Person:Benjamin Elliott (6)

Benjamin Francis Elliott
d.03 OCT 1913 Perry, IA,
m. 12 DEC 1843
  1. Esther Ann Elliott1844 - 1910
  2. Gulaelma ElliottABT 1846 - ABT 1891
  3. Keziah Elliott1848 - 1915
  4. Lydia T. Elliott1850 - 1920
  5. Malinda Jane ElliottABT 1853 - 1921
  6. John Henry Elliott1854 - 1921
  7. Edwin F. Elliott1856 - 1907
  8. Mary Elliott1858 - 1862
  9. Benjamin Francis Elliott1861 - 1913
  10. Katharine May Elliott1863 - 1933
  11. William S. Elliott1868 - 1935
  • HBenjamin Francis Elliott1861 - 1913
  • WEtta Crocker1875 - 1958
m. 01 JUL 1892
  1. Raymond ElliottABT 1893 - 1894
  2. Harold ElliottABT 1895 -
  3. Ruth ElliottABT 1897 -
  4. Helen ElliottABT 1898 -
Facts and Events
Name[1][2] Benjamin Francis Elliott
Alt Name[2] Benjamin F Elliott
Gender Male
Birth[3] 23 JUL 1861 Appanoose, Iowa, United States
Other[6] 31 JAN 1883 Dallas, Iowa, United StatesLand Purch
Other[7] 19 MAR 1891 Dallas, Iowa, United StatesLand Purch
Marriage 01 JUL 1892 Iowa,to Etta Crocker
Other[8] 28 FEB 1893 Dallas, Iowa, United StatesLand Sale
Census[9] 1895 Perry, Dallas, Iowa, United States
Census? 1900 Dallas, Iowa, United States
Census? 1910 Dallas, Iowa, United States
Death[4][5] 03 OCT 1913 Perry, IA,
Other[3] 04 OCT 1913 Perry, Dallas, Iowa, United StatesObituary
Probate[4] 16 OCT 1913 Dallas, Iowa, United States
Burial[5] AFT 03 OCT 1913 Violet Hill Cemetery, Perry, Dallas County, Iowa
  1. Francis Elliott household, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1870 U.S. Census Population Schedule, p. 584.
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  3. 3.0 3.1 Death Comes in Automobile, in The Perry Advisor, Page: 1, 4 Oct 1913.

    B.F. Elliott, Taking Daughters to School Seized with Heart Trouble As They Leave Car

    Yesterday morning a few minutes before nine o'clock, B.F. Elliott was seized with heart trouble just after stopping his car at the high school building to allow his two daughters, Ruth and Helen, to alight. They had not ascended the steps leading onto the campus when school mates called to them and they turned to see their father huddled over in the car, a death pallor overspreading his features.
    F. L. Mahannah hurried to his assistance and Dewey Williams got into the Elliott car, the form of the unconcious man being slipped from its position under the steering wheel, and drove the car down Willis Avenue to the office of Dr. A. J. Ross, closely followed by the superintendent in his own machine, Raymond Lutze assisting in the trip down the avenue, holding the limp form from falling.
    When they reached the office a hasty examination was made, but the heart and pulse, which had showed action at the school, was then still and the form was not taken from the auto, but taken at once to the home on First avenue, between North and Paul streets.
    Mr. Elliott had risen as usual yesterday morning and eaten a hearty breakfast. After the meal was over he complained to his wife that he was not feeling well and renewed the talk which was frequent between them about going to California to spend the winter, the western winters seeming to him so much better suited to his physical condition, which has not been rugged for several years. Their plans were to have started them on the westward journey in a few weeks, although the trip had been delayed because of the presence of the children in school.
    On the way to school, a trip which he had been in the habit of making with his children twice a day, he made no special complaint of continued ill feeling, and the sudden ending of his life came with all the force of unpreparedness which almost robs it of reality, so impossible does it seem. AS the news spread over the city friends of many years shared in the feeling of loss and the sudden grief, and all alike sought the verification of a story which none could grasp. So full of health and vigor and good nature he seemed, so filled with the very joy of living, so content in the rich blessings of a happy home, that transition was looked upon as impossible.
    For a number of years Mr. Elliott has led the retired life of one who had gained a competence and took the easier paths. He owned considerable land in both South Dakota and Montana and was frequently a party to deals for its sale and the purchase of more. Together with T. R. Phillips he owned real estate in Great Falls, Montana, and only within the last few days they were planning the disposal of the property-a deal which was not completed and will for a time have to be delayed.
    Benjamin Franklin Elliott was born in Appanoose county, near Centerville, July 23, 1861. He grew to manhood there, coming to this section with his parents and brothers and sisters thirty years ago. The old family home was on the farm now occupied by Mrs. C. N. Schaffer, at the top of Wolfe hill. The parents have passed on and of a family of ten children only six now remain. They are John Elliott of Redfield, Will Elliott of Des Moines, Mrs. Wm. McLuen, Mrs. Geo. Wilcox, Mis Kezia Elliott of Perry and Mrs. Alfred Rhoades of Jefferson.
    On July 1st, 1892 he was united in marriage to Miss Etta Crocker. Their home has always been in the fullest sense one where devotion, understanding and affection has held sway and the passing years left untouched the hearts which loved ever with the fervor which drew them together. Three children were given unto them, Harold, Ruth, and Helen, and the manly son and maidenly daughters give to the bereaved wife a comfort and a cause for fortitude in this terrible hour of unwarned woe.
    Mr. Elliott was a member of the I.O.O.F. and the M.B.A. lodges. Faithful to their teaching, he was still more loyal to his inclinations for home, and his evenings were usually spent with the family.
    Some years ago he was in the music business, having purchased the A.U. Coates interests. This he conducted for some years and then returned to private life. He was a contractor in Perry during the years before, and was prominent in his line of work. While not a member of any church, he attended divine worship with his wife, and took an interest in the affairs of the church. He was for a number of years a member of the school board of the city and had ever taken the utmost interest in the welfare and properity of Perry.
    At the time of the big fire in 1898 Mr. Elliott owned the building used by the Grand Leader as the north half of their store room, where the Golden Rule and Swartz Grocery is now located. He rebuilt the burned building, which marked the northern edge of the flame path, and owned it for a number of years before selling to the Mortimer estate.
    He had but a few months ago completed the erection of a fine new home on First avenue and they had enjoyed its conveniences as their own, moving from the house next door where they had lived for several years.
    The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon at 2:30 and will be in charge of the Odd Fellows at the grave, the M.B.A.s attending in a body also. Whether the services will be held at the house or at the church will be decided today, and will depend somewhat on the weather.

