Person:Daniel Kidd (1)

m. 18 September 1690
  1. John Kidd1698 -
  2. Winifred Kidd1702 -
  3. Frances Kidd1705 -
  4. William Kidd1716 -
  5. Daniel Kidd1721 - 1792
m. est. 1745
  1. Dr. Francis Kiddest 1745 - bef 1769
  2. Daniel Kidd1750 -
m. bef. July 1791
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Kidd
Alt Name Daniel Kidney
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1721 Middlesex County, Virginia
Marriage est. 1745 to Anne Unknown
Marriage bef. July 1791 to Louisa Christiana Ley
Death[1] 1792 Winchester, Frederick County, Virginia

Daniel Kidd was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 460.--27th August, 1751. William Smith and Jane, to Daniel Kidney, 135 acres in Beverley Manor, Christie's Creek; George Hutcheson's line. Teste: Robt. Turk, John Anderson, Saml. Henderson. Delivered: Daniel Kidd, 16th June, 1756.
  • Page 551.--20th March, 1764. William Preston and Susannah and Robert Bratton and Ann, to Daniel Kidd, £260, 3 half-acre lots in Staunton, Nos. 8, 6, 7, and two lots of woodland containing 87 acres, conveyed to Preston and Bratton, August, 1760. Teste: Wm. Brown, Daniel Pouder, Jno. Cunningham. Delivered: Daniel Kidd, April, 1769.
  • Page 702.--May, 1764. Alexander Wright, merchant of Fredericksburg, to Daniel Kidd. Whereas James Brown on 9th October, 1754, leased 173 acres, part of 1550 acres known by the name of the Mill tract on which the Court House now stands, for 57 years 6 months to said Alexander Wright, for £20. This lease witnesseth. £20 paid by said Thomas Fulton, and 40 shillings yearly rent. Alexander leases to said Daniel 173 acres; James Millers' line; Beverley's line; corner Robt. Finley's land, crossing the Creek; 47 years term; reenter if said Thomas Fulton fails to pay. Teste: James Hargrove, Is. Christian, Thos. Fulton. Delivered: Daniel Kidd, April, 1769.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 367.--20th September, 1763. Daniel Kidd and Anne ( ) to George Rodgers, £90, 135 acres in Beverley Manor on Christian's Creek, George Hutcheson's line. Teste: Samuel Moore, Jno. Hunter.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - DELINQUENTS. 1756--Between Borden's Line and ye Courthouse, from Mountain to Mountain: George Berry, twice returned; David Doak, Constable; Barnet Finley, listed soldier; Jno. Henderson, Constable; Benj. Lewis, Robt. Ritchey, Jno. Young, Constable; Jos. Bell, twice returned; Wm. Chooks, Chas. Dickson, Robt. Gilkison, Constable; Edward Hall, twice returned; John Harry, Dan'l Kidd, Constable; Robt. Moore, Jno. Nicholas, twice returned; Jas. Orrey, John Hamilton, Constable; Andrew Cowen, twice returned; Jas. Dovin, not found; Hugh Fulton and brother, Ure Love, Hugh Nanson, David Richards. Wm. Armstrong, twice returned; George Campbell, listed soldier; Colby Tue, Nath'l Fibs, no distress; Thos. Gardner, twice returned; Jno. Hogshead, twice returned; Jas. Craige, Constable; Jno. McCay, Constable; Wm. Mathews, twice returned; Thos. Thompson, Andrew Campbell, Constable.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1759. - (290) Archibald Stuart, with his son; Robert Cunningham, Patrick McCallom, with his son, and Daniel Kidd, added to tithables.
  • Page 333.--30th August, 1759. James Robertson's estate sold at vendue-- Zachariah Smith, David McNeeley, Mathew Harper, Charles Mehafey, Saml. McCown, Timothy Cole, Thos. Baskins, Jno. Cloyd, Thos. Fulton, Robert Brown, Robt. Adair, Ben Herbert, George Woldridge, Nate Dunlap, Dan. Kidd, Thos. Galbreath.
