Person:Anna Jones (46)

m. 14 Feb 1862
  1. Adelbert George Jonesabt 1862 - 1922-1939
  2. Stephen Lowery Jones1866 - 1906
  3. Addie Jones1870 - Bef 1880
  4. Anna S. Jones1873 - 1956
  5. Frank B. Jones1874 - 1898
  6. Henry John Jones1876 - 1954
  7. Edward L. Jones1878 - 1938
  8. Onona JonesAbt 1880 - Abt 1882
  9. Reuben Pettijohn Jones1882 - 1957
  10. Onona Pearl Jones1883 - 1964
  11. Charlotte Edith Jones1885 - 1939
  12. Neva Elisa Jones1888 - 1985
m. 18 May 1910
Facts and Events
Name[3] Anna S. Jones
Gender Female
Alt Birth[10] 30 Oct 1872 Grant, Wisconsin, United Statesfrom death certificate, self-reported prior to death
Birth[3] Mar 1873 Grant, Wisconsin, United States
Census[1] 1880 Wright, Iowa, United StatesTroy Township
Census[2] 1895 Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa, United States
Census[3] 1900 Dickinson, Iowa, United StatesOkoboji Township
Residence[4] 1907 Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States
Census[5] 1910 Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States
Marriage 18 May 1910 Denver, Colorado, United Statesto Albert Hayer
Probate[6] 21 Mar 1918 Crook, Wyoming, United Statesmentioned in father's probate
Census[7] 1920 Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States
Census[9] 1930 Denver, Denver, Colorado, United States
Other[8] Dec 1939 Minnesota, United Statesmentioned in sister Lottie's obituary
Death[10] 26 Apr 1956 Englewood, Arapahoe, Colorado, United States
Burial[10] 30 April 1956 Jefferson, Colorado, United StatesCrown Hill Cemetery


Anna's birth date is reported (by persons unknown) in the 1900 Census as March 1873. Her death certificate lists her birth date as 30 October 1872, based on information she provided prior to her death. Either birth date would have made her seven years of age in 1880, the earliest census in which she appears. Only the March 1873 birth date, however, would have made her 21 in the 1895 Census.

Move to Denver

Anna moved to Denver because she had tuberculosis and nearly died. She was told that if she moved to Denver and never left, she would live.[11]

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    Jones, G. W., white male, age 39, farmer, born Wisconsin, father born Penn, mother born Ind.
    , Eliza, white female, age 36, wife, keeping house, born Wisconsin, father born VT, mother born MD
    , Adelbert, white male, age 18, at home, born Wisconsin
    , Stephen, white male, age 16, at home, born Wisconsin
    , Anna, white female, age 7, daughter, at home, born Wisconsin
    , Frank, white male, age 6, son, at home, born Wisconsin
    , Henry, white male, age 4, son, at home, born Wisconsin
    , Edward, white male, age 1, son, at home, born Wisconsin

  2. Palo Alto County, in Iowa, United States. State Census, 1895, Independence Township, HH 103, 1 January 1895, Primary quality.

    Adelbert E. Bliss, age 52, married male, born Ohio, occupation unreadable, Methodist
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    Alden Bliss, age 20, single male, born Wisconsin, teacher, Methodist
    Harry Bliss, age 18, single male, born Wisconsin, [?]mth, Methodist
    Lester Bliss, age 16, single male, born Wisconsin
    Lottie Bliss, age 14, single female, born Wisconsin
    Bart Bliss, age 12, single male, born Wisconsin
    Anna Jones, age 21, single female, born Wisconsin, teacher, Methodist
    Neva Jones, age 6, single female, born Palo Alto County

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    , Anna S., sister, white female, born March 1873, Wisconsin, age 27, single, both parents born Wisconsin, school teacher, able to read and write, speak English
    , Neva E., sister, white female, born January 1888, Iowa, age 12, single, both parents born Wisconsin, at school, able to read and write and speak English

  4. Lila Campbell (niece), 14 Jan 1998, 30 Jan 1998.

    Here is the story of Aunt Anna's illness and move to Denver as I remember Mother and Dad telling it.
    Aunt Anna taught school, and she had to attend summer school. Her roommate had tuberculosis, and Anna contracted it. She was in the hospital (somewhere in Iowa, I presume). The girls who clerked in a town store were friends of hers, and Anna was so ill that they assumed she would not live. In fact, they were discussing buying flowers for her funeral.
    A Christian missionary or visitor came through the hospital and stopped in Anna's room to pray with her. (Her mother, Eliza Liscum Jones read her Bible every day.) As I recall the story, the missionary was Seventh Day Adventist. She told Anna that if she went to Denver, Colorado, and never left, she would live. Anna got up out of her sick bed, packed her suitcase, and went to Denver, Colorado. She lived a long, happy life. She had no children. Her daily life was devoted to taking the "day-old" flowers from her husband's shop and visiting the sick in the hospital. All of her worldly goods were given to the church.
    The address of Anna Jones--in Denver--in 1907. This was a census of Denver-- not a U.S. Census. She was listed with two other girls--rooming house, or such. I have:
    Anna S. Jones, 1515 Stout, Denver, Colorado

  5. Denver (Ward 3), Denver, Colorado, in United States. 1910 U.S. Census Population Schedule. (National Archives Microfilm Publication T623), Sheet No. 20A, Primary quality.

    810 20th Street?
    Woodson, Moseby D., head, white male, 48, b. US, occupation cigar store
    Jones, Anna, lodger, white female, 37, single, b. WI, both parents b. WI, speaks English, saleslady in Sanitorium Food store, able to read and write
    Harrison, Thomas, lodger, white male, 47, divorced, b. TX, fa. b. KY, mo. b. IN, real Estate dealer

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    1148 Kalamate [?] [other streets = Osage, Marajo]
    Hayer, Albert, owns house free of mortgage, white male, age 50, married, able to read and write, born Ohio, both parents born Germany, fireman, Green[?ional], wage worker
    , Anna S., wife, white female, age 47, married, able to read and write, born Wisconsin, both parents born Wisconsin, speaks English
    , George, son, white male, age 21, single, able to read and write, born Colorado, father born Ohio, mother born Wisconsin, speaks English, laborer on railroad, wage worker.

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    1148 Kalamath Street,
    Hayer, Albert, head, owns home, $3500 value, no radio, not a farm, white male age 60, first married age 41, able to read and write, b. OH, both parents b. Germany, able to speak English, laborer, Floriest, wage worker, employed yesterday, no military service
    , Anna S., wife, white female, 57, first married age 38, able to read & write, b. WI, both parents b. WI, able to speak English

  10. 10.0 10.1 10.2 Colorado Death Certificate, Primary quality.

    Anna S. Hayer, white female, widowed,
    born 30 October 1872, Wisconsin
    Father: George W. Jones
    Mother: Eliza B. Liscum
    Former residence: 1148 Kalamath St., Denver, Denver County, Colorado
    Source of information: Self, Anna S. Hayer
    Died 26 April [1956], at 3220 South Ogden Street, Englewood, Arapahoe County, Colorado
    Signed by A. L. Moon, M.D., 2465 So. Downing, Denver, 27 April 56; who attended deceased from 8 January 1954 to 26 April 56.
    Burial on 30 April 56 at Crown Hill Cemetery, Jefferson County, Colorado, Olinger Mortuaties, 2600-16th St.

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