Person:Anthony Reager (2)

Anthony Reager, Jr.
d.1 AUG 1780 Virginia
m. ABT 1711
  1. Anthony Reager, Jr.1713 - 1780
  2. John Reager1715 - 1758
  3. Burkhard Reager1717 - 1782
  4. Barbara ReagerABT 1719 - 1794
m. ABT 1733
  1. Judith ReagerABT 1733 -
  2. Anthony ReagerABT 1734 -
  3. Jacob Hans ReagerABT 1734 - 1811
  4. John ReagerABT 1736 -
  5. Barbara ReagerABT 1737 -
  6. Martin ReagerABT 1738 -
  7. Mary ReagerABT 1740 -
  8. Magdalene ReagerABT 1742 -
  9. Henry ReagerABT 1744 -
Facts and Events
Name Anthony Reager, Jr.
Gender Male
Birth? 8 JUL 1713 Benken, Canton Basel, Switzerland
Marriage ABT 1733 to Catherine Shook
Death? 1 AUG 1780 Virginia

Anthony Reager was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST 28, 1750. - (423) Abraham Vanderpool, Mathew Uter, Abell Westfall, Anthony Bogard, George Osburn, Jeremiah Osburn, Jeremiah Osburn, Jr., John Osburn, James Simson, Jacob Westfall, Leonard Neiff, John Westfall, Hermanus Skout, Anthony Reger, Anthony Reger, Jr., Michael Rhyne, Peter Reed, George West, Thomas Iax, Robert Graham, added to list of tithables.
  • Page 8.--18th March, 1778. Mark Swadley's estate in account with Mathew Patton and Sebastian Hover--Paid Leonard Simon, Richard Beven, John Jordan, Nicholas Seamans, Christopher Crommett, Margaret Dyche, Peter Smith, Cutlip Gabbart; received William Jordan's account; Lewis Bakers' do.
  • Page 10.--15th September, 1772. Sale bill of above to, viz: Anthony Regar, Thos. Feemster (Cowpasture), Aron Skihawk, David Whitton, William Darling, David Taylor, Martin Shole, George Bushberry, James Wilke, Jacob Brack, William and James Dyer, Adam Look, Jno. Dunwoodey. (Note: this record is referencing the prior record above).