  • Page 55.--22d April, 1763. George Rodgers and Elisabeth to Robert Rodgers, of Augusta, and Robert Wallace, of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, £200, two tracts in Beverley Manor: 1st, containing 540 acres conveyed by Beverley to George, 28th February, 1749; cor. George Anderson, Cathies River, Christian's Creek; Jacob Carr's cor.; James Crawford's cor; 2d tract, 135 acres conveyed to George by Daniel Kidd, 20th September, 1763; Christie's Creek, George Hutcheson's line.
  • Page 602.--17th May, 1764. John Cunningham and Margret to Patrick Cunningham, his son, £20, 230 acres on Thorny Branch; corner William Cunningham's land. Teste: Daniel Kidd, John King, George Anderson. Delivered: Edward Erwin, Jr., May, 1767.
  • Vol. 1 - Sir:--I understand that there is a law suit pending between me and Daniel Kidd. I know nothing of it, for I have nothing against him. Therefore I desire that it may be dismissed. (Signed) John Jones. June 19, 1764.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1765. - (249) Wm. Bowyer bound to peace towards Daniel Kidd. Patrick Duffy, garnishee. Danl. Kidd bound to peace towards John Andrews.
  • Page 305.--9th December, 1766. Robert Rogers, of Augusta County, and Robert Wallace, of Hanover Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and Mary ( ) to Seth Rogers, of the same County and Colony, £200, 135 acres in Beverley Manor conveyed from Daniel Kidd to George Rogers, 20th September, 1763. and by George to Robert Rogers and Robert Wallace above, on 22d September, 1763, oak in George Hutcheson's line at Christie's Creek. Teste: James Cooper, Thomas McNeal. Delivered: Seth Rodgers, 5th April, 1774.
  • Page 526.--15th July, 1767. William Watterson to Michael Bowyer, one negro wench, £60. Teste: Mathew Reed, Daniel Kidd.
  • Page 491.--16th May, 1768. Joseph Rediford (Redeford, Rutherford) to Joseph Rutherford, Jr., £50, 134 acres on Cub Run, part of 400 acres patented to James Wood, 12th January, 1746, and by him bequeathed to Mary Wood by will recorded in Frederick and by Mary conveyed to Joseph Rutherford, 31st December, 1760; corner Thomas Rutherford in line of Felix Gilbert's land on spur of Peaked Mountain. Teste: John Dickenson, Ralph Lafferty, Daniel Kidd. Delivered: Jas. Rutherford, 23d February, 1773.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1768 (C). - Francis Kidd, Dr., to John Howard, 1767, December 14. Credit by making and nailing 80 clap boards, £0, 7, 0. Sworn to by Arthur Campbell, before Samuel Bowyer, 16th November, 1768. (Note: possible sibling?).
  • Page 388.--20th June, 1769. William Ward, of South Carolina, to John McClung. £52.10, 279 acres, part of Borden's 92100, and 30 acres, being part of an entry of King's land adjoining the same; corner Thomas Wilson. Teste: John Handley, Edward ( ) Thompson, Thomas ( ) McClung. Delivered: Daniel Kidd, January, 1779.
  • Page 120.--11th September, 1769. Will Gwynn to John Cawley and Daniel Kidd, of Staunton, £6.5.6, 1 horse and several cows. Teste: M. Bowyer, Christopher Graham. Delivered: Grantee, 1770.
  • Page 266.--6th January, 1770. Samuel Cowden and Mathew Cowden to John Graham and Daniel Kidd, £80, mortgage, Ys, acre in Staunton, part of a lot formerly James Hughes' and purchased by Col. David Stewart and Samuel Cowden and 15 acres of wood land belonging to the same and bounded by Sampson Mathews, Archer Mathews, James Hartgrove, Euphram Hughes, widow; being the same whereon Randal Lockhart and John Readpath now lives; also 1/2 acre lot lying above Daniel Kidd's and joining Water Street and divided by one street from a lot belonging to Doctor John Mathews, and 30 acres of woodland thereto belonging; also 1/2 acre lot in Staunton, formerly property of Joseph Bell bounded by Robert Reed and Doctor William Fleming's lots. Teste: John Virner.
