Person:Daniel McNair (3)

Daniel McNair
b.BEF 1717 Ireland
  • HDaniel McNairBEF 1717 - 1791
  • WHannah AllenABT 1721 -
m. 1741
  1. Joanna McNair1742 -
  2. Martha McNair1745 -
  3. James McNair1747 - 1817
  4. David McNair1749 - abt 1805
Facts and Events
Name Daniel McNair
Alt Name Daniel McAnear
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 1717 Ireland
Marriage 1741 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Hannah Allen
Death? 1791 Augusta County, Virginia

Daniel McNair was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Daniel McNair received a patent for 400 acres "bounded by a tract laid off for Thos. Gardner on west and one for Alex Gibson on east" on 10th June 1740, as listed in the dispositions below:
  • Vol. 2 - 1748, December 9th--Danl. McAnair, 50, on Jennings' Branch, joining Thos. Gardner, and 50 acres on the branch joining two surveys of his own.
  • Daniel McNair received a patent on "Mid. Riv. Shanandore", for perhaps 138+ acres on 20 September 1748, as listed in the dispositions below: (Note: it is assumed that the 23 and 115 acre tracts on "Middle River" of the Shenandoah, listed below were part of the same patent).
  • Page 509.--23d November, 1753. James Patton to Daniel McAnare, 1753, 390 acres on a branch of Woods River; cor. Wm. Syers.
  • Page 433.--21st October, 1765. James Sayers and Rachel to Daniel McAnare, £200, 140 acres, part of 400 patented to Daniel, 10th June, 1740, and conveyed to James, 29th May, 1756, bounded by tract laid off for Thomas Gardner, also a tract laid off for Alex. Gibson. Delivered: Daniel McAnare, 4th January, 1773.
  • Page 58 - Daniel McNeare, 96 acres, Middle River of the Shenandoah. February 7, 1766. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 23].
  • Page 241 - Daniel McNare, 525 acres, Middle River and Jennings Branch. Adjoining George Moffett. February 9, 1775. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 85].
  • Page 456.--On Jennings Branch and Middle River, 625 acres patented to Daniel McNare 1st February, 1781 (prob. s/b 1761); also 96 acres patented to said Daniel 20th July, 1768. Teste: Rebekah and Hanna Sawyers, Wm. Buchanan.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 20.--31st December, 1745. Daniel McEnaire (McNare)). Gent to James Trimble, surveyor, £22, 10 shillings Virginia money; 400 acres on a branch of James River called Burden's Creek. Witnesses, James Sayers, David Trimble, Silas Hart. Acknowledged by Daniel McNare and Hannah, his wife 11th February, 1745-6.
  • Page 27.--11th February, 1745-6. Daniel McEnair, Gent., to Thomas Gardiner, "Sawer," £18 current money of Virginia; 165 acres on Jennings Creek, part of 400 acres granted to Daniel by patent. Witnesses, Silas Hart, Matt Edmiston, James Trimble. Acknowledged by Daniel and Hannah, his wife, 11th February, 1745-6.
  • Page 353.--29th May, 1750. Daniel McAnaire and Hannah to James Sayers. £80, 147 acres, part of 400 patented to Daniel, 10th June, 1740 and bounded by a tract laid off for Thos. Gardner on west and one for Alex Gibson on east. Teste: Jean ( ) Beard, William Christell. Delivered: Sampson Archer, November, 1759.
  • Page 434.--27th August, 1751. Daniel McNare to David Sayers, 23 acres Mid. Riv. Shanandore; patented to Daniel, 20th September, 1748.
  • Page 26.--17th November, 1752. Daniel McAnore and Hannah to Alexander Gibson, 115 acres. Middle River of Shanando joining land where McAnore dwells. Corner John Trimble; Thomas Gardner's line. Teste: David Trimble, John Walker.
  • Page 430.--21st October, 1765. Daniel McAnare and Hannah ( ) to Buchanan and Thompson, executors of Col. James Patton, £100, 390 acres on a branch of Woods River, part of a large tract patented to Col. James Patton; corner land of Wm. Sayers; corner Harman's land. Delivered: William Campbell, December, 1770.

Estate Records of Daniel McNair

  • JULY 19, 1791. Page (481-486) Admn. of estate of Daniel McNair granted David McNair.
  • Page 413.--Appraisement of Daniel McNair's estate recorded 20th September, 1791--Note on John Knowles, account vs. George Lebum, Owen Colley, Michael Dwier, Niclas Suesanger, Tolly Divat.

