Person:Arthur McClure (5)

Arthur McClure
b.est. 1740/42
d.bef. October 1800 Greenbrier County, Virginia
  • HArthur McClureest 1740/42 - bef 1800
  • W.  Martha (add)
  1. Jane McClure1765 - 1830
  2. Charles McClureabt 1768 - 1844
  3. Arthur McClure, Jr.abt 1770 - abt 1842
  4. Martha McClureabt 1771 - 1851
  5. Samuel McClure1773 - 1846
  6. John McClureabt 1779 -
  7. Rebecca McClurebef 1781 -
  8. William McClureabt 1783 - bet 1850-1851
  9. James McClurebef 1791 -
Facts and Events
Name Arthur McClure
Gender Male
Birth? est. 1740/42
Death? bef. October 1800 Greenbrier County, Virginia

Arthur McClure was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Will of Arthur McClure

Will of Arthur McClure - Dated: August 15, 1800, Greenbrier County, Virginia:, now West Virginia.
In the Name of God Amen. I, Arthur McClure of Greenbrier County & State of Virginia being Sick and weak of Body but of sound mind & Memory thank God and and considering the uncertainty of all Sublunary things & that it is appointed for all Men to die do bequeth my Soul to God and my Body to the clay to Earth Rottings and Worms hoping that God will Restore it to me at the Resurrection of the Just as to my Temporal affairs I despose of them as follows:
to my Wife Martha McClure I allow she shall hold and keep this place South of the River during her life and afterwards to fall to my 2 sons James & William McClure for their Possession with all my Horses, Cattle, Movable, Utensils etc.
To my Son Charles I leave the part of my place he now lives on as his part of my Estate.
To my two Sons Samuel & Arthur McClure Junior I leave and bequeath the place where sd Arthur lives on
To my Son Jno McClure I will & bequeath 118 Acres of land on the Droop Mountain.
To my Daughter Catharine Iurns I Bequeath Ten Shillings
To my Daughter Jane Callison I bequeth 10 shillings
To my Daughter Martha Stinson [sic, s/b Stevenson] I Bequeath 10 Shillings
I will and Bequeath to my Daughter Rebecca Snodgrass 10 shillings.
To my Daughter Elizabeth McClure I bequeath a Horse and saddle Value Twenty five pounds.
To my Daughter Mary McClure I bequeth the Horse and Saddle she has now in possession with everything she possesses at present.
I Nominate Constitute and appoint my wife Martha McClure and my son Saml McClure to be my Executors, to see my will performed as it is at present appointed I Revoke all will or Testaments ma de by me or in my name heretofore but this to be my last will and Testament.
Being duly Read to the Testator before Signing Being present.
(signed) Arthar X McClure
William Brown, James Snodgrass, Mark Patrick Keenan
August the 15th 1800.
[Will Recorded October 1800, Greenbrier County, West Virginia, Book 1 Page 147].