Person:Daniel Gibson (4)

Daniel Gibson
b.Bef. 1782
d.Bef. 23 Jun 1831
m. Est. bef. 1780
  1. Daniel GibsonBef 1782 - Bef 1831
  • HDaniel GibsonBef 1782 - Bef 1831
  • WJane CalvertEst 1785-1795 -
m. 24 August 1820
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Gibson
Gender Male
Birth? Bef. 1782
Marriage 24 August 1820 Staunton, Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Calvert
Death? Bef. 23 Jun 1831

Daniel Gibson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Advisory on Parentage and Marriage of Daniel Gibson

Daniel Gibson is most likely this Daniel Gibson, orphan of Daniel Gibson, listed in Chalkley's:

  • 21st January, 1783 -- Alex. Gibson, Jr., guardian of Daniel Gibson, orphan of Daniel Gibson.

Daniei Gibson was named in both wills written by his grandfather, Alexander Gibson, Sr., written in 1782 and 1794 (listed below), and also in the will of his uncle, Alexander Gibson, Jr., written in 1804 (also listed below). As listed in the Chalkley's records below, Daniel Gibson married Jane Calvert, and this is verified in "Virginia Marriage Records" from the Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, by Elizabeth Petty Bentley on pg. 563:

Marriages by Rev. Daniel Stephens:
1820, Aug. 24. Daniel Gibson, bachelor, and Jane Calvert, spinster. Surety, Hance Calvert.

Records of Daniel Gibson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 178.--15th July, 1782. Alexander Gibson's will--Executor, son Alexander; to wife, Mary, to be maintained by son Alexander; to daughter, Christian, unmarried; to daughter, Mary, unmarried; to daughter, Margaret, unmarried; to grandson, Daniel Gibson; to grandchildren, Elenor McFarland, Daniel McFarland, John McFarland, Ann McFarland; to grandchildren, Isabella, Alexander, James, and Mary McFarland. Teste: John Elliot, Elizabeth Elliot, Elizabeth Gibson. Proved, July Court, 1795 (purporting to be a former will), by John and Elizabeth Elliott and recorded on motion of Alex. Gibson, Jr. (Note: Alexander Gibson, Sr., wrote two wills that were listed in Chalkley's. This is the first will written in 1782, the second will written is listed below).
  • Page 171.--6th September, 1794. Alexander Gibson's will--To wife, Mary; to children, viz: Elizabeth, Christian, Mary Mowrey, Margaret; to grandson, Daniel Gibson, who is to make deed to Daniel McFarling for his tract on Christian's Creek; to John McFarling; to grandson Edward Atkins; to granddaughter, Sarah Allen (I believe is her name, but Mrs. Haladay knows her); to granddaughter, Ann McFarling; to granddaughter, Elizabeth Congo (Cargo?); to grandson, Samuel Cargo; to Daniel McFarling. Executors, Robert Porterfield, Henry Mowrey. Teste: Jas. Hill, Daniel McFarland, Christian Gibson. Proved, 16th June, 1795, by James Hill, Daniel McFarlin. Executors refuse to execute, widow also. Administration granted Alexander Gibson, son to decedent.
  • Page 63.--Alexander Gibson's will, 13th July, 1804; proved, 3d September, 1804--Sister, Christiana Gibson; sister, Mary, wife of Henry Mowry; nephew, Daniel Gibson; niece, Elizabeth Cargo; James Creswell, who married his sister Margaret, mother of Elizabeth Cargo; nephew, Samuel Alexander Corgo; nephew, Daniel Gibson; niece, Harriet Cresswell, daughter of Margaret. (Note: Alexander Gibson was the uncle of Daniel Gibson).
  • Page 208--Alexander G. Trimble and Editha Trimble, infant, by Alex. G., her brother and next friend, vs. Silas H. Smith and Saml. A. Cargo. In 1804 Alex. Gibson, of Augusta, died, owning 512 acres near Staunton, testate, devising to nephew, Daniel Gibson or Samuel A. Cargo and Elizabeth, who were children of Alexander's sister. Daniel died two or three years ago. Daniel had married Jane Calvert, by whom he had one and possibly more children, but none survived him. Elizabeth Cargo married John Trimble and removed to West, and orator and oratrix are their children and are entitled to the limitations to their mother. At time of Daniel's death orators lived in Mississippi. Saml. A. Cargo lives in Alabama.
  • Vol. 1 - Package marked "Promiscuous Papers--Federal Court."--Trimble vs. Cargo--Bill filed 23d June, 1831, addressed to Hon. Alexander Caldwell, Judge of the U. S. Court holden at Staunton. By Alex. G. Trimble and ____ Trimble, infant, by Alex. G. Cargo, her next friend, lawful issue and heirs of Elizabeth Trimble, formerly Elizabeth Cargo: That about 1804 Alex. Gibson, uncle of Elizabeth Cargo, died testate, will recorded in District Court devising to his nephew, Daniel Gibson, but if he died without issue, then to Samuel Alex. Cargo and Elizabeth Cargo, children of Alexander's sister. Daniel took possession of 520 acres about two miles southeast of Staunton. Daniel has died, leaving no legal issue. Shortly after Alexander's death complainant's mother, Elizabeth, married ____ Trimble and removed to Tennessee, and subsequently to Mississippi, where she died, leaving husband and complainants--husband is since dead. Samuel A. Cargo, nephew of Alex. Gibson, and co-devisee of complainant's mother, still lives, in Alabama. Samuel A. Cargo sold the land to Silas H. Smith. It was found in a former suit that Elizabeth Trimble had died without heirs. Prayer for partition.