Person:Audley Paul (1)

Capt. Audley Paul
b.Bet. 1728 - 1731 prob. Scotland
m. est. 1727-1730
  1. Capt. Audley PaulBet 1728 - 1731 - 1802
  2. Mary PaulEst 1733-1740 -
  3. Anne (Polly) PaulABT 1735 - 1788
  • HCapt. Audley PaulBet 1728 - 1731 - 1802
  • WJane MatthewsAbt 1734 - Bet 1778
m. 20 June 1755
  1. Ann Paul1755 - 1828
  2. John Paul1756 - 1828
  3. Jane (Jenney) Paul1760 -
  4. James Paul1762 - ABT 1852
  5. Rebecca Paul1764 -
  6. Elizabeth Paul, IABT 1766 - bef 1772
  7. Margaret Paul1767 - 1819
  8. Audley Paul, Jr.1770 -
  9. Elizabeth Paul, IIABT 1772 -
Facts and Events
Name Capt. Audley Paul
Gender Male
Birth? Bet. 1728 - 1731 prob. Scotland
Marriage 20 June 1755 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Matthews
Other? 1757 Botetourt, Virginia, United Statesestablished Audley Paul's Fort during French & Indian War
Death? 2 Sep 1802 Botetourt, Virginia, United States

Capt. Audley Paul was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Parentage of Audley Paul

Some sources (including the one listed below) claim that Audley Paul was a son of Rev. Hugh Paul, but several other sources cite him as the son of John Paul and Margaret Lynn. Apparently few (if any) records exist to prove the existence of a Rev. Hugh Paul, making this claim problematic. More research may be necessary to determine which is correct.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Early Land Survey in Augusta County:

  • Page 46 - Audley Paul, 48 acres. Adjoining his former survey. September 11, 1765. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 18].

Biography of Capt. Audley Paul

From A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia, by Oren F. Morton, pub. 1920:

PAUL-- Captain Audley Paul was a son of Hugh Paul, a Presbyterian minister, who migrated from county Armagh, Ulster, to Chester county, Pennsylvania. He was a very useful officer, and was in military service nearly all the time from 1754 until the close of the Revolution. He led his company several times against the Indians. He was under Washington in the battle known as Braddock's Defeat, and he endured the hardships of the Big Sandy expedition. His son relates in 1839 that his father received no compensation for these services. Captain Paul lived near the line of Botetourt. His brother John became a Roman Catholic priest in Maryland.

  • Captain Audley Paul was a son of Hugh Paul a Presbyterian minister who migrated from County Armagh, Ulster, to Chester County, Pennsylvania. He was a very useful officer and was in military service nearly all the time from 1754 until the close of the Revolution. He led his company several times against the Indians. He was under Washington in the battle known as Braddock's Defeat, and he endured the hardships of the Big Sandy Expedition. His son relates in 1839 that his father received no compensation for these services. His brother John be came a Roman Catholic priest in Maryland. An unknown source says that Audley Paul married on 20 June 1755, in Augusta County, Virginia, Jane Lynn Matthews. She was born in 1734 or 1735 and died after 6 September 1778, but before 6 December 1802 in Botetourt County, Virginia.


Will of Audley Paul

Botetourt County, VA Will Book B, p. 231.

Audley Pauls's Will (Transcription)

In the name of God Amen. this Sixth day of September one thousand eight hundred and two, I Audley Paul Senr. of the County of Botetourt and State of Virginia being weak in body but in prfect mind and memory thanks be to God for all his mercies doth make this my lst will and testament Imprimir I do allow my body to be buried after a decent Christian manner at the discretion of my Executors, Item I do give and bequeath to my oldest daughter Ann Taylor, Thirty Three Dollars and one third of a Dollar to be paid by Audley Paul, Junr. and one Still which is now in her custody. Item I do leave my daughter Margaret Walker Twenty Five Dollars to be paid by my son James Paul. Item I do give and bequeath unto my son John Paul one hundred and sixty two acres of land lying in the Raccon Valley part of the land which I purchased from John [Crawford].
Item I do give and bequeath unto James Paul my son one hundred eighty eight acres of the land I purchased from John Crawford in the Raccoon Valley. Item I do leave my daughter Jane Harris Twenty Five Dollars to be paid by my sons John and James Paul each an equal part. Item I do leave and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth Defreese one hundred acres of land and Hiram Abeth Paul her son fifty acres of land all of the land I have in the Raccoon Valley Sd. land to be divided according to quantity and quality and each to have an equal advantage of water and timber addiquate to their quantities above mentioned. I also leae Elizabeth Defreese the waggon and gears and all the moveables that I left in her possession. I also leave my riding mare to my son John Paul. I also leave her young foal and all m body cloaths to my son James Paul. I also leave my money that remains in Crawford's hand to John Walker, Cawfeld Taylor and James harris to be devided equally amongst them my two years old colt I do leave to my son Audley. Given from under my hand and seal this sixth day of September One thousand eight hundred and Two.
Audley Paul Sen (Seal)
William Cross
William Campbell
James Lecky
NB I nominate and appoint Col Sawyers of Tenecee and John Paul to be my Executors.
At Botetourt, December Court 1802.
An instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Audley Paul dec'd was exhibited in court & proven by the oath of James Lecky, a witness thereto and ordered to lie for further proofs. And at Botetourt April Court 1810 was proven by the oath of William Cross and William Campbell, two other witneses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

