Person:Christian Grubb (1)

Christian Grubb
b.Abt 1705 Germany
Facts and Events
Name[1] Christian Grubb
Gender Male
Birth[2] Abt 1705 Germany
Marriage Abt 1722 Germanyto Catherine Rosina Kipp
Death[1] Mar 1769 Frederick County, Virginia USA

Christian Grubb was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 201.--Estate of William Burk--Debts recovered 1754 and articles sold; to James Neal, John Harman, Nicholas Brook, Margaret Douglass, Christian Grubb, Thomas Smith, Sarah Stern, Daniel Sink, Stephen Johnston, Saml. Thornhill, Jeremiah Earley, Andrew Scott, David Logan, John Early.
  • Page 275.--23d October, 1769. Jacob ( ) Archenbright, yeoman, to George Conrad, blacksmith, £40, mortgage, on Cub Run, purchased by Jacob from Christian Grub, whereon Jacob lately lived, containing 100 acres. Teste: John Gabriel Jones, William Roebuck. Delivered: George Conrod, 11th November, 1771.


1. Will dated 4 MAR 1769.
Will was proved 4 APR 1769 in Frederick Co., VA.; Will Book 3, pg. 477
2. Research done by Olive (GRUBB) DEVORE gives Rosina KIPP as married to Christian in Germany. However. Christian's will states that his wife is named Catherine.
3. Per Olive (GRUBB) DeVORE: Family Records, "Records of Peaked Mountain Church" names the children of Christian GRUBB. Records of the church refer to his " 5 sons and 3 dau."
4. Per above: "sailed with their 8 children on the vessel "Robert and Alice" (JULY 1997...With the finding of the "Records of the Peaked Mtn. Church" In Rockingham County, VA Archives, it is documented that all 8 children were not yet born by 1738)
5. Death date for C. GRUBB re probate records, Will Book 5, p. 477.
6. Will book names wife Catherine and 8 children
7. Abraham's wife's name, marriage date, his mother's name and that she was still living, taken from land deeds in Frederick Co., VA.
8. Original county of residence in VA was Dunmore...later changed to Frederick Co.
9. "My Name's Grubb", by Georgia Jane Grubb, Lib. of Cong. #75-27342
10. Passenger List of the "Robert and Alice" Sept. 11, 1738
11. List of immigrants taking the "oath" to the government at Philadelphia dated Sept.11, 1738.


September 11, 1738, the "Robert and Alice" from Rotterdam arrived at Philadelphia, PA carrying Christian Grub, his wife and family. All the male passengers signed the ship's log..Christian signed in his native language, German. All the male passengers were required to take an Oath of Allegiance to the King of England. Again, Christian signed in German.

The Grubs first went to Pennsylvania and later to Virginia. They settled in Augusta County which was later divided into 6-8 counties. Christian's Will dated 04 APR 1769 is on record at Winchester in Frederick County, VA. All eight children are named with his wife Catherine. The son, Abraham, was named executor. He received 2/3 of the land and Catherine received 1/3. At Catherine's death, her third was to go to Abraham. Because Abraham sold her third in 1778, we can assume her date of death. The first record of Christian being in Frederick Co., VA was in 1762 when he purchased a block of land. Record on file at Frederick Co., VA.

JULY 1997: Excerpts from the records of the Peaked Mountain Church dispute some of the above information taken mainly from the works George Wanger, Grubb family historian from Pennsylvania, who in1913 completed a chart of Christian Grubb and descendents. The errors in Wanger's report were perpetuated by Georgia Jane Grubb Creel in her book "My Name's Grubb" and by Olive Grubb Devore, DAR researcher. According to the records found in the Rockingham County VA Archives, all eight children did not come over on the "Robert and Alice". The baptism records of the church in 1762 state that Jacob was 26, Daniel was 24 and Margaret was 18.

Wanger had listed Jacob born in 1722, Daniel in 1723 and Margaret in 1731. The baptism records would indicate 1736, 1738 and 1744 respectively. This new information also casts doubts about the birthdates of the other children as reported by Georgia Jane Grubb Creel in her book, "My Name's Grubb". It would seem pretty certain that Abraham was either the youngest or the oldest because he was chosen executor of his father's will and inherited the bulk of the estate plus controlling his mother's share. If his 1732 birth year stands, it would mean that sons Frank and John birthdates would need be later than the 1732 year.

If all the other chidren's birthdates follow the pattern of being from 13 to 15 years in error, it would make more believeable some of the other known data of the family, i.e., Martin and Barbara Grubb Finder having a daughter born in 1776.

