Person:Charles Hudson (21)

Charles Hudson
b.WFT Est 1765-1775
m. ABT 1752
  1. Charles Hudson1765-1775 - 1841
  2. Isaac Hudson1769 - bef 1820
  3. Mary Hudson1775-1783 - Bef 1846
  4. George Hudsonabt 1783 -
  5. Nancy HudsonAbt 1785 - 1833
  • HCharles Hudson1765-1775 - 1841
  • WMary ParrisABT 1780 -
m. 20 DEC 1800
  1. John Parris HudsonBEF 1814 -
Facts and Events
Name Charles Hudson
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1765-1775
Marriage License 17 DEC 1800 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Parris
Marriage 20 DEC 1800 Augusta County, Virginiato Mary Parris
Death? 12 NOV 1841 Augusta County, Virginia

Charles Hudson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Charles Hudson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - SEPTEMBER 16, 1794. - (159) Joseph Bell, Jr., recommended Captain, 2d Battalion, 32d Regiment, vice Capt. Shields, resigned. James Brand recommended Lieutenant, vice Robert Christian, resigned. Wm. Thompson recommended Ensign, vice Joseph Bell, Jr. Edward Rutledge recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Shield's Company. Jonathan Brooks recommended Lieutenant. James Henderson recommended Ensign. David Buchanan recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capts. Shield's and Argenbright's. David Williams recommended Lieutenant. Charles Hudson recommended Ensign. James Berry recommended Captain, vice James Bratton, resigned. Wm. Armstrong recommended Lieutenant, vice John McCutchen, resigned. Samuel Lockridge, Ensign, recommended Lieutenant. Samuel Bell recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Captain Argenbright's Company. Francis Bell recommended Lieutenant. James Bell recommended Ensign. Frederick Hanger recommended Lieutenant, vice David Buchanan, recommended Captain. Peter Jenewine recommended Ensign, vice David Williams, recommended Lieutenant.
  • Vol. 1 - DECEMBER 16, 1794. - (196) Alex. Hall recommended Captain in 1st Battalion, vice James Frazer, resigned. Andrew Fulton recommended Lieutenant, vice Alex. Hall. Andrew Steele, Jr., recommended Ensign, vice Andrew Fulton. Thomas Caldbreath recommended Captain of a new Company taken off Capt. Frazier's Company. Robert Graham recommended Lieutenant. Petterson Thompson recommended Ensign. David Buchanan, Sr., recommended as Captain of new Company in 2d Battalion taken off Capt. McCutcheon's Company. Alex. Sprowl recommended as Lieutenant. James Clarke recommended as Ensign. Jonathan Brooks recommended as Captain, vice Edward Rutledge, who has removed. James Henderson recommended as Lieutenant, vice Jonathan Brooks. Alex. Henderson recommended as Ensign, vice James Henderson. Charles Hudson recommended as Lieutenant, vice David Williams, resigned. Thomas Caldwell recommended as Ensign, vice Charles Hudson.
  • Vol. 1 - OCTOBER, 1800. - Henry Roper vs. Isaac and Charles Hudson.--14th June, 1798. (Note: Isaac was a brother of Charles [source: Familysearch]).
  • Page 395.--21st August, 1814. John Parris' will, in advanced age--To wife Hannah; to sons, Thomas and George (has heretofore given military lands in Ohio); daughter, Jane Hudson; daughter, Margaret Henderson; daughters, Hannah and Elizabeth Parris; other daughters have been provided for at marriage; daughters, Mary Hudson, Martha Dennison, Jane Hudson, Margaret Henderson, Hannah and Elizabeth Parris; testator's land in Stokes County, N. C., to be sold; to son, John; son, Alexander, to each grandchild named after testator, i. e., John, son of Thomas; John, son of George; John, son of Charles Hudson. Executors, son John and wife Hannah. Teste: Vincent Tapp, Robt. Henderson. Proved, 26th September, 1814. Executors qualify.