Person:Benjamin Copeland (2)

Benjamin Copeland
m. est. 1720
  1. Benjamin CopelandEst 1721 - Bef 1754
  2. John CopelandAbt 1726 -
  3. Henry Copeland1728 -
  • HBenjamin CopelandEst 1721 - Bef 1754
  • WAnne UnknownAbt 1724 - Aft 1781
m. est. 1741
  1. Hannah "Annie" "Ann" CopelandAbt 1741 - 1791
  2. Mary Copeland1743 -
  3. Sarah CopelandAbt 1745 -
  4. Anne CopelandAbt 1746 -
  5. Jacob John CopelandAbt 1747 -
  6. James CopelandAbt 1750 -
  7. Benjamin Copeland1752 -
  8. Samuel A. Copeland1754 -
Facts and Events
Name Benjamin Copeland
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1721 of Essex County, Virginia
Marriage est. 1741 to Anne Unknown
Death? bef. 20 March 1754 West Shenandoah, Augusta County, Virginia

Benjamin Copeland was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Dec. 15, 1749 - Benjamin Copeland purchased 400 acres on the branch of the north fork of Shenandoah called Buffalo Spring. Source

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 289.--20th May, 1752. Benj. Capland and Ann to Joseph Wright, 400 acres on Buffilo Spring of North Fork Shanando. Teste: Charles Baley, Samuel Gray. Delivered: Thomas Waddell, 29th June, 1755.

Estate Records of Benjamin Copeland

  • Page 15.--20th March, 1754. Anne Copland's bond as administratrix of Benj. Copland. with sureties Michael Warren, Abraham Smith.
  • Page 64.--29th May, 1754. Reniamin (s/b Benjamin) Copeland's appraisement, by Robert Patterson, Joseph Bryan, John Brown.
  • Page 86.--15th March, 1755. Benjamin Copeland's additional appraisement, by Robert Patterson (mark), Jos. Bryan (mark), John Brown Daniel Henderson's note; John Macau's note; Gabriel Pickin's note; John Shaw's note (run away); James Gamble's note; Alex. Craig's note; Repentance Townsend's note; Henry Cryswell's note; Joseph Write's bonds.
  • Page 113.--18th August, 1755. Benj. Copland's additional appraisement, and accounts of estate.
  • Page 287.--17th November, 1758. Benj. Copland's estate settlement, by Ann Ralston (late Anne Copland). 19th March, 1755, former account. John Shaw's note (he ran away). Paid Thos. Pointer for one-half year schooling of Jacob and Mary Copland £1. Credits since 23d September, 1757--To Hannah Copeland, Sarah Copeland, Anne Ralston, David Ralston, Samuel Semple, Thomas Gregg, Samuel Hull, Robert Patterson, Edward McGeery, David Berry, Daniel Henderson, Peter Trader.
Samuel Semple Creditor
(Note: Samuel married Benjamin Copland's daughter Hannah in 1761)

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1755: page 6, Anne Ralston, D. Ralston's wife, administratrix (of) Benjamin Copeland. (Note: proves that Anne had re-married to David Ralston).
  • Page 269.--5th July, 1755. Joseph Wright to Thomas Weddel (Waddell), £74, 400 acres on a branch of North Fork Shannando called Buffalo Spring, conveyed to Joseph by Benj. Copeland, 20th May, 1762. Teste: Joseph ( ) Reburn. Delivered: Thomas, December, 1763.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1756 (B). - Trimble vs. Gardner.--John Trimble and Mary, his wife, complain of Alexander Gardner and Benjamin Copland. Bond dated 12th September, 1749. Made to Mary Moffett, who married Trimble. Suit begun 1755, 30th November.
  • Page 520.--17th November, 1757. James ( ) Coyle to Wm. Preston, £15, 145 acres by patent, 16th August. 1756, on North River Shanando; cor. Benj. Copeland. Teste: Jno. McNeill.
  • Page 187.--21st November, 1759. Wm. Preston to Thomas Waddel, £15, 145 acres on North River, Shanando; corner Benjamin Copeland. Delivered: Thos. Waddel, December, 1763.
  • Page 510.--22d August, 1767. William Cunningham and Jane to Ralph Lofftus, £90, 350 acres patented to William, 10th August, 1759, on Thorny Branch of North River of Shanandoah, corner Benj. Copeland's land, John Crosby's land. Teste: Edward Erwin, John Cozbe.
  • Page 449.--170 acres on Thorny Branch joining the plantation whereon Thomas Waddle now (18th March, 1777) lives, formerly possessed by Banj. Copeland and the Plantation of Ralph Lofftus, formerly possessed by William Cunningham. Teste: James Curry, Jr.