  • Vol. 1 - SINGLE PAPER. - 20th May, 1771.--Order by Robert Anderson to Mr. Daniel Kidd, dated Charlottesville.
  • Page 22.--19th November, 1771. William Reah (Reaoh) and Elizabeth ( ) to Mathew Moorehead, £85, 257 acres in Borden's land conveyed to William by John Handly and Grizel, 22d May, 1764, corner 300 acres surveyed for Joseph Kennedy on Broad Spring Run, otherwise called Back Creek. Delivered, September, 1778. Teste: John Rusk, Daniel Kidd, Archibald Reaugh.
  • Page 363.--6th October, 1772. John Ridpath, of Augusta, to William Bowyer, merchant, bond to convey title to four lots in Staunton, viz: 1/4 acre formerly property of James Mair and then Daniel Kidd, of whom Ridpath purchased it; also 1/4 acre purchased of Samuel Forggson; also 1/4 acre he purchased of John Carlie, formerly property of Robert Hawl (?); also 1/2 acre purchased of Edward Long. Teste: Ben. Forsie, Chris. Graham, Wm. Anderson. A copy, teste: Peter Tinsley, C. H. C. C.
  • Page 185.--11th October, 1773. James Hardgraves' will--To wife Elizabeth, to son Robert Hardgrave, to son Francis Hardgrave, executors. Teste: John Cawley, Daniel Kidd, Elizabeth Griffin. Proved, 20th November, 1773. by the witnesses. Elizabeth qualifies with John Frogg, James Hill.
  • Page 226.--18th March, 1774. Recorded. John Cunningham's appraisement by Daniel Kidd, Alex. Gibson, William Lewis.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 16, 1774. - (535) Neal McNeil, deceased--estate commd. to Daniel Kidd.
  • Page 256.--16th August, 1774. Daniel Kid's bond (with John Graham) as administrator of Neil McCan.
  • Page 424.--6th September, 1774. Marthew ( ) Wilson, widow and devisee of Samuel Wilson, late of Staunton, 1st part; John Griffin, of Staunton. and Elizabeth, late Elizabeth Wilson, one of the daughters and devisees of Samuel, of 2d part. Samuel died seised if lot 4 in Staunton and lot 1, outlet of woodland, and made will, 28th May, 1760, devising one-third to each: wife Martha, daughter Elizabeth and daughter Martha. Martha is under age and her mother enters into agreement for her. Deed of partition. Teste: Robert and Margaret Reed, Samuel Coleman, Daniel Kidd.
  • Page 295.--1st October, 1774. Robert Patterson's will--To son-in-law, Alexander Stuart, Bible; to son, Thomas; to son, John; to son John's children; to granddaughter, Mary Stuart; to grandson, Robert Stuart; to grandson, Robert Patterson. Executor, son Thomas. Teste: John Archer, Daniel Kidd, Edward Hall. Proved, 16th November, 1774, by Kidd, and recorded. Thomas qualified with John Madison, Jr.
  • 15 November 1774-From Chalkey's Volume 3, page 540-541: "Daniel Kidd and John Graham to Theobald, alias Devault, Bosang. James Hughes seised of Lot 7 in Staunton and 30 acres of woodland purchased by James from Robert McClenachan and bargained to sell part of each to James Leister, deceased, trader. Leister died before deed made and James agreed with Leister's administrators and surviving partners to convey to them in consideration of their paying him the remainder of the purchase money; James died before conveyance; through several transfers and suit in chancery, property was conveyed in trust to Daniel Kidd and John Graham to secure them as securities for Samuel Cowdon, by decree in chancery foreclosing the equity of redemption" and property was delivered to *John Bosang, February 1776. Theobald alias Devault Bossang had purchased Lot #7 on Beverley Street in the Town of Staunton and 30 acres of woodland, Augusta County, Virginia from Daniel Kidd and John Graham. He died during this time frame as the land is finally transferred to his son *John Bosang, his heir, in 1776.
