Person:Benjamin Kimsey (2)

  • HBenjamin KimseyABT 1725 - ABT 1808
  • WMargaret GraggEst 1730-1740 -
m. Abt. 1749
  1. Benjamin KimseyAbt 1751 - 1805/7
  2. James KimseyAbt 1755 - 1817
  3. Mary KimseyAbt 1760 -
  4. David KimseyAbt 1763 - 1828
  5. Hannah KimseyAbt 1765 - 1834
  6. Thomas Kimseyabt 1770 - 1860
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Kimsey
Alt Name Benjamin McKimsey
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1725 Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, England,
Marriage Abt. 1749 Prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Gragg
Death? ABT MAR 1808 Buncombe County, North Carolina

Banjamin Kimsey was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land:

  • Augusta Co, Va Book 1, page 106 - 6 Jan 1767-- Benjamin Kimsey 94 acres Walker Creek, next to James Buchannon, John Buchanon, Borden
  • 6 Jan 1767--Augusta Co, Va Benjamin Kimsey 150 acres North mountain next to James Mitchell.
  • 5 Jan 1768--Augusta Co, Va book 1, pg 109, Benjamin Kimsey 130 acres Martins Draft next to John Rusk.
  • 15 Apr 1768--Augusta Co, Va Benjamin Kimsey 50 acres Fork of James River.
  • 22 July 1793, HENRY COUNTY Land Grant 874/655 Benjamin Kimsey North side Rock Castle Creek 48 acres
  • 23 Apr 1795--Patrick Co Survey Book 1, pg 74--Survey for 395 acres for Benjamin Kimzey Land Office Treasury Warrent 295 acres to John McMillan 23 Dec 1783 on Headwaters of Little Wigeon
  • 17 May 1800--Land Grants 45 pg 466 Patrick Co, Benjamin Kimsey 395 acres on headwaters of Little River next to McAlexanders land.

Disposition of Land:

  • 31 Aug 1789-- Henry Co, Deeds pg 23,24--Benjamin Kimsey junior to George Mayberry junior sells 150 acrs on both sides of Rock Castle Creek to top of Ridge Benjamin (x) Kinsey.
  • 31 Aug 1789-- Henry Co Deeds, pg 21,22 Ezekiel Morris to Benjamin Kinsey sells land 20 acres north Fork Rock Castle Creek signed Benjamin Kinsey.
  • Nov 1804-- Patrick Co Deeds, Benjamin Kinsey of Buncombe Co to Elijah Dehart of Patrick Co, 395 acres for 50 pounds /s/BenjamKimzey Agnes(x)Kimzey her mark

Records of Benjamin Kimsey

From Chalkley's:

  • 16 May 1753 - Court Orders of Augusta Co, Va - "Benjamin Kimsey being bound over to this court to answer the complaint of David Stewart appeared, and the said Stewart having on oath declared he was apprehensive of damage to be done him or his goods by the said Kimsey. This court Ordered that the sheriff take the said Kimsey into custody there to remain until he entered into & recognizaned(?) for his good behavior himself in the sum of twenty pounds with one security in the sum of ten pounds or whereupon the said Kimsey in open court acknowledged himself indebted to our sovereign Lord King George the second his heirs and successors with the sum of twenty pounds and John Anderson his security also acknowledged himself indebted to our said Lord the King his heirs and sucessors in the sum of ten pounds on their respective goods and chattels lands and framworks to be levied in case the said Benjamin Kimsey be not of good behavior and keep the peace towards all his masters liege people but more especially towards the said David Stewart for a year and a day now and coming."
  • 24 November, 1755--Augusta Co. Order Book 4, p.519: Charles M'anella against Benjamin Kimsey, Defendant.
  • 24 November, 1755, Augusta Co. Order Book 5, p. 209: Andrew Fitzpatrick,assignee of Aaron Davis, Plaintiff, against Benjamin Kimsey, Defendant.
  • 23 November, 1756, Augusta Co. Order Book 5, p. 293: Charles MacNella, Plantiff, against Benjamin Kimsey, Defendant. (This petition dismissed, plaintiff failing to prove his Account.)
  • 1756--Chalkley, Annals of Augusta Co, Va Vol II, pg 418, Tax Delinquent List - Benjamin Kimsey.
  • 8 January, 1758-- Benjamin Kimsie on the virginia Militia List along with his brother William Kimsey (from list before 1777)
  • 18 Aug 1766-- Augusta Co, Va, Benjamin Kinsey witnessed will of John Smith proved 18 Aug 1766
  • 19 Aug 1767--Arch'd Clendenning estate settlement Augusta Co, Va, listed as person getting money (most likely a debt owed)
  • Vol. 1 - CRIMINAL PROSECUTION PRIOR TO 1795. - 1768. Peter Martin's warrant to arrest Benjamin Kimsey as a common liar and disturber of peace. On complaint of James Bockhannon, David Hase, Arsbald Reah, William Bochannon. Recognizee, with Robert Risk and John Bell.
  • Vol. 1 - Vol. 1 - CRIMINAL PROSECUTION PRIOR TO 1795 - 1768. Writ ad quad damnum on petition of John Hinton. Jury as follows: David Ralstone, Andrew Ewin, Henry Ewin, Benjamin Kinley(?), William Ewin, Jacob Copelin, Thomas Bryan, Michael Waren, Samuel Sampels, John Bryan, John Brown, Cornelius Brian. Signatures of all and George Skilleron (Skillem).
  • 1778--Henry Co, Va List of People who took the Oath of Allegience to the Colonies, James Kimsey. Benjamin Kimsey, Sen hath refused. (Since listed as Sen(ior), Benjamin Jr is then old enough to take oath (re: 16 or older)
  • Jan 1779--Henry Co Va, Benjamin Kimsey, Sen took the Oath of Allegience
  • 1779--HENRY COUNTY Tax List--Benjamin Kinzey junior (1 10 6) On tax list so he's at least 21
  • 1780--Henry Co Tax List--Benjamin Kinzey
  • 1782--Henry Co, Book 3, pg 34-- Benjamin Kinsey has leave to build a water grist mill on Rock Castle he being owner on both sides of the road.

Information on Benjamin Kimsey

More Henry County Tithe Data

  • 1787, Henry Co. VA Tithe List: 6-11 Benjamin Kimzey, sr. [Note: Benj. 11 and James also listed]
  • 1788 Henry Co. VA Tithe List: Benjamin Kimsey Sr., 1 tithe [Note: Benj.II and James also listed].
  • 1790, Henry Co. VA Tithe List: Benjamin Kimsey, Sr., 1 white tithe [Note: Benj.II and James also listed.]

Buncombe Co. NC

1800 Buncombe Co. NC Census

Benjamin Kimsey, sen. 00001 00001

From "Perry County, Illinois", by Turner Publishing Company, pg. 194:

David (Kimsey)'s father, Benjamin (Kimsey) was this families' immigrant and he married in Virginia, Margaret Gregg, daughter of John Gregg of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania. John Gregg and Benjamin Kimsey were both in Augusta County, Virginia about 1750. David (Kimsey) was born about 1755, probably in Augusta County, Virginia. Both David and his father Benjamin were in Buncombe County, North Carolina in the 1800 census.

(Source: "Perry County, Illinois", by Turner Publishing Company, pg. 194, Biography of James Campbell Kimzey, son of David Kimsey)