Person:David Dofflemeyer (1)

David Dofflemeyer
m. abt. 1779
  1. David Dofflemeyerabt 1780 - 1813
  2. Sophia 'Eve' Tofflemireabt 1781 -
  3. Henry Dofflemeyer1782 - 1861
  4. Mary Dofflemeyerabt 1784 -
  5. Elizabeth Dofflemeyerabt 1786 -
  6. George Dofflemeyerabt 1788 -
  7. Catherine Dofflemeyerabt 1791 -
  8. Jacob Dofflemeyerabt 1792 -
  • HDavid Dofflemeyerabt 1780 - 1813
  • WBarbara Longbet 1787 and 1791 -
m. 12 Apr 1810
Facts and Events
Name David Dofflemeyer
Unknown David Dopplemire
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1780 prob. Rockingham County, Virginia
Marriage 12 Apr 1810 Rockingham County, Virginia, United Statesto Barbara Long
Death? 1813

David Dofflemeyer (Dopplemeier) was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of David Dofflemeyer in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Deeds and Maraha (Moerehan) vs. Snider's heirs--O. S. 315; N. S. 112--Bill, 21st June, 1813, by John Marsha and Philip Deeds. They bought land in Rockingham from Casper Snyder on Naked Creek, 200 acres in 1795. Casper is dead without making deed and leaving sons, John, Henry, Jacob, David, daughters, viz: Eve, married to Lawrence Hooran (?); Susanna, married to George Hammer; Catherine, married _____ Cramer; Mary, married to Jacob Shaver; Margaret, married _____ Robertson. Amended bill by John Marsha (?) and Elizabeth, his wife, late Deeds; John, George, Valentine Deeds, children and heirs of Philip Deeds. William Monger, the original patentee (patent, 1771), gave Casper title bond for the land. William Monger died, intestate, leaving sons, John, Henry, David, William; daughters, Mary, married to Leonard Scratch; Eve, married to Martin Theophilus Myers. John Monger, Sr., is dead, intestate, leaving children, viz: Martin, Henry, John, now dead; Susannah, married to Michael Dick; Mary, married to Harmon Aughe (Ohe); Margaret, married to John Peterfish; John Long and Barbara Long now carried to Abraham Louderback, but formerly wife of David Dopplemire, which John and Barbara are children and heirs of Mathias Long, and wife Elizabeth, daughter of John Monger, Sr., and the children of John Monger, Jr., now deceased, to whom Michael Dick is guardian. In 1802 David, William (Jr.) Monger, Leonard Scratch and Mary, Martin Myer and Eve were living in Detroit. Deed, _____, 1794, by Henry and David Monger, sons of Wm. Monger, deceased, both of Rockingham, to Casper Snyder, 220 acres on Naked Creek in Rockingham, granted to William, 3d August, 1771, and by him conveyed to Henry and David by will. Recorded in Rockingham, April, 1794. Deed, _____ _____, by Henry, David, William Monger, Leonard Scratch and Mary, his wife; Martin Theophilus Myres and wife Eve, surviving heirs of William Monger, late of New Virginia, deceased, to Gasper Snyder, the above 220 acres. Acknowledged, 1802, in Wayne County Territory, northwest of the Ohio. Recorded in Rockingham, September, 1804.