Person:Audley Maxwell (7)

Ensign Audley Campbell Maxwell
m. bef Mar 1741
  1. Ensign Audley Campbell Maxwell1761 - 1835
  • HEnsign Audley Campbell Maxwell1761 - 1835
  • WAnne Matthewsabt 1764 - bet 1820-1830
m. 30 December 1785
  1. Elizabeth Maxwell1786 - 1857
  2. John Maxwell1788 - ABT 1850
  3. Rebecca Maxwell1790 - 1853
  4. Thomas Maxwellabt 1792 -
  5. William H. Maxwell1811 -
  6. Audley Maxwell, Jr.abt 1813 -
Facts and Events
Name[1] Ensign Audley Campbell Maxwell
Gender Male
Birth? 15 May 1761 Augusta County, Virginia
Military[1] abt 1776 Rockbridge, Virginia, United Statesin the Rockbridge County militia
Marriage 30 December 1785 Rockbridge County, Virginiato Anne Matthews
Death? 04 March 1835 Tazewell, Tazewell County, Virginia


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Red Flag

We know that the Audley Maxwell born 15 March 1741 was the son of Audley Maxwell (8), per Craig's baptism records. Whether that That's the same person as Ensign Audley Campbell Maxwell is not clear. Others attach the latter Audley to either John (88) or John (89). Further work needed.


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    Service Description: 1) ROCKBRIDGE CO, MIL.