Records of Daniel McNair in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - LIST OF MUSTERS IN AUGUSTA COUNTY, 1742: Captain John Smith's List: John Smith, Captain; John Moffet, Lieutenant; William Anderson, Ensign; Daniel Daniston, Sergeant; Sam Hogshead, John Hogshead, Will Hogshead, Dan. McAnear, Math. Edmeston, John Finley, Walter Trimble, John Francis, Robert Ralston, John Young, Alex. Blair, Alex. Craig, Thomas Gillespy, And. Erwine, Benj. Erwine, John Erwine, Edw. Erwine, John Trimble, James Trimble, Rob. Moffett, James Wright, Rob. King, Jam. Armstrong, John Pattison, Jas. Lesley, Felix Kanady, Thomas Gordon, And. Mitchell, Jas. Robertson, Gabrl. Pickins, Rob. Leeper, Sam. Moore, John Miller, James Miller, Patr. Quine, Mat. Armstrong, John Ramsey, Dan. Daniston, Sam Northward, Rob. Renick, John Archer, Sampn. Archer, Jam.'s Sayers, Thos. McCulough, George Anderson, John Anderson, Rob. Poage, Rob. Patterson, Jas. Craford, Will Baskins.
  • February 11, 1745. - (7) Daniel McAnaire and Hannah ackd. deed to Gardner.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 12, 1746. - (45) Robert Armstrong appd. Overseer Road from Jenning's Gap to Daniel McAnaires--thence to John Finla's Cooper--thence to the Court House--all tithables within 4 miles on each side to work the road.
  • Vol. 1 - August 20, 1746 - (74) Cap. Daniel McAnaire to be overseer of above road with following tithables: Samuel Wallis, Alexr. Crawford, John Elliott, David Trimble, John Hogshead, Alexr. Gardner, Sampson Archer, Alexr. Gibson, Robt. Davis, Thomas Gardner, Walter Trimble, John Sixby, David Stuart, Ro. Renix, Francis Gardner, John Trimble, Thomas Beard, Ro. Gilkason, John Archer, James Bell, James Mills, James Dyer, Charles Clendening, Wm. Hogshead, Ro. Ralstone, John Moffet, Saml. Lusk, James Phillips, Danl. Brealey, Mathew Edmonston, James Trimble, John Ferguson, Wm. Anderson, John Spears, John McKenney, Wm. Brady, Ro. Armstrong, James Miller.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY, 1749 (A). - Francis Gardiner vs. Alexander Gibson.--Slander. Daniel McAnare was a miller.
  • Vol. 1 - ORIGINAL PETITIONS AND PAPERS FILED IN THE COUNTY COURT., 1749- John Trotter's petition vs. Capt. Daniel McAnaire, 4th Tuesday in February, 1749-50. Certificate that John is a very poor man, but had lived honest some years in our neighborhood for what we know. Patrick Martin, John Trimble, Jacob Lockhart, Andrew Pickens, Alexander Crawford.
  • Page 32.--25th March, 1749. John Young's estate, Dr. to James C. Young, administrator: To funeral charges, £4. To cash, by Henry Downs, Capt. Danl. McAnare. Capt. John Brown, Hugh Young, Robt. Scott, Robt. Boyd, John Davis.
  • Page 384.--30th November, 1749. William Russell, of Culpeper, to John Ramsey, 400 acres in _____, forks of James. Adam Breckenridge, Daniel McAnaire. Not delivered.
  • Vol. 1 - JUDGEMENTS AT RULES. 1751. - Bell vs. Borden's executor.--James Bell (one entry for himself and one for John Mulholland, his servant) prior to 1738, and on February 21, 1738, Alex. Breckinridge, George, James, Robert and Adam Breckenridge, John Moore, Quantin Moore, George Henderson, Thomas Armstrong, John Bell, John Walters, William McCanless, Robert Poage, Seth Poage, Daniel McAnaire and John Grove entered each 100 acres with Benjamin Borden, but got no deed. Suit by James Bell to get deed. Benjamin Borden, Jr., charges in answer that James Bell caused a servant wench of his to be dressed in man's clothes and made an entry in her name as a man, and also caused another woman, the wife of William McKenless, to appear in her proper person on a different part of land as the wife of another settler and thereby obtained another entry.
  • Vol. 1 - Page 459.--26th November, 1751. David Stewart's bond as sheriff, with sureties Andrew Lewis, James Lockhart, Wm. Lewis, Daniel McAnare.
  • Page 433.--18th June, 1752. James Bell's further appraisement. Due by James Kirk, Andrew Foster, James Callison, Thomas Armstrong, Daniel McNaire, Andrew Kinkade, Charles Clendennin.
  • Page 203.--17th February, 1758. Colonel James Patton's estate; Alexander Sayers, 22nd April, 1751; Daniel McNaire, 29th November, 1753. (listed among many others).
