Person:Archibald Scott (4)

Rev. Archibald Scott
b.WFT Est 1738-1752
d.4 MAR 1799
m. 1779
  1. Elizabeth Scott1779-1788 -
  2. Jane Scott1782 - 1814
  3. James ScottABT 1785 - 1822
  4. Mary Scott1786-1799 -
  5. Archibald Scott1786-1799 -
  6. Andrew Scott1786-1799 -
  7. William Nelson Scott1789 - 1857
  8. Matilda King Scott1791 -
Facts and Events
Name Rev. Archibald Scott
Gender Male
Birth? WFT Est 1738-1752
Marriage 1779 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Frances 'Fanny' Ramsey
Death? 4 MAR 1799

Rev. Archibald Scott was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 10.--18th March, 1783. Benjamin Bennett, of Rockbridge, son and heir-at-law of Richard Bennett, deceased, to Rev. Archibald Scott, 245 acres gained by Benjamin from Beverley by a suit in chancery in 1780 in Augusta County Court, being the plantation where Wm. McKnab and Jacob Gabert formerly lived.

Records of Archibald Scott's Estate

From Chalkley's:

  • Vol. 2 - (undated, bet. 24 June 1799 - 28 Oct. 1799) - __ _____, ____--Fanny Scott, administrator of Archd. Scott.
  • Page 108.--Rev. Archibald Scott's estate appraisement recorded 23d March, 1807.
  • Page 157.--Rev. Archibald Scott's estate settled by Executor James Ramsey, 2d February, 1807. Principal and interest of a debt due the late Mrs. Scott by the will of her father, which is in the hands of the executor, James Ramsey.
  • Page 169.--Distributers of Rev. Archibald Scott, viz: Jane Scott, William Wilson, James Scott, Wm. Scott, Jas. McKnight, Archibald Scott, Andrew Scott, Matilda Scott. 24th September, 1812.

Records of Archibald Scott in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 481.--16th August, 1781. Archibald Scott's bond to celebrate in matrimony.
  • MAY 21, 1782. - (380) William Wilson, Archibald Scott, Benj. Erwin and James Waddle, Presbyterian Ministers, are licenced to celebrate matrimony.
  • AUGUST 17, 1785. - (160) Rev. Archibold Scott, Presbyterian, authorized to solemnize matrimony.
  • Page 270.--15th July, 1790. David Mathews' will--All estate to poor the Parish in Rev. Archibald Scott's congregation. Executors, John Young, James Brown, Sr. Teste: John Scott, James Williamson, Jean Scott. Proved, 21st September, 1790, by John Scott and Williamson Brown qualified.
  • Page 388 (Vol. 2) - William. 27 Jan 1801--Wm. WILSON, Wm. RAMSEY, guardians of Sarah, Elizabeth and James, orphans of Archibald SCOTT.
  • Page 388 (Vol. 2) - 27 Jan 1801--Wm. WILSON, Wm. RAMSEY, guardians of Mary, William, Archd., Andrew, Matilda, orphans of Archd. SCOTT. [Guardians' Bonds, Augusta County, Virginia]

Information on Rev. Archibald Scott

The military record of the-Scotch-Irish of Augusta County, Virginia, during the Revolutionary War shows their staunch support of the cause for independence. For a time, their traditional urge of intense loyalty held them to the crown in spite of the injustices they had suffered in the past. But when they finally realized that it was time to join the other colonists in their resistance against the increasing oppression, they threw themselves into the fight with all the rock-bound determination for which they have always been justly famed.

One incident is related about Rev. Archibald Scott. On a quiet Sunday evening, the inhabitants learned that the British were approaching Rockfish Gap. Rev. Scott at once turned his meeting into a patriotic one, invoking his people "in thrilling tones to drive back the invader.” He hurried the wives and daughters home to prepare their men. "They marched forth with the blessings and under the command of their patriotic pastor who hesitated not to exchange the Bible for the sword and saddle." (From "The Scotch-Irish Settlers in the Valley of the Virginia", an Alumni address at Washington College, Lexington, Virginia, by Christian of Staunton, published 1860.) Among the Scotch-Irish soldiers from Rev. Scott's congregation were doubtless several of the McPheeters family.


Archibald Scott, a lone youth, came to this country and was befriended by William Ramsey, the educator, who with the Lysol's were prominent in the founding of Washington College. William Ramsey's wife was said to have been a Scotch princess. Archibald was taken into his family and educated. He afterwards married Frances Ramsey, one of William's daughters. He became a Presbyterian preacher.(from "Annals of Augusta County and Forte's Sketches of Virginia".) "The year succeeding Mr. Scott's settlement as pastor of North Mountain and Brown's meeting house, that is, in 1779, as he was riding through the neighbourhood he came unexpectedly upon a company of men putting up a large building. Upon inquiry, he found it was designed as a meeting house. The people worshiping at the old North Mountain meeting house had been talking about a new church building and a new position, but nothing had been decided upon by the congregation. Fearing lest evil might spring from the sudden movement on one part of the congregation, the young pastor said, "Are you not too fast, my boys? "No" said Colonel Doak, "we will end the dispute by putting up the church." The church building was completed and called Bethel and the dispute was heard of no more." Mr. Scott lived six miles from Staunton, about where Arbor Hill now is, (just a few hundred yards to the left, coming from town, from the present road and top of long hill.) Fannie - Sproul Line - Updated 1935.doc 7 He died in 1799 and was buried in Hebron graveyard and his grave marked by a marble slab decorated with a camp scene. He was known as the "War Preacher". His descendants are Scotts, Sprouls, McPheeters, etc. His youngest daughter, Matilda was born 1791 (?). Died Dec. 21, 1861. Married John Sproul September 13, 1821. P. S. Another of William Ramsey's daughters married a Lysle, from whom Nancy Lysle Graham is descended.


page 346

1786, January 3d--By Rev. Archibald Scott: James Davis and Deborah Millor; March 9th, John Wilson and Rachel Wilson; March 10th, James Shields and Rachel Anderson; March 16th, Robert Brooks and Polly Grass; March 18th, David Caruthers and Elizabeth Jackson; April 4th, Thomas Mitchel and Margaret Callison; April 5th, Alex. Berryhill and Rachel Thompson; April 6th, John Wilson and Sarah Alexander; April 13th, Richard Smith and Jane Caruthers; April 27th, Jacob Fridley and Hanah Olinger; June 14th, Frederick Ript and Mary Savage; June 13th, Samuel Millar and Ann Brawford; June 20th, Peter Rusk and Barbara Hanger; June 21st, Michael Apple and Elizabeth Roberts; June 28th, John McAdams and Sarah Blackwood; August 24th, Christopher Trotter and Prepare McClintock; August 29th, Valentine Millor and Sylvia Schooler; September 28th, Mathias Swink and Sally Wilson; September 28th, John Millihen and Isabella Doak; October 2d, Robert Haslet and Isabella Thompson; October 15th, Joseph Davis and Ann Estill; November 9th, Isaac Hanah and Rebecca Hogshead; November 15th, James McCutchen and Elizabeth Hunter; November 15th, James Brown and Martha Russell; November 30th, Charles Brown and Mary Woods; December 4th, Jacob Fix and Barbara Swink; December 20th, George Drummond and Nancy Jordan; December 30th, James Crawford and Mary Crawford.