Person:Charles Campbell (31)

Maj. Charles Campbell, of Beverley Manor
m. bef. 1716
  1. Martha CampbellAft 1714 -
  2. John CampbellABT 1716 -
  3. James CampbellABT 1718 -
  4. William CampbellABT 1720 - Bef 1744/45
  5. Griselda "Grisal" Campbell1722 - 1778
  6. Maj. Charles Campbell, of Beverley Manor1722 - 1767
  7. Patrick CampbellABT 1724 - 1799
  8. June CampbellABT 1726 -
  9. Mary CampbellABT 1728 -
  • HMaj. Charles Campbell, of Beverley Manor1722 - 1767
  • WMargaret BuchananAbt 1723 - 1777
m. 1744
  1. Gen. William Campbell1745 - 1781
  2. Elizabeth CampbellABT 1747 - 1820
  3. Jane 'Jean' Campbell1749 - 1819
  4. Ann Campbell1753 -
  5. Margaret Campbell1753 - 1813
Facts and Events
Name Maj. Charles Campbell, of Beverley Manor
Gender Male
Birth? 1722 Prob. Ireland
Marriage 1744 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Buchanan
Will[1] 4 AUG 1761 Augusta County, Virginia
Death? January 1767 Beverley Manor, Augusta County, Virginia
Other[1] 17 MAR 1767 Augusta County, VirginiaWill proved

Charles Campbell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Charles Campbell's land (Beverley Manor SW, 504 acres acquired from his father Patrick Campbell in 1745) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.
Charles Campbell's land (Beverley Manor SW, 504 acres acquired from his father Patrick Campbell in 1745) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.


Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 268-270. Indenture 25 Feb. 1745 between Patrick Campbell of Augusta County and Charles Campbell of same... deeds of lease and release.. for amount of ₤15.. sells 504 acres (being part of 1,546 acres of land in Augusta Co. which were bought by Patrick Campbell from William Beverley, Gent., 20th and 21st Feb. 1738). (signed) Patr. Campbell (Seal). Witnesses: James Patton, D. Buckhannan, Jno. Smith, Joseph Walker. Recorded Orange County, 28 February 1745. [Orange County Deed Book 9, pg. 28].


From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 492.—24th August, 1761 (Record says 1760) and in the first year of the Reign, &c., George III. Charles Campbell's will, of Manor Beverley—To son, William, tract called Asp Bottom on middle branch of Indian River, commonly called Holstein's River; to 3 eldest daughters, Elizabeth, Jean and Margaret, infants, tract called Campbell's Choice on north branch of Holstein's River; to daughter, Ann Campbell, tract called Papa Bottom on North Branch Holstein. Executrix, Margaret. Teste: David Robinson, Jno. Buchanan, Elizabeth Buchanan. Proved, 17th March, 1767, by Jno. Buchanan and David Robinson. Margaret (her mark) qualifies, with Wm. Christian, Robt. Campbell, Jno. Ramsey, Daniel McNaire.

Augusta Records

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - Torbett's heirs vs. Campbell--O. S. 47; N. S. 16. Bond 18th November, 1771, by Wm. Campbell and John Tate to Hugh Torbet, of Chester County, and Alexander Mitchel, of Pennsylvania, Lancaster County. Answer of Sarah Buchanan Preston, 1805, that she is only child now living of Wm. Campbell, deceased. She married Francis Preston. Her father died August, 1781. Defendants are, viz: Arthur Campbell, surviving executor of Margaret Campbell and Francis Preston; and Sarah, his wife, late Campbell, heiress of Wm. Campbell, deceased. Plaintiffs are, viz: Saml. Torbett, Anthony Black and Catharine, his wife, late Torbett; Hugh and David Torbett, Andrew Lockridge and Easter, his wife, late Torbett; Jane and Nathaniel Torbett, Mary Torbet, an infant, heirs-at-law of Hugh Torbett, deceased. Bill says: Charles Campbell died 1767 testate, leaving wife Margaret (father and mother of Gen. Wm. Campbell). Margaret died about November, 1777. Genl. Wm. Campbell died about 1782, leaving only one child Sarah, since married to Francis Preston. Thomas Tate married one of the daughters of Margaret Campbell, deceased. Arthur Campbell says Genl. William died August, 1781. Charles Campbell died January, 1767. Copy of Gen. William Campbell's will dated 28th September, 1780, proved in Washington County, 16th April, 1782. Wife Elizabeth, son Charles Henry, daughter Sarah Buchanan Campbell. Copy of Margaret Campbell's will dated 13th October, 1777, proved in Washington County 18th March, 1778. Son William; daughters Elizabeth Taylor, Jean Tate, Margaret Campbell, Ann Poston; son-in-law Arthur Campbell.

Notes 1

From Motohays, personal Communication, w. Q 21:53, 16 July 2014 (UTC), 16 July 2014

Here’s a quick (Haha!) note on a connection between HAYS and CAMPBELL families in SW Virginia and to the HAYS of Sumner/Wilson Co. Tennessee on the land now occupied by the Andrew Jackson Estate called The Hermitage. John Hays settled next to the Donelsons in Sumner, Tennessee (now Wilson Co., TN) between 1786 and 1793.

I think Charles Campbell, who was married to Margaret Buchanan, can be traced back to Old Augusta. William Campbell is the first executor for Margaret Campbell and later, in 1786, Arthur Campbell becomes executor of Margaret’s estate. I believe these are the famous General William Campbell and his brother Colonel Arthur Campbell who lived near Seven Mile Ford near Marion, Virginia.