Some changes have been found in the data concerning the Christian Grubb family. The name Grubb is derived from the German name KROPF/KROPH/KROOP/CROOP/CROPP. These changes are shown in the records of the Peaked Mountain Lutheran Church which was originally in Augusta County, VA but in Rockingham County after it was created in 1778. You will probably like to go to the GenWeb site on the net and from there to Rockingham County.

When there, click on the Archives section and you will find some history of the Peaked Mountain Church. It is not clear if Christian Grubb was a member, but at least three of his children, Jacob, Daniel and Margaret are on the baptismal record. Their ages when baptized also change the birth records of the family, plus make it clear that all the children were not born in Germany and did not come over on the boat with Christian in 1738.

The marriages of Jacob and Margaret are also listed on the Church records. Perhaps more family records can be found in Rockingham County.

Records of the Peaked Mountain Church Rockingham County, VA A (AD) 1762. At the "Pinquit" (Peaked) Mountain and the South "Chanithor" (Shenandoah), in Virginia, the following children were baptized on Saturday, February 27th [note 2]:

Parents Children Sponsors Christian Kroph (35) Jacob, age 26 John Jacob Nicolaus (Croop) and wife years and wife Anna Barbara Rosina, nee Kipp

(ditto) (36) Daniel, age 24 Jacob Arkebrech years (Argenbright) and wife, Susanna

(ditto) (37) Margaret, age 18 I.C. Van Gemuenden, years the Reformed minister at this place, and wife, M.A. Van Germuenden, also Jacob Perschinger, Reformed elder, and wife Maria Catharine

Jacob Cropp and wife (63) John, born March John Argebrecht and Anna Barbara 9, 1765; bapt. June 18 Catharine Vogt

On October 8th (1776):

Parents Children Sponsors Daniel Grub and (88) Mary Catharine, Peter Miller and wife Elisabeth born December 15, 1775 Anna Maria

Martin Finder and (91) Barbara, born Feb. Jacob Grub and Barbara Barbara 24, 1776

December, 1785

Peter Miller and Anna (168) John, born August John Risch and Barbara 2 Anna MAY, 1788

Peter Miller and (177) Elisabeth, born Elisabeth Nicholas Barbara Jan. 30, 1788

NOV, 1789

Peter Miller and wife (195) Margaret, born March 18, 1790; bapt. Oct 1, 1791

Peter Miller and (268) Jacob, born Sept. Elis. Koehler Barbara 28, 1797; bapt. Oct. 2, 1797

Peter Miller and (297) Henry, born Jan. Jacob Ergebrecht and Barbara 18, 1800, bapt. June 2, wife Mary 1800

Peter Miller and (311) Nicholas, born Parents Barbara Oct. 28, 1801, bapt. Dec. 27, 1801

Marriages in 1762: On March 2. Jacob Kropp (Cropp), son of Christian Kropp and Anna Barbara Metzger, daughter of Eroge Valentine Metzger. On March 2. Peter Mueller, son of Henry Mueller, and Margaret Kropp, daughter of Christian Kropp. AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE REFORMED AND LUTHERAN CONGRATIONS WORSHIPPING IN THE PEAKED MOUNTAIN CHURCH, ROCKINGHAM CO., VA., OCTOBER 31, 1769 In the name of the Triune God and with the consent of the whole congregation, we have commenced to build a new house of God, and it is, by the help of Gold, so far finished that the whole world may see it. We have established it as a union church, in the use of which the Lutherans and their descendants as well as the Reformed and their descendants shall have equal share. But since it is necessary to keep in repair the church and the schoolhouse and support the minister and the schoolmaster, therefore we have drawn up this writing that each member sign his name to the same and thereby certify that he will support the minister and schoolmaster and help to keep in repair the church and the school as far as lies in his ability. Should, however, one or another withdraw himself from such Christian work (which we would not suppose a Christian would do) we have unitedly concluded that such a one shall not be looked upon as a member of our congreation, but he shall pay for the baptism of a child 2 s. 6 d., which shall go into the treasury of the church; for the confirmation of a child 5 s., which shall be paid to the minister as his fee; and further should such a one come to the table of the Lord and partake of the Holy Communion, he hsall pay 5 s., which shall go into the treasury of the church; and finally if such a one desires burial in our graveyard he shall pay 5 s., which shall also be paid into the treasury of the church. In confirmation of which we have drawn up this document, and signed it with our several signatures. Done in Augusta county, at the Peaked Mountain and the Stony Creek, on October 31st, Anno Domini 1769. The present elders: George Mallo, Sr. Nicholas Mildeberger (Miltenberger) his Frederick Ermentraut (Armentrout) John X Heterich (Hedrich) mark

Phillip Ermentraut (Armentrout) Jacob Kropf (Croop) Henry Ermentraut Jacob Niclas (Nicholas)