  • Page 293.--16th November, 1774. John Madison, Jr.'s, bond (with Daniel Kidd, Thomas Patterson) as administrator of John Frogg.
  • Page 543.--5th February, 1775. David Bosang's will, of Staunton--To wife, Barbara; to son-in-law, Philip Gruber, Jr.; to my three _____, namely, Margaret Gruber, Henry Lees, John Bosang. Executors, Peter Hanger, Casper Scheyder. Teste: Daniel Kidd, John David Gremer, Valentine Cloninger. Proved, 18th November, 1777, by Kidd and Gremer. Casper Scheyder refuses to execute, and it is proved that Peter Hanger will not serve. Administration granted the widow.
  • Page 353.--10th February, 1775. John Cawley's will, of Staunton--To wife, Margaret; estate to be divided between children of elder brother, Michael and younger brother, Thomas, and sister Margaret; to brother, Michael; devises to be sold: 3 hides in possession of Harman Lovingood, tanner, also the venire money due from the Colony on account of Bridget Doyle, criminal, also claims against the County for the past expedition; to Valentine Cloninger. Executors, John Poage and Capt. Alex. McClenachan Teste: Saml. Bell, James Culbertson, Daniel Kidd. Proved, 20th June, 1775, by the witnesses. Widow Margaret renounces the provisions of the will. Alex. McClenachan qualifies with William Bowyer, Daniel Kidd. John Poage also qualifies.
  • Page 403.--23d November, 1775. John Christian's bond (with Daniel Smith, Danl. Kidd) as collector of County proportion.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 19, 1776. - (103) Daniel Kidd--overseer of streets of Staunton.
  • Page 544.--17th February, 1778. Recorded. David Hestin's appraisement by Daniel Kidd, James Hill, Jacob Peck--Above goods were sold on the expedition against the Cherokees, to, viz: To Capt. John Gilmore, Robert McClure, Valentine Jones. Capt. Wm. Christian for Thos. Berry, Gawin Hamilton, Samuel McGill. Samuel Henderson, Wm. Ritchie, James McGlaughlin, James Cuddy, Jos. Guinn.
  • Vol. 1 - PETITIONS, OCTOBER COURT, 1778., The Commonwealth of Virginia against Alexander Miller, defendant.-- Upon considering the charges against Alexander Miller, the defendant, as well as the evidence adduced in support of the same, and also the verdict of the jury, we, the Court, are of opinion that the matter, as far as it relates to aiding and giving intelligence to the enemy, comes within the ordinance of Convention, and therefore give judgment: That the said Miller be confined to the bounds of the plantation whereon he now lives, in this County, till the end of the present war with Great Britain, and that he do not in any manner aid, abet, correspond, or converse with the enemies of America, nor argue nor reason with any person or persons whatsoever on any political subject relating to the dispute between Britain and Amercia, or until he be thence discharged by the Executive Power, or General Assembly, of the Commonwealth of Virginia; and in the meantime he, the said Miller, be kept in safe custody until he shall enter into bond himself in the sum of one hundred pounds and two good securities in the sum of fifty pounds each. And that the whole of the costs of this prosecution be levied on the estate of the said Alexander Miller, viz: To Thomas Smith and James Hill, they finding themselves and horses for going 120 miles to William Hutchison's, on Indian Creek, in Botetourt County, each at the rate of 4 pence per mile, and for returning the same distance with the prisoner, at the rate of 4 pence per mile each. To Robt. McFarland, summoned by the officer; to assist, for going 50 miles, at 4 pence per mile. To the witnesses for attending one day each, 25 pounds of tobacco, or two shillings and one penny, viz: William Ewing, Silas Hart, Mary Erwin, James Montgomery, William Givens, Robert McFarland, Thomas Smith, and James Hill. To the clerk, for attendance two days, twenty shillings. To the sheriff, for attending the Court and summoning a jury, twenty shillings. To Daniel Kidd, for summoning the witnesses, in which he rode 150 miles, at four pence per mile. And that the clerk issue executions for the above sums, respectively, when required thereto by the claimants. (Signed) Samuel McDowell. A true copy. Test: William Cunningham, Clerk. We of the jury do find the defendant guilty of the charge mentioned in the warrant, and do assess a fine of one hundred pounds and two years' imprisonment. (Signed) Jos. Humphreys.
