Person:Daniel O'Friel (1)

Daniel O'Friel
m. abt. 1738
  1. William O'Frielabt 1738 -
  2. John O'Frielabt 1740 -
  3. Eleanor O'Frielabt 1744 -
  4. Daniel O'Friel1747 - 1797
  5. Mary O'Frielabt 1749 -
  6. Jeremiah O'Frielest 1750-1758 -
m. abt. 1765
  1. James O'Friel1765 -
  2. William O'Friel1767 -
  3. Jeremiah O'Friel1769 - 1819
  4. Anna O'Friel1771 -
  5. Catherine O'Friel1774 - 1830
  6. Jane O'Frielbef 1777 -
  7. Morris O'Frielbef 1777 -
Facts and Events
Name Daniel O'Friel
Gender Male
Alt Birth? 09 Aug 1740 Virginia
Birth? 09 Aug 1747 prob. Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1765 Virginiato Agnes Nancy Jameson
Death? 1797 Augusta County, Virginia

Daniel O'Friel was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Daniel O'Friel

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 317.--2d April, 1790. Daniel Frieel's will--To wife, Agness, and her children (except John); to sons, John, Maurice (Daniel, William, lands in Kentucky). (George Sisson requested to relinquish bargain to purchase.) William Moffett, Samuel Bell, executors. Teste: Jno. Young, Jas. Cunningham, Robert Wallace. Proved, 16th October, 1798. Executors qualify.

Records of Daniel O'Friel in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - APRIL 15, 1765. - (337) James Bell, provisions. Wm. Bell, provisions. Wm. McCutcheon, provisions and horse impressed. John Rosemond, provisions. Andrew Cowan, enlisting men to garrison Fort Lewis. Walter Trimble, provisions. Thos. Alexander, provisions. John Francis, provisions. James Kirk, provisions. Rob. Armstrong, provisions. Wm. Christian, self et als., ranging. Loftus Pullen, provisions. Rob. Christian, provisions. Danl. O'Freild, provisions. Thos. Poage, provisions. Charles Kilpatrick, provisions. George Moffett, for Wm. Mann et als. Benj. Estill, horse impressed. Andrew Hamilton, provisions. Wm. McClenachan, provisions. Wm. McKarney, self et als., ranging.
  • Page 406.--29th February, 1776. John Jameson's will--To wife, Jane; to grandson, John Perry; to granddaughter, Sarah McNabb; to nine children. Executors, Robert Armstrong, Daniel O'Friel. Teste: John Trimble, John Young, Robt. Wallace. Proved, 19th March, 1776, by Trimble and Wallace. Executors qualify.
  • Page 18.--29th March, 1778. Morris O'Friel's will, farmer--To wife, Catherine, executrix; to son, Daniel; to daughter, Mary; to son, Jeremiah; to daughter, Eleanor; to grandson, Joseph, 160 acres between William and James Bell; to grandsons, Morris and John Martin, infants, 400 acres, tract in Forks of James; to John O'Friel, survey on McClure's Run. Teste: Walter Trimble, Robert Wallace, Robt. Rennick. Proved, 21st April, 1778, by Trimble, and 19th May, 1778, by the witnesses. Executrix qualifies.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1787 (A to D). - William Bell and Samuel Bell vs. Daniel O'Friel and Jas. Cunningham.-- Spa. Ch., 12th June, 1780. In November, 1779, Orator William Bell was employed by James Sayers to purchase beef and pork for the barracks in Albemarle. Plaintiffs and defendants were partners and bill is for accounting and settlement. The winter of 1779 was the worst ever known. William Bell and Cunningham were relatives. James C. had a son, Johnny. William Bell was brother of James Bell. Depositions of Thomas Hill and Elizabeth Hill, his wife, 26th August, 1780. James Sawyers was Commissary for Albemarle Barracks. His wife was Hannah. Her deposition, 19th October, 1784.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1800 (H to Z). - John Kirk. Daniel O'Friel and John Elliott vs. James Bell's heirs.--In 1784 plaintiffs and defendants, with Samuel Bell entered into partnership to buy land in Kentucky. Robert Henderson was agent. Bill for a division. Answer by Martha, William, John, Agnes and Rachel Bell, relict and heirs of James Bell, to the bill of complaint exhibited against them, and Robert Bell, Francis, Samuel, Mary Ann Bell, infants. 14,237 acres were located in James Bell's name in Fleming County, on Triplett's Creek, of which O'Friel gets 1,100 acres, John Kirk gets 500 acres, James Bell gets 4,506 acres, John Elliott gets 800 acres. Daniel Phreel.
  • Vol. 2 - Crawford vs. Kenney--O. S. 115; N. S. 39--Bill, 27th December, 1805. Orator, John Crawford. In 1751 Morris Offriel entered 200 acres in Augusta adjoining William Davis's survey. Morris did not complete his title and another survey was made by Daniel Offriel, son and heir-at-law of Morris, on 100 acres of the tract, on which in 1785 James Bell also made an entry. Chesley and Jacob Kenney, brothers, are in possession. James Bell died and devised the land to his sons, John and Samuel Bell, who conveyed to C. Kinney, who conveyed to Jacob. William Bell, aged 68 years, deposes 16th July, 1808, he has lived 60 years and upwards adjoining the land, being two years old when his father settled where deponent lives. John Elliott, aged 60 years upwards, the lower road on the plat was built 20 or 25 years after the affiant knew the upper road laid down by said defendants, to have been in use. The last was the old road and had been long used before the other was cut or opened. Maj. Samuel Bell, aged 48 or 49, deposes 2d April, 1808; has lived all his life in the neighborhood of the land in controversy on the near Buffalo Gap; there was a beautiful piece of pine timber on it. Samuel's father has been dead six or seven years and was about 70 years old. Samuel's grandfather and defendant's (Bell's) grandfather were brothers. Francis Gardner, aged 46 years, deposes, 1808; he was born and lived (except 2 or 3 years of childhood) in the neighborhood; his father was Thomas Gardner, who owned lands adjoining. Thomas was killed by Indians when Francis was very young. Francis Bell, aged 38, deposes, 23d January, 1808, that he has lived all his life near the land in controversy; son of James Bell, who has been dead more than 5 years. Robert Wallace deposes that he was well acquainted with Morris Offriel and Daniel Offriel. Daniel was cousin of deponent. Agnes Offriel deposes, 14th November, 1808, that she is widow of Daniel. They lived within two miles of the land from the time they were married upwards of thirty years ago, till the death of her husband ten years ago. William Bell, Jr., deposes 12th March, 1808; son of James and brother to John and Samuel. William is now in 40th year.
  • Page 46.--5 acres, part of the plantation whereon Jeremiah O'Friel now lives, on waters of the Middle River. Delivered to William Moffett, executor of Daniel O'Friel, 23d August, 1815.