Person:Brice Russell (1)

Brice Russell, of Augusta County, VA and Sullivan County, TN
  • HBrice Russell, of Augusta County, VA and Sullivan County, TN1727 - 1810
  • WRachel Jane ThompsonAbt 1730 -
m. Bef. 1750
  1. Isabella Helena Russell1754 - 1821
  2. Jane Russellbef 1757 -
  3. George RussellBef 1757 -
  4. Hugh RussellBef 1757 -
  5. Rachel Russell1756 - 1824
  6. Brice Russell , Jr1761 -
  7. Andrew Russell1764 - 1842
  8. James Russell1771 - 1814
  • HBrice Russell, of Augusta County, VA and Sullivan County, TN1727 - 1810
  • W.  Rachel (add)
m. Bef. 1771
Facts and Events
Name Brice Russell, of Augusta County, VA and Sullivan County, TN
Alt Name Bryce Russell
Gender Male
Birth? 1727 Carnmoney, County Antrim, Northern Ireland
Marriage Bef. 1750 Prob. Virginiato Rachel Jane Thompson
Marriage Bef. 1771 to Rachel (add)
Death? 1810 Knoxville,Tennessee, United States
Burial? Knoxville, Knox, Tennessee, United States

Brice Russell was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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About Brice Russell

According to the Russell DNA site, Brice Russell had two wives:

Bryce Russell (ca. 1728) of Augusta Co., Va., and Sullivan Co., Tenn., wives [---] Thompson and Rachel [----]

Russell DNA Site:

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 303.—18th May, 1756. Hugh Thompson to Bryce Russell, £20, 150 acres on Shanandore River. Cor. James Craig, George Crawford's four small wild chiri tree corner. Teste: Samuel Henderson, James Thomson. Delivered: Bryce Russell, January, 1763. (Note: Hugh Thompson was the father-in-law of Brice Russell).
  • Page 69.—Patent to Bryce Russell, wife Rachel, 3d August, 1771. Teste: Samuel Henderson, John Craig, Thomas Renkin.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 423.—15th April, 1769. Bryce Russell to Gabriel Jones, mortgage, £SO, 150 acres on Shanandore whereon Bryce now lives, purchased of Hugh Thompson. Teste: John Gabriel Jones.

Records of Brice Russell in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 12fl.—18th May, 1761. Roger Dyer's sale bill and settlement of estate by Hannah Dyer, administratrix, approved and recorded—To Wm. Samples, Wm. Gregg, Margaret McGlaughlan, David Nelson, Pat Frazier, John Cunningham, Robt. Ralston, Johnston Hill, John Cravens, Jesse Harrison, Bryce Russell, Robt. McGarry, John Dunkle, John Montgomery. Pairl John Wright, Ro. Minnis (for whiskey), Sarah Stevenson (for whis- kcv fur vendue); paid Wm. Gibson, Adam Harper, James Dyer.
  • Page 317.—21st June, 1763. John Graham to James Graham, his son,£o, 150 acres, part of 696 acres on which said Graham, Sr., now lives, on Great Calfpasture; corner Robert Givens's land. Teste: Bryce Russell, Jas. Graham.
  • Page 140.—19th July, 1779. George Crawford's will (of Middle River)— To wife, Elizabeth, J4 home plantation; to son, James, home plantation and entry adjoining; to son, George, plantation bought from Joshua Hick- man on Littler's Creek; to son. Robert, plantation bought of Brice Russell with addition.taken off of Hickman's place on Lettler's Creek; to son, William Crawford, plantation bought of Wm. Baskins; to son, John, home plantation before devised to wife above; to daughter, Margaret Anderson; to daughter, Mary Renkin; to daughter, Elizabeth Crawford; to daughter, Martha; to daughter, Sarah; to daughter, Jane. Executors, sons James and George. Teste: John Givens, John Givens, Jr., Thomas Graham. Proved. 16th May. 17SO. by the Givenses. Executors qualify.

Information on Brice Russell

From posts:

During the French-Indian War lord Dunmore ordered the construction of forts all along the frontier. Consequently, in 1773 and 1774, a network of forts was erected or refurbished in the lower Holston region. There were nine known forts in the western-most settlements within the present-day boundaries of Sullivan County which included the Long Island. Evan Shelby's Fort was a large stockade built at the site of present-day Bristol. Jacob Womack's Fort and the Little Fort were on the Watauga Road at Shoate's Ford, now Bluff City, King's Mill Fort, commanded by Gilbert Christian, was on the North Fork of Reedy Creek beside Reedy Creek Road and it served as a depot for supplies. Three forts on the Island Road were Anthony Bledsoe's, near Sapling Grove, now Bristol, Moses Looney's Fort and Eaton's Fort, about six miles east of the Long Island. The forts closest to the long Island were southwest of Eaton's Fort on the Plantations of Thomas Ramsey and Bryce Russell. Sr .

"In spite of the dangers to his family and neighbors, Bryce Russell stayed on as one of the earliest citizens of Tennessee. North Carolina Warrant 1521, 1790, awarded a land grant of 150 acres in Tennessee to Brice Russell. The land was in Sullivan County on the north side of the Holston. Sullivan County Deed Book 1, p. 50 (reprinted in Watauga Association Vol. 1, no. 2 (1972), p. 40) states that on October 23, 1782, Bryce Russell received Land Grant 110 of 640 acres on the north side of the Holston beginning at Joseph Copeland's line, adjacent to land of James Byth (Blythe?), and cornered by Joseph Rogers's land."

Information from "Discover" (Kingsport Tennessee) website:

  • By 1774, Bryce Russell, Sr. had built his fort-house., "the closest house to Long island." on his 640-acre Land Grant.
  • By 1782, Joseph Copeland had settled on his land adjoining Brice Russell.


  1.   Bryce was married to Jane Thompson bn: abt 1730 in County Antrim, Ireland her fathr was Hugh Thompson. Bryce was born in Carnmoney, Antrim, Ireland. The House he grew up in is still inhabited today. it is know as the Russell House. It is believed his father was George Russell. So far no definate info is known about him.