  • Page 72.--22d May, 1779. John Poage's bond (with Thos, Smith, Jacob Grass, David Greiner, Daniel Kidd) for collection of public taxes.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 16, 1779 - (143) Grand Jury presentments for retailing liquors without license, viz: Col. Sampson Mathews, Daniel Kidd, Wm. Thomas, David Griner, Patrick McDavid, George Smith, Valentine Cloninger, Thomas Colony, Edward Brookbank, Thomas Price, John Alexander, John Anderson, John Blair, William Burk, John Burk, James Hill, Robert Reed, Alex. Kilpatrick, Euphemia Hughes, Anthony Mustae, Jacob Grass, Elizabeth Hartgrove, Arthur Conoly, William Blair, John Hind, William Kyle, Abel Griffith, Enos Jones, Valentine Shirley, Peter Caphart, Andrew Scott, James Langsby, Robert Gregg, Thomas Poage, Jane Wallis, John McClenachan, John Black, Mary Tees, Thomas Smith, David Bell, Henry Swink, John Ramsey and William Foster.
  • Vol. 2 - List of Tithables for the Town of Staunton to be collected at $4 each to be applied to the Repair of Streets, 1779-1780. Samuel Armstrong: Thos. Hughes, Wm. Bowyer, Michael Bowyer, John Abney, Jno. Bowers, Dennis Calahan, Jno. McDonagh, Robt. Eastrip, Sam Bell, Val. White, Owen Owens, Geo. Wyford, Val. Clonegar, John Blair, Peter Grass, John Buzange, Jno Price, Archibald McClaughlin, Hu McDowell, Robert Reed, Geo. Potts, Daniel Kidd, Wm. Smith, Doctor Cluny, Robert. Cochran, John Griffin, Henry Anderson, Jacob Peck, Josiah Humphreys, Wm. Gilham, Wm. Fleming, James Bohanon, Anthony Mustoe, David Gryner, Geo. Gray, Henry Hall, Alex. Kilpatrick, Wm. Blair, Jacob Grass, Henry Cearse, Thos. Roads, Pady McDavid, Alexander Sinclair, Doctor Ham, Jos. Perry, Peter Funk, Jno. Collins, Henry Howard, Henry Hughes.
  • Page 264.--28th October, 1782. Robert Burns' estate appraised by Robt. McClenachan, Daniel Kidd, Petter Hanger.
  • Vol. 1 - OLD DEEDS, WILLS, INVENTORIES, POWERS OF ATTORNEY, ETC., TO BE FILED. - Daniel Kidd to Hugh Donahue. Power Attorney, original, 1783.
  • Page 504.--20th March, 1785. William Burk's bond to keep in repair the bridge on the Creek near Daniel Kidd's in Staunton.
  • Vol. 1 - 1785-6. ADMINISTRATOR AND GUARDIAN BONDS., Bond of William Burke, 27th March, 1785, to keep in repair the bridge on the creek near Daniel Kidd's in Staunton.
  • Page 19.--April Court, 1787. Recorded. Neal McCann's estate settled by Daniel Kidd--1774, paid burial expenses.
  • Page 388.--Dr. estate of John Hind in account with William Hind, administrator--1788, paid Archibald Hopkins as per son Ephraim; 1788, paid Daniel Kidd, bond given in 1772 as per Dutchman's receipt.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1789 (A to G). - Hugh Donahue and Joseph Bell vs. Daniel Kidd.--Daniel Kidd lived in Rockbridge, 17th March, 1785.
