Person:Bazaleel Brown (1)

Bazaleel Brown
d. 9 Jan 1829
Facts and Events
Name Bazaleel Brown
Gender Male
Birth? 29 July 1754 Albemarle, Virginia, United States
Death? 9 Jan 1829


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Transcript:Reminiscences of Ruben Dabney Brown, c1850
Brown Family 3 accessed June 2012
Browns Cove Land Study accessed June 2012


Grey line marks Three Chopt Road, Dark grey line marks the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road.
Grey line marks Three Chopt Road, Dark grey line marks the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road.

Bezaleel (b. 29 July 1754 Brown's Cove, VA- d.9 Jan 1829, Brown's Cove, VA) married: Mary "Polly Thompson, (18 Feb 1755 – 1847), daughter of William and Elizabeth Davis Thompson, granddaughter of Nathaniel and Anna Dabney Thompson. Bezaleel is often seen in Albemarle County Road orders 1791 to 1802. In Rev: He was a Captain in the Virginia State Militia and was at Yorktown at the time of Cornwallis surrender. Brown Family 3]


Bazaleel Brown was the son of Benjamin Brown of Brown's Cove, Albemarle, born 1754.

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From Ancestry World Trees

We know of two marriages for Benjamin Brown, first to “Unknown” Hescott (about 1734) and second to Sarah Thompson (about 1745). Miss Hescott was born about 1710 and died in 1744, at the age of only 32. Sarah was just 21 years of age when she married the then 50 year old Benjamin Brown. Benjamin Brown died at his home, Trinidad, in Brown’s Cove, Albemarle County, Virginia, on November 9, 1762, at the age of 67. His last child, Brightberry Brown, was only 9 months of age when the elder Benjamin Brown passed away. Sarah Thompson lived on until 1794 and passed away at the age of 70. Sarah Thompson was the daughter of Robert Thompson and Jane Hescott, who lived in Louisa County, Virginia, at the time of Sarah’s marriage to Benjamin Brown. Therefore, it is conceivable that our Miss Hescott and Sarah Thompson could have been first cousins – the daughters of a brother and sister – or, since Sarah Thompson was 14 years younger than our Miss Hescott, Sarah’s mother could have been the older sister of our Miss Hescott. Whichever is the case, we now know that all eleven of Benjamin Brown, Sr.’s children are also descendants of the Hescott family of Kent and Louisa Counties in Virginia at the turn of the 18th century.