Records of Audley Paul in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 430.--24th August, 1751. Andrew Johnston to David Stewart, Gent., 218-1/2 acres. From John Maxwell; corner Robert McClenachan (formerly John Madison's land); corner Robert Breckinridge (formerly John Maxwell's land). Teste: John Harman, Audley Paul, Pat. McCluskey, Mary Paul.
  • MARCH 24, 1755. - (412) Audley Paul qualified Lieutenant of Foot; Henry Murray, qualified Lieutenant of Foot.
  • AUGUST 21, 1755. - (469) Audley Paul produced account for services done Braddock's army and for a horse lost on the expedition; Major Scot, a carrier employed by David Stuart, ditto; Wm. Scot, a carrier, ditto.
  • Page 237.--15th September, 1755. Alexander Ingrem to Jacob Reed, £31, 373 acres on south side said creek (?). Teste: Audly Paul, James Donelson.
  • Page 546.--14th March, 1758. Sampson and George Mathews, executors of John Mathews, Jr., £8.12, 291 acres on Mill Creek in Fork of James; Thos. Williams line, cor. Joshua Mathews; cor. Wm. Bradshaw. Teste: Audly Paul, Wm. Mathews.
  • Page 280.--1760: Processioned by Joshua Mathews and John Armstrong, in Capt. John Maxwell's Company: For Michael Finney, for John Berryford, for Pat Porter, for Wm. Haldman, for John Harger, for Arthur McClure, for John Armstrong, for Paul Whitley, for Jonathan Whitley, for James Todd, for James Davis, for John Poage, for James McGavock, for John Maxwell, for Michael Dougherty, for John Mitchell, for James Gilmore, for James Bates, for John McCallum, for Richard Woods, for Edward Sharp, for Audley Paul, for Wm. Mathews, for Richard Mathews, for John Mathews.
  • Page 295.--15th October, 1765. John Davis, son and heir of Nathaniel Davis, deceased, and Sarah Davis, relict of Nathaniel to Moses Cavet, £36, 115 acres by patent, 30th August, 1763, on Bufflo Creek. Teste: John Maxwell, Audly Paul, George Wilson. Delivered: Samuel McNabb, June, 1779, by order.
  • OCTOBER 17, 1765. - (16) William McCamey and one other and 190 acres added to tithables. Thomas Kilpatrick and one other and 300 acres added to tithables. John Maxwell and one other and 200 acres added to tithables. James Campbell added to tithables. Wm. McElhenny and 400 acres added to tithables. Henry Bowen and 323 acres added to tithilbles. Audley Paul and one other and 350 acres added to tithables. Benj. Watson and 170 acres added to tithables.
  • Page 439.--22d October, 1765. Joshua Mathew's estate settlement, by George Mathews, recorded--25th December, 1764, paid Edward Sharp; 16th March, 1765, paid Darby Shay; 7th June. 1765, paid Benj. Bennett; 23rd August, paid Jas. Hartgrove; November, 1764, paid Wm. Saxton, Alex. Baggs, Danl. Goodwin, Stephen Arnold, Sarah Sproul, John Sawyers; paid George Darr, per Col. Preston. Contra--19th October, 1764, by Capt. Audley Paul's bill; Jacob Click's; Jeremiah Dennis' bill; Edmond Crump's; Benj. Watson's.
  • AUGUST, 1766 (A). - Audley Paul vs. Stalnaher (from Hampshire).--Bond showing signature of Audley Paul and David Cloyd.
  • AUGUST 20, 1766. - (209) Audley Paul vs. Saml. Stalnaker } Judgment on a judgment obtained in Hampshire County.
  • Page 450.--1767-68: Processioned by Wm. McElhenny and Paul Whitley: For Samuel Walker, John Maxfield, Wm. McClenachan, David Cloid, Edley Paul, James Cloid, William Hall, Christian Vingard, John Bouers, John Logan, Benj. Estill, Wm. McElhenny, Henry Bouns (Bonns), Henry Cartmel, Samuel Gibson, James Bates, Paul Whitley, Jonathan Whitley, Wm. Logan. Processioned by John Pall, John Lyle: For John Keys, John Parks, Robert Caruthers, Roger Keys, Jno. Paul, John Hays, Thomas Willson, David Williamson, Jno. Boid, Thomas Boid, Walter Smiley, Jno. Clemans, James McClung, Wm. Alexander, John Lusk, James Ritchey, Jno. Sloan, Joseph Alexander. Processioned by James Hugart: For Charles Donelly, Jno. Cartmill, Robert Stewart, Thomas Galespie, Jno. McCashling, Mary Moore, James McCay, Wm. McCay, Ralph Laferty, John Galespie, James Hugart.
  • Page 587.--7th August, 1769. Patrick ( ) Wilson to William McClenachan, mortgage, £36.6.2, on James River, George Poage's line, purchased by Patrick of Malcomb Allen by deed, 9th March, 1760. Teste: John Maxwell, Audly Paul, James Neelly, John Buchanan, William Hall. Delivered: William McClenachan, August, 1770.
  • Page 158 - Land Survey in Augusta County: John Sterling, 30 acres, Forks of the James River. Adjoining Audley Paul, Henry Bown. Dec. 21, 1769. [Abstract of Land Grant Surveys, 1761-1791, Augusta & Rockingham Counties, Virginia, by Peter Cline Kaylor, pg. 57].
  • (undated - Approx. 1803-1805?) - Agness Paul by Wm. Cochran, Senr., her father and next friend, vs. Audley Paul--Bill for divorce. Audley owns land in Rockbridge and Botetourt, also within two miles of Lexington, Ky.; also in Pennsylvania, devised to him by his father. He is about to remove to Kentucky. (Note: this record may be for Audley's son?)