Person:Anthony Strother (2)

Anthony Strother
m. 1694
  1. George Strother
  2. William Strother, IV, of Stafford1697 - 1732
  3. Francis Strother1700 - abt 1752
  4. Benjamin Strotherabt 1705 - 1789
  5. Anthony Strother1710 - 1765
  6. Margaret Strother1713 - 1726
m. 25 August 1733
  1. William Strother1734 - 1744
  2. Anthony Strother1736 - 1790
  3. Elizabeth Strother1738 - 1745
  4. Margaret Strother1740 - 1741
  5. Francis Strother1743 - 1745
  6. Alice Strother1745 - 1745
  7. William Strother1746 - 1773
  8. Betty Strother1747 - 1748
  9. Benjamin Strother1750 - 1807
  • HAnthony Strother1710 - 1765
  • WMary James1736 -
m. 8 March 1754
  1. James Storke Strother1755 - 1819
  2. Mary Strother1757 -
  3. George Strother1760 - 1769
  4. Elizabeth 'Betty' Strother1763 -
Facts and Events
Name Anthony Strother
Gender Male
Birth? 1 August 1710 St George Parish, Fredericksburg, VA
Marriage 25 August 1733 Virginiato Beheathland Storke
Marriage 8 March 1754 Virginiato Mary James
Death? 10 December 1765 Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia

Anthony Strother was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Orange County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Anthony Strother received a patent of 600 acres "lying on the Gourd Vine fork in Orange County" on 27 Jan 1734, as listed in the disposition below:
  • Pg. 318-319. Indenture 7 Nov 1745 between Philip Rootes of the county of King and Queen, Gent., and Mildred his wife, and Anthony Strother of County of King George of other.. for amount of five pounds.. sells 50 acres on branch of the Robinson River. . . . (signed) Phillip Rootes, Mildred Rootes.
Witnesses: Robt. Jackson, James Hunter, John Gordon.
Recorded Orange County 7th November 1745.
[Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 61].

Disposition of Land from Orange County, Virginia Records:

  • Pg. 43-45. Indenture 29 March 1745 between Anthony Strother of Spotsylvania County, Gent., and Behethland, his wife, and Revd. John Thompson of Orange County, Clerk, of the other part.. for £50 paid by John Thompson.. sold 600 acres of land lying on the Gourd Vine fork in Orange County.. granted Anthony Strother by pattent 27 Jan 1734.. bounded by.. Francis Thornton.... (signed) Anthony Strother (Seal), Beheathland Strother (Seal). Witnesses: Geo. Taylor, Eras. Taylor, Thos. Slaughter. Recorded Orange County 29 March 1745. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 34].

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 199.--John Pickens and Ellinor, to Anthony Strother, of King George, from Beverley, 27th February, 1740; Robert Poag's, now Gordon's; corner on Lewis Creek; corner land sold by Jno. Pickens to Wm. Baskins, 552 acres, part of 764 acres, conveyed by Beverley to John, 27th February, 1740. Teste: Danl. Richeson, Thos. and Andrew Lewis, Robert Bratton.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 418.--__ _____, 1760. Anthony Strother and Mary, of Spottsylvania, to Randal Lockhart, £325, 552 acres purchased by Anthony of John Pickens, 22d March, 1753, beginning at patent Thomas Gordon's, now Rev. Jno. Craig's on Lewis Creek, Wm. Baskin's lines. Delivered: Randal Lockhart, August, 1762.

Records of Anthony Strother in Orange County, VA

  • Pages 166-68. 23-24 May 1739. Richard Mauldin of St. Margaret's Parish, Caroline County, to Stephen Terry of same. Lease and release; for £25 current money. 300 acres in St. Mark's Parish on the branches of the Robinson River at the Great Mountains, part of a tract granted to Richard Mauldin for 1,000 acres.. corner of Mr. Anthony Strother near the foot of the Double Top Mountain.. south fork of Robinson River.. corner to George Martin... (signed) R. Mauldin. Wit: Timos. Terrell, John Starke, Robt. Fargison junr. 24 May 1739. Acknowledged by Richard Mauldin. [Orange County Virginia Deed Book 3, Dorman, pg. 12].
  • Pg. 320. Know all men by these presents that I, John Dozier, of Orange County sold to Anthony Strother of the Town of Fredericksburg, Merchant, one gray mare branded thus.. 2 feather beds.. against claims.. said Dozier shall before the 25th of Dec. next pay to Anthony Strother' sum of £12.02.05½.. then the above to be void. (signed) John Dozier.
Witnesses: John Cox, Wm. (X) Sutherlin, Frans. Tyler.
Recorded Orange County 23rd May 1746.
[Orange County Virginia Deed Book 10, Dorman, pg. 61].

Records of Anthony Strother in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 182.--20th March, 1749. John Campbell's sale bill--To George Shuneman, Stephen Phillips, Barbara Job. To John Barrenhinsell, James McNeal, Anthony Strother, Thos. Dolson (Dottson), Fredk. Freeling, George Neel, Thos. Harmon.
  • Page 471.--21st March, 1753. Anthony Strother's bond as administrator of James Rutledge, with surety Thomas Lewis.
  • Page 15.--20th August, 1762. Randal Lockhart to Sampson and George Mathews, merchants, £410, 550 acres purchased by Randal of Anthony Strother, 1760; cor. Thos. Gordon, now Pey. John Craig's; cor. on Lewis' Creek; cor. land sold by John Pickens to William Baskins.