, 1813 in Monroe Co WV
..... +Florence Graham b: 1740 in Calf Pasture region Augusta Co Va m: February 17, 1762 in Greenbriar co Wv d: 1800 in Monroe Co WV Father: John Graham Mother: Elizabeth Elliott
.. 2 David Graham Sr b: 1742 in Ireland d: February 1768 in Augusta Co, Va
..... +Jane Wauchope b: 1742 m: 1764 Father: Joseph Wauchope Mother: Rebecca Graham
.. 2 Robert Graham b: 1735 in Ireland d: March 13, 1811 in Augusta Co Va
..... +Mary Craig
.. 2 William Graham Jr
..... +Rachel Graham (need nee)