  4. 4.0 4.1 Estate of B F Elliott, in Probates, Dallas, Iowa, United States. United States, Iowa, Dallas. Probates, Probate File # 2798, Box E1 (book K, page 14), 1913.

    Petition of Etta M. Elliott for Administration of Estate
    B.F. Elliott died at Perry, Iowa on or about 3 October 1913
    left surviving him Etta M. Elliott his widow and the following heirs at law:
    Harold Elliott, son age 18 yrs., residing Perry
    Ruth Elliott, daughter, age 16 yrs, "
    Helen Elliott, daughter, age 15 yrs, "

    The deceased died seized of the following real estate:
    portion of W 1/2 Block 6, in Miller's addition to the city of Perry Iowa.
    And also personal property of about the value of $4000.

    filed 17 Oct 1913

  5. 5.0 5.1 Violet Hill Cemetery, Dallas County, Iowa, Sect. 1-3/4, 1913.

    Father: B. F. Elliott 1861 - 1913

    Benjamin F Elliott 1861-1913
  6. Index to Deeds, , in Dallas, Iowa, United States. United States, Iowa, Dallas. Deeds, Index to Deeds, Bk. 57, p. 338, 31 Jan 1883.

    Bought from Minnie L. Summerville & husband, Lot 6, Block B, Summerville Addition, Town of Perry.

  7. Index to Deeds, , in Dallas, Iowa, United States. United States, Iowa, Dallas. Deeds, Bk. 103, p. 337, 19 MAR 1891.

    Bought from R.V. Weaver & her husband, Lot 11, Block 44, Town of Perry.

  8. Index to Deeds, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. United States, Iowa, Dallas. Deeds, Bk. 112, p. 524, 28 FEB 1893.

    Benjamin F. Elliott & wife sold to John C. Ellis, Lot 11, Block 44, Town of Perry.

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    Dallas County, City of Perry, Third Ward
    Elliott, Bejamin F. M 34 yrs B. Adair Co, Iowa ____ in Clerk Rel: M.E.
    Elliott, Eta M. M 20 yrs B: Dallas Co, Iowa Keeping House Rel: M.E.
    Cracker [Crocker], Anna S 22 yrs. B: Dallas Co., Iowa Seamstress Rel: M.E.

  10.   Perry city ward 3 , in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule, page 15a, 1900.

    on 1st Avenue
    Elliott, F. M. head white male b. 7/1860 age 39 male married 9 yrs b. IA fa b. NC mo b. IN Land Lord
    Elliott, Etta wife white female b. 1/1874 age 26 married 9 yrs 4 children born 3 living b. IA fa & mo b. PA
    Elliott, Harold son white male b. 6/1896 age 4 single b. IA
    Elliott, Ruth daughter white female b. 5/1897 age 2 single b. IA
    Elliott, Helen daughter white female b. 10/1898 age 1 single b. IA

  11.   Ward 3 Perry, in Dallas, Iowa, United States. 1900 U.S. Census Population Schedule, page 171b, 1910.

    Elliott, Frank B. head male white age 48 married 18 yrs b. IA fa b. SC mo b. NJ real estate salesman
    Elliott, Etta M. wife female white age 35 married 18 yrs 4 children born 3 living b. IA fa b. PA mo b. PA
    Elliott, Harold son male white age 14 single b. IA
    Elliott, Ruth daughter female white age 12 single b. IA
    Elliott, Helen daughter female white age 11 single b. IA