Person:Daniel Evans (10)

Daniel Evans
b.ABT 1725 Pennsylvania
d.BEF 19 MAY 1756 Augusta County, Virginia
m. ABT 1721
  1. Nathaniel EvansABT 1722 - 1788
  2. William EvansABT 1723 -
  3. Andrew EvansABT 1724 -
  4. Daniel EvansABT 1725 - BEF 1756
  5. Peter EvansABT 1727 - ABT 1796
  • HDaniel EvansABT 1725 - BEF 1756
  • WRhoda Unknownest 1735 -
m. est. 1753
  1. Susannah Evans1753 - 1818
  2. Catharine Evansest 1755/56 -
Facts and Events
Name Daniel Evans
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1725 Pennsylvania
Marriage est. 1753 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Rhoda Unknown
Death? BEF 19 MAY 1756 Augusta County, Virginia

Daniel Evans was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 521.--11th July, 1751. Daniel Evans to Peter Evans, 400 acres on Waters of Roanoke called Cedar Springs, at a place called Naked Farm. Teste: James Neelly, Robt. Breckinridge, James Porteus. Delivered: Wm. Preston.
  • Page 525.--11th July, 1751. Same to same (Daniel Evans to Peter Evans), 400 acres same, by house of Mark Evans. Proved as to James Porteus, deceased, by the other witnesses,. 26th November, 1751.
  • Page 529.--Same to same, 11 July 1751, (Daniel Evans to Peter Evans), 400 acres; same, Carravins Creek, Clearland or Barrens.

Will & Estate Records of Daniel Evans

  • Page 147.--30th July, 1755. Daniel (Dan) Evans' will--Wife, Rhoda; brother, Nathaniel Evans; brother, Peter; Susannah Griffith to remain with Rhoda during Rhoda's widowhood, or until she arrives at 21. Executors, brother Peter Evans and Mark Cole, inhabitant in Bedford County, and wife Rhoda Evans. Teste: Caleb Powell, Erwin Patterson, Lawrence Stephen. Proved, 19th May, 1756, by Erwin Patterson. Peter Evans refuses to execute. Rhoda qualifies, with surety David Bryan.
  • Page 179.--30th October, 1756. Daniel Evans' appraisement, by Wm. Graham, James Bean, Wm. Carvin.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 23, 1764. - (412) David Bryan and executors of Erwin Patterson ask counter security from Rhoda Evans, now Rhoda Doggett, admr. of her decd. husband, Daniel Evans. Rhoda and Richard Doggett, her husband, summoned.
  • Vol. 1 - MAY 25, 1767. - (208) Elizabeth Bryan, executrix of David Bryan, demands counter security from Rhoda Doggett, late Rhoda Evans, admx. of late husband, Daniel Evans, and lately married to Richard Doggett.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH 21, 1769. - (79) Miss Susanna Evans, aged --, orphan of Daniel Evans, chose Wm. McClenachan her guardian.
  • Page 181.--21st March, 1769. William McClenachan's bond (with Thos. Madison, Jno. Neeley, Baptist Armstrong) as guardian to Susannah Evans, orphan of Daniel Evans.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER 18, 1769. - (22) John Neeley (son of James) appointed guardian of Catharine Evans, orphan of Daniel Evans.
  • Page 257.--18th October, 1769. John Neilley's bond (with Wm. McClenachan, John Bowyer) as guardian (appointed) to Catharine Evans, orphan of Daniel Evans.

Processioning List of 1767/68

"Processioning" was the process or periodically reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning Lists can be useful in determining the area of a settler and the neighboring settlers at a specific time period:

  • Page 449.--1767-68: Processioned by Jon. Lapesly, Robert Moore, all lands in their bounds except,

viz: William and James Hall, Daniel Evans, Samuel Todd, James Davis, Jno. McMurtrey, James McMath, John Young. (Note: Daniel Evans' land could not be processioned since he had died about 11 years before).

Records of Daniel Evans in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 116.--16th February, 1748. Danl. Evans, administrator of Mark Evans, with sureties Archd. Grymes, John Robinson.
  • Page 98.--18th September, 1754. Valuation of improvements (with regard to expense) on 3 tracts called the Naked Farm on Roanoke formerly belonging to Daniel Evans, now Peter Evans--100 fruit trees; 1 log house 15 ft. by 10; 1 house 22-1/2 x 12; 1 corn crib 15 ft. long and 4 ft. wide; 1spring house 18 ft. x 12 ft.; 1 wagon. Certificate by George Robinson, 15th March, 1755, that William Carraven, Neal McNeal, James Bean qualified as such appraisers before him.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 24, 1753. - (76) Road ordered--Wm. Bryan overseer--from Wm. Carravan's plantation to Wm. Bryans on Roan Oak. These workers: James Campbell, Joseph Love, Wm. Bryan, Jr., John Bryan, James Bane, Henry Brown, Jr., James Neilly, Henry Brown, Sr., Alexr. Ingram, Edward Patterson, Jacob Patton, John Wood, Erwin Patterson, Andrew Cox, Jasper Terry, Wm. Terry, John Woods, Edward Moore, Peter Craven, Aron Hart, Miles Hart, Wm. Graham, Neal McNeal, Malcom Campbell, Wm. Armstrong, Tasker Tosh, Thomas Tosh, Daniel Evans, Uriah Acres, Thos. Acres, John McAdoe, Wm. Akers.
  • Vol. 1 - 1755-6-7. - Valuation of improvements on the "Naked Farm" on waters of Roanoke, formerly the property of Daniel Evans and now in the possession of Peter Evans, 15th March, 1755, 18 acres cleared and well fenced under corn and rie, also ten acres of clear meadow; 100 fruit trees, £1.0.0; 1 lay house, 15 feet by 10, £1.10.0; 1 corn crib, 15 feet long and 4 feet wide, £0.10.0; 1

spring house, 18 feet long and 12 feet wide, £0.15.0; 5 head of horses and 1 breeding sow, £40.15.0; 1 waggon and gears, 1 ax and grubbing hoe, and 2 plows and gears, £26.0.0; 1 stack rie and 1 stack oats, £11.15.0; 22 head neat cattle. £33.0.0. William Conavin, Neal NcNeal, James Bean.