1749 - Survey for Charles Campbell called Buffalo Bottoms. Signed by Thomas Lewis and initialed J.B. (John Buchanan)
1753 - I believe the actual deed was given for this property in 1753. I’m awaiting the court record from Montgomery County that is to be provided by Janie Dillon, my researcher in the Wythe County Genealogical Society.
1779 - John Hays, Jr. , who was later promoted to Captain of the militia on the head of the N. Fork of Holston in 1781, gets deed to the 220 acres called Buffalo Bottom after being “untied” from the Campbell estate.
1781 - John Hays promoted to Capt. of militia. William Hays (my 4th GGF) is promoted to Lieutenant.
1781 - Washington Co., VA. John Hays, Sr., John Buchanan, William Bates & Robert Bowen appraise the estate of John Campbell, deceased. John Hays Sr. is necessarily the father of John Hays, Jr.
1782 -1786 - Capt. John Hays marries Rebecca Maxwell, widow of Capt. Thomas Maxwell, killed by Indians.
1786 (July) - John Hays and Rebecca sell to John Garwood the 220 acres called Buffalo Bottom on North branch of the Indian River, otherwise called the Holston River (next to William Hays). There was a problem with the title and John and Rebecca needed to get proper title.
1786 (August) - William Hays promoted to Capt. militia on the N.Fork Holston “in room of John Hays, removed”.
1786 -1793 - John Hays assesse, originally of Reuben Mandel, on the ridge about two miles above Cedar Lick, adjacent to entry by Samuel Dandford, Davidson Co. Deed Book A, page 274. This location is known to be where John and Rebecca lived. It was Davidson County but now Wilson County. Written in Wilson Co. Deed Book F, page 347 in 1793.
1802 - John Hays buys from Joseph Camp of South Carolina near HAYS house in Colonel Donelson’s line. Witnessed by: Ebenezer and Humphry Donelson.
1803 - John Hays on tax list for Wilson County for 1000 acres, Capt. Echols’ list
1804 - Tazewell Co., Virginia Deed Book 1, page 186, a deed of gift to Sarah (Sarah “Sally” Maxwell) and Newitt Drew of Wilson Co., Tennessee from John and Rebecca Hays also of Wilson County, land was posthumous grant to Thomas Maxwell for military service.
1807 - John Hays to Newet Drew, 200 acres on Cedar Lick Creek, Deed Book C, page 23. Newitt Drew also bought land from John Brownlee in Wilson County.
1811 - (approximated) John Hays died, intestate
1812 - Rebecca Hays, administrator of John Hays, sell land. Deed Book D, page 483
1816 - Wilson Co. Deed Book F, page 41 … the John Hays land in Sumner Co. now Wilson, on both sides of Cedar Lick Cr. beginning on William Donelson’s east boundary. Heirs of said deceased John Hays - Isham Davis and wife Rachel, Julius Alford and wife Ann, Harmon A. Hays, Thomas Thompson Hays, Rebecca Hays executrix, widow of John Hays.
1819 - Will of Rebecca Hays is recorded in 1817, proved in 1819 and names daughters Sarah Drew, Rachel Davis and Ann Alford, sons Harmon A. Hays and Thomas Thompson Hays. Thomas to receive plantation.

Later in Wilson Co. Deed Book H, page 147, a sale of land on Cedar Lick Creek described as “part of tract that M. Stephenson purchased from Capt. John Hays”.


From Chalkley's Augusta County, VA Court Judgements:

PGS 508-517 No. 449. Taylor vs. Tate and Campbell.--John Taylor married Elizabeth, daughter of Charles Campbell, prior to 1774. Charles's daughter, Jean, married Thomas Tate. Margaret married Arthur Campbell. James, John M. C., Mary M. C., Allen Taylor were relatives.

Family Group Record FamilySearch® Ancestral File™ v4.19

Husband's Name

Charles CAMPBELL (AFN:H0HX-QP)    

Born:  1722  Place:  Tin King Spring, Augusta, Virginia 
Died:  1767  Place:  Beverleys Manor, Agst, Virginia 
Married:  1744  Place:  , , Augusta Co., VA 

Father:  Patrick CAMPBELL (AFN:H0HX-S2)    
Mother:  Deliah THOMPSON (AFN:H0HX-T7)   

Wife's Name

Margaret DOWNEY (AFN:H0HX-RV)    

Born:  Abt 1723  Place:  , Orange, Virginia 
Died:  1777  Place:   
Married:  1744  Place:  , , Augusta Co., VA 

Father:  Samuel DOWNEY (AFN:VR2Z-RM)    
Mother:  Martha MCPHEETERS (AFN:1HVT-3P)   


1. Sex Name

M  William C. CAMPBELL (AFN:H0HX-NC)    

Born:  1744   Place:  Beverleys Manor, Agst, Virginia  
Died:  22 Aug 1781   Place:  Rocky Mills, , VA  
Buried:  Aug 1781   Place:  Rocky Mills, , VA  

2. Sex Name

F  Elizabeth CAMPBELL (AFN:VR33-K4)    

Born:  1738   Place:  Virginia  
Died:  22 Mar 1820   Place:   

3. Sex Name


Born:  1749   Place:  Beverleys Manor, Agst, Virginia  

4. Sex Name

F  Margaret CAMPBELL (AFN:VR2X-H4)    

Born:  1751   Place:  Beverleys Manor, Agst, Virginia  

5. Sex Name


Born:  < 1753   Place:  <Beverleys Manor, Agst, Virginia>
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