Person:Arthur McClure (3)

Arthur McClure
b.Abt. 1729 Prob. Ireland
m. Abt. 1729
  1. Arthur McClureAbt 1729 - 1796
  2. James McClureAbt 1734 -
  3. John McClureAbt 1736 - Abt 1780
  4. Halbert McClureAbt 1738 - 1782
m. 1750
  1. John McClureest 1751-1755 - abt 1822
  2. Nathan McClureest 1755 - 1788
  3. Eleanor 'Ellin' McClureest 1761 -
  4. Robert McClureabt 1765 - 1820
  5. Jane McClureabt 1766 -
  6. Mary McClureest 1766 - bef 1821
  7. Rebecca McClureest 1769 -
  8. Agnes 'Nancy' McClureest 1770 -
  9. Jane 'Jenny' McClureabt 1771 - 1843
Facts and Events
Name Arthur McClure
Gender Male
Birth? Abt. 1729 Prob. Ireland
Marriage 1750 Augusta County, Virginiato Frances McNabb
Death? 1796 Lincoln County, Kentucky

Arthur McClure was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA


Arthur McClure's land (Borden Tract SW, 153½ acres, 1749) as shown on the map meticulously drawn by J.R. Hildebrand, cartographer. This map is copyrighted©, used by permission of John Hildebrand, son of J.R. Hildebrand, April, 2009.

Information on Artuhr McClure

From post: (summarized)

Descendants of Arthur McClure, d. 1796 Lincoln Co., KY Posted by: Judy Brown (ID *****1371) Date: October 07, 2003 at 21:49:12 of 4887

I recently found a Lincoln County court case (#915) in the KY State Archives that spanned about 20 years and 200 pages. This suit involved disputes among the heirs of Arthur and Frances McClure and contains much genealogical information. Based on the information in the suit and marriage records, I have put Arthur's family together as follows.

Arthur McClure, b. est 1725. He married Frances (McNabb?), 1750, b. est 1730, d. 1805, Lincoln Co., KY. On Lincoln Co., KY tax rolls, 1791-95. Arthur died intestate in the spring of 1796 in Lincoln Co., KY His son Robert and son-in-law William McElwee were administrators of his estate. Some heirs were not satisfied with the division of the estate and after Frances died in the fall of 1805, a suit was filed by them in Pulaski Co., KY to recover a share of the slaves in the possession of Robert Modrell and his wife Jenny that they had bought from Frances. This suit was dismissed in 1811. Then in 1821 Jane McClure Walker, along with Jonathan James (her son-in-law) and William Barnett (both executors and administrators of her husband Alexander Walker's estate) filed suit in Lincoln Co., KY which concerned the same issues in the earlier suit plus a claim to part of the land occupied by Robert McClure. This case was dismissed in 1827.

The children of Arthur shown below are those named in the suits. There may have been additional children who were already deceased and without heirs at the time the 1806 suit was filed. A transcript of the Pulaski Co. suit was included in the later Lincoln Co. case. The Lincoln Co. suit is Case #915 and is available (originals and on microfilm, Sept. 2003) in the Kentucky State Archives in Frankfort.

From the court cases, Arthur clearly had two daughters named Jane. "Why" is unknown at this time, perhaps Frances was not his first or only wife. Frances was on Lincoln Co., KY tax rolls 1796-1805. Arthur and Frances lived in Rockbridge Co., VA before moving to Lincoln Co., KY sometime in the 1780's.

Children of Arthur McClure:

I. John McClure, b. est 1751-1755, d. ca 1822. Resided in Rutherford Co., NC by 1796? Could be the same John McClure (Sr.)who gave a power of attorney to his son, John Jr. on 13 Oct 1796 "To ask, demand, sue, recover from the estate of Arthur McClure, decd. To take whatever means he thinks proper in law or equity." The timing is right. From the Lincoln Co., KY lawsuit, it is known that John McClure was not an inhabitant of KY.

II. Nathan McClure, b. est 1755, d. May 1788, near Mt. Victory, Pulaski Co., KY. Served as Lt. in KY militia. Killed by Indians. Historical marker erected 1967 to mark his grave. Died intestate, apparently no children or wife. Father and brothers & sisters were heirs. Two parcels of land were surveyed for him in July 1784 in Lincoln Co., KY. They were part of Treasury Warrant No. 8141. One parcel contained about 400 acres, the other about 255 acres. Both were on the "waters of Salt River & Chaplains fork." Survey recorded in Lincoln Co., KY Survey Book 11, 1784-1785, pp.343-4. Land was entered in Dec 1782, in Survey Book 5, 1779, p. 187 & 194. There may have been additional parcels.

III. Jane McClure, b. ca 1765, VA probably. She married Alexander Walker, 28 Mar 1788, in Lincoln Co., KY, d. ca 1819, Madison Co., KY. Alexander: His will was probated 5 Jul 1819 in Madison Co., KY. Had step-daughter Dayley Keef (Delila Walker m. Thomas Keeth 20 Feb 1813, Madison Co., KY) named in his will. Dayley's parents are unknown.

IV. Robert McClure, b. ca 1765, VA probably. He probably married Margaret "Peggy" Hinds, 2 Apr 1788, in Lincoln Co., KY, (daughter of James Hinds) d. aft 1820. Robert died 1820, Lincoln Co., KY. His children and their spouses sold land inherited from him in 1828. Deed is recorded in Lincoln Co., KY Deed Bk. N page 42.

V. Mary McClure, b. est 1766. She married Nathaniel Dryden, 3 Aug 1785, in Rockbridge Co., VA, b. est 1764. Mary died bef 1821. Nathaniel: Resided in Lincoln Co., KY and then in Bedford Co., TN by 1823.

VI. Rebecca McClure, b. est 1769. She married Robert Ellison, 15 Dec 1794, in Lincoln Co., KY.

VII. Eleanor "Ellin" McClure, b. est 1761. She married David McClure, 8 May 1782, in Rockbridge Co., VA, b. est 1757. They did not move to KY with her parents.

VIII. Agnes "Nancy" McClure, b. est 1765. She married William McElwee, 19 Oct 1791, in Lincoln Co., KY, b. est 1761, d. bef 1821, Lincoln Co., KY.

IX. Jane "Jenny" McClure, b. ca 1771, poss. Pulaski Co.,KY. She married Robert Modrell, 25 Mar 1797, in Lincoln Co., KY, b. c. 1767, York Co., PA, (son of Robert Motheral and Elizabeth ______) d. 1842/43, Buchanan Co., MO. Jane died Dec 1843, Buchanan Co., MO. Birth estimate based on Buchanan Co., MO 1840 Census and age at marriage. Mother gave consent for marriage, therefore under age 21 in Mar 1797. Estate probated in Buchanan Co. Robert: From census records born betw. 1765-1771. His parents lived in York Co., PA 1760-1775 then moved to Mechlenburg, NC. He was in Pulaski Co., KY by 1798. Served in Revolutionary War. Was a Capt. in the War of 1812. He was Pulaski Co. sheriff and served in the KY legislature in 1806. Belonged to the Pisgah Presbyterian Church in Somerset, KY. Estate probated in Buchanan Co., MO.