Person:Daniel Richardson (16)

Daniel Richardson
d.bef. 21 November 1753 Augusta County, Virginia
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Richardson
Gender Male
Death? bef. 21 November 1753 Augusta County, Virginia

Daniel Richardson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Daniel Richardson

  • Page 522.--7th August, 1753. Daniel Richardson's will--farmer. Wife, Elizabeth. Executor, Thos. Parsons. Children. Teste: John Knowls, Hunkrist Carlock, John Scull. Proved, 21st November. 1753, by Knowls and Scull, and executor qualifies with surety Benj. Scot and John Patton.
  • Page 95.--5th March, 1755. Daniel Richardson's appraisement, by John Willson, John Cunningham, Conrad Harness. John Ryan's note, Solomon Hedges, John Scoot, John Reager, George Youckam.
  • Page 388.--21st May, 1760. Daniel Richardson's estate settlement, by Thomas Parsons, administrator--Paid Philip Halbert; Jno. Vanvill (for a negro), sheriff for 2 levies for 1753; Conrad Huffman, Adam West, Benj. Scott, Peter Reed, Joel Hornback, Henry Shippley, Geo. Bush, Jonathan Coburn, the widow, Leonard Reed, Joseph Skidmore, Austin Scoolcraft, Mr. Churchill, fee in Leonard Reed's suit; Dennis Sullivan's bond (insolvent); Mathias Yeoman (Yeokum?).

Records of Daniel Richardson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 199.--John Pickens and Ellinor, to Anthony Strother, of King George, from Beverley, 27th February, 1740; Robert Poag's, now Gordon's; corner on Lewis Creek; corner land sold by Jno. Pickens to Wm. Baskins, 552 acres, part of 764 acres, conveyed by Beverley to John, 27th February, 1740. Teste: Danl. Richeson, Thos. and Andrew Lewis, Robert Bratton.
  • Vol. 1 - JUNE 18, 1746. - (49) Daniel Richeson, Michael Stump and Benj. Hardin, to view road petition of Richard Crunk.
  • Page 165.--19th April, 1749. James Coburn's appraisement. Settled with Andrew Knoling, Peter Tustee, Henry Sheplar, Geo. Sea, Fredk. Sea, Thos. Dove. Due from James Kuykendall, Saml. Coburn. Due from Christian Ewigh, Joel Hornback. Due from Jacob Coburn, Wm. Leane, Isaac Coburn. Due from Henry Femster, John Ryon, Aaron Price. Due from Jno. Collins, Jno. Warwell, Richd. Field. Due from Henry Cartwright, Garrett Decker. Due from Danl. Richardson, John Kuykendall. 21 lbs. nails. By Abraham Vanderpoole, James Simpson, Michael Horn.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 28, 1750. - (421) Benj. Skoot, John Knowles, Joel Hornback, John West, Thomas Crawford, George Baffenbarger, John Christian Carlock, David Craig, John Walker, Jr., George Say, George Say, Jr., Simon Say, John Cunningham, Wm. Cunningham, Henry Landcisco, John Colley, Burket Reager, Henry Carr, Daniel Richardson, Nathaniel Clearey, added to list of tithables.
  • Vol. 1 - 1751-1752 - Petition for road from Widow Cobern's Mill, on the South Branch, to John Paton's Mill, on the South Fork, at least 30 miles nearer than the road we formerly traveled. A bridle road asked for: William Stephenson, Mathew Patton, Jeremiah Calkin, George West, Peter Reed, Jr., Samuel Patton, Benjamin Patton, Leonard Reed, John Reed, John Knowles, Alexander Crockett, John Patton, Luke Collins, Jacob Reed, Daniel Richardson.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1751. - Westfall vs. Richardson.--In 1750, Daniel Richardson piloted and transported Adam Breckenridge out of this Colony to Carolina, where Adam now is against statute. Adam was indebted to plaintiff.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 28, 1751. - (181) Daniel Richardson, John Coningham, Joel Hornback, and John Sea, appraisers of Alexr. Scot's estate.
  • Page 68.--1751. John Scot's appraisement, by John and Mathew Patton, Daniel Richeson.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 24, 1752. - (360) Daniel Richardson, Joel Hornback, John Cunningham, and Henry Carr--appraisers of George Sea.
  • Page 449.--15th November, 1752. Daniel Richardson's bond as admniistrator of Robt. Fryer, with sureties Andrew Lewis, Peter Scholl.
  • Page 457.--15th November, 1752. George Zee's appraisement by John Cunningham, Daniel Richardson, Henry Kearr.
  • Page 489.--15th March, 1753. Robert Fryer's (Tryer?) appraisement by James Simpson, Peter Thorn, Francis McBride, and vendue by Israel Ward To Daniel Richardson, John McDoyle, Israel Ward.