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Casper Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA
  • F.  Barger (add)
  1. Phillip Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VAAbt 1700 - 1755
  2. Casper Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA1708 - 1755
  • HCasper Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA1708 - 1755
  • WMargaret1721 -
  1. Casper Barger1743 -
  2. Jacob Barger1745 - 1794
  3. Phillip BargerAbt 1747 - 1755
Facts and Events
Name[1] Casper Barger, of Draper's Meadow, Augusta County, VA
Gender Male
Birth? 1708 Palitine Provinces, Germany
Death? 30 JUL 1755 Killed by Shawnee Indians in Draper's Meadow Massacre, Augusta County, Virginia

Casper Barger was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 94.--10th February, 1754. Same to Casper Barrier (Barger), 507 acres on Tom's Creek as above. Cor. Wm. Ingles, Lepard's line; Martin Loy's line.
  • Page 53.--20th August, 1765. George Trout and Mary ( ) to Margaret Barger, £30, on a branch of South River of Shanando on west side of Christian Clemon's land, 324 acres, patented to George, 14th February, 1761. Delivered: Casper Barrier, 3d April, 1769. (Note: this land was acquired by Casper Barger's widow, Margaret).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 536.--10th January, 1775. Margaret ( ) Borger (Bergen) to Jacob Borger, her son, patented to Margaret 14th February, 1761. Teste: David McNeelly, John Davidson, William McNeelly. (Note: this was undoubtedly the 324 acres "on a branch of South River of Shanando" acquired by Margaret in 1765, listed above).

Massacre at Draper's Meadow

Casper Barger was a victim in the Shawnee Indian Massacre at Draper's Meadow in early Augusta County, Virginia on 30 July, 1755.

Information on Casper Barger


CASPER BARGER Born: 1708 in the Palatinate of Germany Father: Philip Barger Sons: Casper Barger & Jacob Barger Died: 8 Jul 1755 (s/b 30 July) in an Indian attack at Draper's Meadow, VA, together with his brother, Philip. Spouse: Margaret _____ Note: Casper Barger came to America at the age of 30, sailing from Roterdam on the Brittish ship, Winter Galley, Captain Edward Paynter, Master. He arrived at Philadelphia and took the English Oath of Allegience on 5 Sep 1738. He settled first in eastern PA, then moved to the Shenandoah Valley where he owned property near McGaheysville. His family moved to a farm near Cirmora and New Hope, VA, 12 miles north of Waynesboro. Sources: (1) G.J.P. Barger Barger Family Newsletter No. 1, p. 1, 1 Sep 1955, and (2) Barger Family Newsletter No. 2, p. 4, 10 Jan 1956, both on LDS Fiche No. 6047052 CASPER BARGER Born: 19 May 1766 ? Blacksburg, VA Father: Philip Barger Mother: Eve Clements Died: 1848 - Boonsville, Boone Co., MO Note: According to information provided by Mr. A. J. Heck of Warrensburg, MO, Casper Barger ??went to Sparta, White Co., TN as a young man, probably before 1790, where he farmed. He married Elizabeth _____, but it is not known if they were married in VA or in TN. In the public records at Sparta are three entries concerning Casper Barger; (1) a land grant from the State of Casper Barger in 1814, (2) a deed conveying a part of this land from Casper Barger in 1818, and (3) a deed conveying the remainder in 1835. In 1819, Casper Barger moved his family to Boone Co., MO where he farmed near Boonesville. He died in 1848 and was buried at Boonesville. His will was witnessed by Eli Bass and George A. Johnston on 8 Oct 1835. Casper?s son, James C. Barger, was appointed executor on 13 Jul 1848, and made final settlement of his father?s estate on 4 Nov 1857.? Mr. Heck also indicated that Casper Barger?s wife, Elizabeth, was born in 1766 and died in 1855, and that she was buried at Boonsville beside her husband. The children of Casper and Elizabeth Barger, all born in Sparta, TN, were: 1. Margaret Barger 2. Philip Barger (born 6 Nov 1792) 3. Abraham B. Barger 4. James C. Barger 5. Elizabeth Barger 6. Henry Brown Barger 7. Julia Barger 8. Pamelia Barger 9. Harriet Barger 10. Adelia Barger (Born 21 Apr 1812) Source: Correspondence of Susan Barger Donahue and A. J. Heck

Name: Phillip BARGER Given Name: Phillip Surname: Barger Sex: M Birth: 1 Sep 1741 in Augusta, Virginia Death: 3 Aug 1803 in Blacksburg, Greenbrier, Virginia Burial: Aug 1803 Barger Family Cemetery, Blacksburg,Montgomery, Virginia LDS Baptism: Submitted Endowment: Submitted SealingChild: Submitted

Father: Casper or Gasper BARGER b: 1690 or 1708 in Palitine Provinces, Germany Mother: Mrs. Margaret BARGER b:Abt 1721 in Germany

Marriage 1 Eve CLEMENTS b: 1 May 1749 in Koiners Store,Augusta, Virginia Married: 1 Feb 1765 in Augusta, Virginia Sealing Spouse:Submitted

Children Casper or Gasper Joseph BARGER b: 19 May 1766 in Blacksburg, Montgomery, Virgin

Barger, Casper Date: Nov 24, 1760 Location: Augusta Co., VA

Description: Decedent Book Page: WB2-436 Remarks: Casper Barger's appraisement, by George Trout, William Kerr and George Patterson. Notes: This probate record was originally published in "Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia, 1745-1800. Extracted from theOriginal Court Records of Augusta County" by Lyman Chalkley.

  1. 1755 was the time of the French and Indian War. On July 9th, 1755 General Braddock was defeated and killed. Colonel George Washington was retreating w.

    1755 was the time of the French and Indian War. On July 9th, 1755 General Braddock was defeated and killed. Colonel George Washington was retreating with the remnant of Braddock's Army and the Indians were out of hand everywhere. On July 30, 1755, Indians struck the new settlement at Draper's Meadow and the entire settlement was wiped out. Casper, sometimes spelt Gasper, and Philip Barger were both killed