  • Page 208.--10th October, 1759. Alexander Gibson and Mary ( ) to Anthony Black, £89, 115 acres on Middle River, joining Daniel McNeer where he now dwells; corner John Trimble; Thos. Gardner's line.
  • Page 492.--24th August, 1761 (Record says 1760) and in the first year of the Reign, &c., George III. Charles Campbell's will, of Manor Beverley--To son, William, tract called Asp Bottom on middle branch of Indian River, commonly called Holstein's River; to 3 eldest daughters, Elizabeth, Jean and Margaret, infants, tract called Campbell's Choice on north branch of Holstein's River; to daughter, Ann Campbell, tract called Papa Bottom on North Branch Holstein. Executrix, Margaret. Teste: David Robinson, Jno. Buchanan, Elizabeth Buchanan. Proved, 17th March, 1767, by Jno. Buchanan and David Robinson. Margaret (her mark) qualifies, with Wm. Christian, Robt. Campbell, Jno. Ramsey, Daniel McNaire.
  • Page 613.--2d June, 1764. Robert ( ) Kinney to Mathew and Robert Knney, Jr., two tracts in the bent of Middle River. 196 acres there lying in Beverley Manor, and 24 acres patented to Robert, 2d July, 1755. Teste: Daniel McNare. Delivered: Thomas Baskins by your order, 14th May, 1765.
  • Page 456.--20th May, 1765. Thomas Beard and Jean to John Beard, their son, £40, 183 acres on a branch of Cathey's River called Jenning's Branch; corner Daniel McNare. Delivered: John Beard, January, 1769.
  • Vol. 1 - JANUARY 28, 1766. - Page (148) Daniel McAnare misbehaved by appearing in Court drunk and giving Gabriel Jones, gent., Dcputy Attorney for the King, the lie, and likewise insulting the Court.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 17, 1769. (328) Catharine Sawyers, orphan of Alexr. Sawyers, aged 15 last March, to be bound to Daniel McNare.
  • Page 280.--20th March, 1770. George Brown's inventory (by Danl. McNare, Robert Armstrong, James Kirk), recorded.
  • Page 188.--5th July, 1773. William Moffett, farmer, to George Moffett, on Jenning's Creek, part of 400 acres patented to Daniel McNare and by him conveyed to Thomas Gardner, now dect., and is since become the property of said William Moffett by marrying the daughter of said Gardner who was heir-at-law to said land.
  • Page 315.--30th September, 1775. Mary Moffett, widow of William Moffett. deceased, late of County of Fincastle, to George Moffett. Mary Moffett. late Mary Gardner, only daughter and heir-at-law of Thomas Gardner, deceased, was seised of tract on Jennings' Branch, and during her coverture conveyed same to George Moffett, and William executed deed to George; now Mary executes deed to George; part of 400 acres patented to Daniel McNare and by him conveyed to Thomas Gardner, 11th February, 1745. Teste: George Blackburn, James and Joseph Douglass, Henry Crisswell, James Trimble, John Bierey.
  • Page 6.--17th March, 1778. John Poage's bond as sheriff (with James Allen, Hugh Donaghee, Daniel McNare).
  • Page 236.-(undated, abt. 1780)- Daniel McNare's land where he now lives.
  • Page 373.--18th January, 1782. James Sawyers' will, "in middle of my age"--To dearly and well-beloved Hannah Sawyers, wife; to children, until youngest is 18; to son Thomas, son David, son Geo. Washington; to daughter Ann, daughter Rebeckah (a negro slave, said slave is to attend Mrs. Archer during her life; to daughter Martha, daughter Rachel; to father, negro Nelson to wait on him his lifetime; to sister, Rebecca. Executors, Col. Geo. Mathes, Wm. Crawford, wife, Jno. Sawyers, David McNare. Teste: Sampson Sawyers, Ann Renick, Wm. Crawford, Daniel McNare. Codicil, 9th September, 1782. Teste: Daniel and David McNare. Proved, 18th November, 1783, by Sawyers, Renick, McNare. Widow Hannah, Wm. Crawford, Daniel McNare qualify.
  • Page 140.--16th February, 1789. John Poage's will--To daughter, Mary Poage; to eldest son, Robert; to son, George, 325 acres on Naps Creek joining lines with Moses Moore; to son, James, tract at Brown's Lick; to sons, John and Thomas, executors; to wife, Mary; to other children, William, Elizabeth, and Ann. Teste: John Gardner, Daniel McNare, Agnis Poage, Wm. Wilson. Proved, 22d April, 1789, by Daniel McNare and Agnis Poage. Executors qualify.