  • Page 403.--9th January, 1790. Organization of Staunton Fire Company. W. Bowyer, Michael Bowyer, Alex. St. Clair, Ro. Gamble, James Lyle, Jr., Robert Stuart, Daniel Donovan, A. Stuart, Wm. Abney, R. Douthat, W. Chambers, Jno. and Samuel Boys, P. Heiskell, Jacob Peck, Ro. McDowell, Michael Garber, Michael Sifort, Jacob Geiger, Adam Bickle, James Megongal, A. Waterman, Robert McCullough, J. Holmes for Robert Astrop, Joseph Dickey, John Gorden, Michael Garber, Jr., A. Mustoe, Alex. Humphreys, Geo. Harden, Jno. Fleiger, Sol. Wolfort, Jno. Price, Hugh McDowell, Wm. Forbes, Jno. ( ) Moore, Margt. Reed, Wm. Sharyer, Andrew Cutler, Jno. Gunn, Wm. McDowell, North and Mathews, Alex. Nelson, Jr., Jno. Bosang, Chr. Grove, James McLoughlin, Jno. ( ) Gates, Smith Thompson, Francis Huff, Michael Cawley, Christian Mummer, Nicholas Faulkler, Samuel Merrit, Daniel Kidd, Jno. Tennant, Geo. Weifford, Isaac Ong, Charles Hedrick, Joshua Parry, Henry, Spering, Anthony ( ) Ingleton, Jno. Backenst, James Kenner.
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond, 1791--July 5, James Walls and George White, surety. James Walls and Elizabeth Watkins, daughter of Christ. Louisa Kidd. Consent by Daniel Kidd, her guardian, and Christiana Louisa Kidd, her mother. Witnesses, George White and Mary White.
  • Vol. 2 - Insolvents and Delinquents, 1792: George Brooks, removed to Kentucky; Andrew Kinkead, to Kentucky; Wm. Russell, to French Broad; William Young, to Greenbrier; Christian Pery, to Kentucky; Robert Curry, to Kentucky; Robert Poage, to Kentucky; Robert Young, to Kentucky; William and Andrew Young, to Kentucky; Daniel Brown, dead; Pat. Buchanan, to Georgia; Robert Christian, to Montgomery; James Campbell, to Penna.; John Gregory, to Philadelphia; Daniel Kidd, to Winchester; Ephraim McDowell, to Scotland; Wm. McClintoc, to Kentucky; William Powers, in army; Henry Rutter, in army; John Sterling, to French Broad; James Bridge, Sr., to Amherst; David Boggess, dead; Luke Collins, to French Broad; William Flenegan, in the army; Charles Hudson, to Penna.; George Leahorn, to New River; John Kritzer, to Amherst; David Oglesby, to Carolina; Hugh Service, to Fredericksburg; Thomas Swain, to Philadelphia; John Tenant, in army.


From "Waddell's Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871", pg. 166:
An aged man named James Hill, testifying in 1807, in the cause of Peter Heiskell vs. The Corporation of Staunton, gave some account of the town in 1762, when he settled here. Sampson and George Matthews kept store at the northeast corner of Beverley and Augusta streets. Sampson Mathews also kept an ordinary in the long frame building, a story and a half high, with dormer windows, which formerly stood on the east side of Augusta street below Frederick. The lot at the southwest corner of Augusta and Frederick was, in 1762, “Matthew’s stable lot.” Mrs. Woods lived on the west side of Augusta street, about midway between Beverley and Frederick. Mrs. Cowden lived on the west side of Augusta street, a little north of Beverley, and Daniel Kidd lived where the Y. M. C. A. building now stands. The deposition of Hill and the diagram which accompanied it show that most of the twenty-five acres donated by Beverley in 1749 to the county, was occupied by town lots and streets in 1762.
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