Daniel Kropf George Zimmermann Peter Mueller, Sr. Christian Geiger

his Augustin Preisch, Jr. Adam O Hetrich mark Conrad Preisch Augustin Preisch (Price) Jacob kissling (Kisling) Jacob Traut (Trout) Matthew Kirsch George Schilinger John Bens (Pence) Anthony Oehler (Eiler) Adam Herman (Harman) John Mann his Christopher X Hau Alwinus Boyer mark Charles Risch (Rush) Peter Euler (Eiler) Henry Kohler William Michel (Michael) William Long Jacob Risch Jacob Bercke (Pirkey) John Ermentraut his Conrad Loevenstein Jacob J. E. Ergenbrecht mark John Schaefer (Shaver) John Risch Christopher Erementraut Jacob Ergebrecht (Argenbright) John Mildeburger John Hausman (Housemann) George Mallo, Jr. Jacob Lingel Peter Niclas (Nichols) Martin Schneider (Snyder) Jacob Pens (Pence) List of foreigners imported in the ship Robert and Alice, of Dublin, Walter Goodman, Commander, from Rotterdam. Qualified Sept 11, 1738. ALSBACK, Mathews ALSBACK, Reynhart BADER, Andries BENER, Godfry BENER, Johannis BIELLER, Anthord BOES, Luturg BRANSTEDER, Jacob BROAN, Johannis BULINT, Paulus BUTSELL, Peiter CASTLE, Christian CLEMENS, Michell CLINGESMITH, Daniell COPHENHEVER, Jan Jacob CRAFT, Jan Nichol DANIELL, Adam DICK, Adam DORST, Casper ESCOGEN, Jan Peiter ESCOGEN, Johannis FERCH, Johanis FRANS, Jacob GEIZLER, Hans Adam GODFREID, Jurich GORLE, Jacob GRANAST, Jan Adam GROAB, Christian HEDRICK, Abram HEDRICK, Christopher HEDRICK, Pieter HENDRICK, Gerit HENDRICK, Jan Jurich HERTZOG, Philip HEYL, Peiter HEYT, Abraham HEYT, Conred HEYT, Pieter HOLL, Andries HOLL, Jan Abram HOLL, Jan Nichol HONSINGER, Johannis JORENBEXGER, Stephen KEIPHER, Johannis KENSELL, Jacob KENSELL, Joseph KERCH, Jan Peter KEYPER, Byle KEYPER, Peiter KLINGESMITH, Daniell KLUNT, Jan Jacob KOLP, Jurich Michell KOLP, Michell KOLP, Peiter KUNS, Jan Paul MARTIN, Hans MEYER, Andries MILLER, Michell MILLER, Nicholas MOSSER, Paul NAGLE, David NAGLE, Jan Nichol NOCHPER, Lundert PECK, Jacob PEHL, Philip PEIRSON, Lowrans PETZELL, Godfried PETZELL, Godfried PRISHER, Jacob PRISHER, Johannis RAYMAN, Jacob RAYMAN, Michell REDINHOWER, Hendrick REDINHOWER, Peiter RENHOWSER, Baltser ROCH, Jurick Mich. ROTH, Jan Jurick RUBIE, Peter SCHEILK, Casper SCHELFER, Theobeld Jr. SCHELFER, Theobeld Sr. SCHOEFERT, Allex. SCHOEMAKER, Michell SCHULTS, Valentine SHINGELL, Hendrick SHOEMAKER, Jan Jacob SHOEMAKER, Johannis SNELL, Jan Adam SNEUDER, Frederick Nicholas SNEUDER, Nicholas SNYDER, Hans STEAR, Tobias STEDLER, Christian STERSINGER, Hans Martin SYBENT, Peiter TAUT, Melchior THOMAS, Hendrick TOMME, Jacob TORENBERGER, Hans Michell TORENBERGER, Oygell TOTSER, Jacob TOTSER, Phylip TRAUTMAN, Hans VINK, Theobel WEDERIGH, Christopher WEYS, Phylip WYESGERPER, Casper Scots-Irish in Virginia, Vol. 3 database Chronichles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia extracted from the original Court records of Augusta County 1745-1800. Abstracts of wills of Augusta County Virginia. Augusta County Court. Will Book No. 2 Additional members of the Executive Committee page 46 Page 201. --Estate of William Burk--Debts recovered 1754 and articles sold; to James Neal, John Harman, Nicholas Brook, Margaret Douglass, Christian Grubb, Thomas Smith, Sarah Stern, Daniel Sink, Stephen Johnston, Saml. Thornhill, Jeremiah Earley, Andrew Scott, David Logan, John Early. [p.46]

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