Person:Andrew Sittlington (2)

Andrew Sittlington
b.abt. 1719 prob. Ireland
d.15 Apr 1804 Bath County, Virginia
m. abt. 1700
  1. Agnes Sittlingtonabt 1700 -
  2. William SitlingtonEst 1712-1720 - bef 1772
  3. Elizabeth SittlingtonEst 1715-1727 -
  4. Thomas SittlingtonEst 1715-1727 -
  5. Andrew Sittlingtonabt 1719 - 1804
  6. John Sittlington1720 - bef 1798
  7. Mary Margaret Sittlingtonabt 1723/24 - 1797
m. est. 1765-1770
m. 1779
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Sittlington
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1719 prob. Ireland
Marriage est. 1765-1770 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Elizabeth Dunlap
Marriage 1779 Virginiato Elizabeth McDonald
Death? 15 Apr 1804 Bath County, Virginia

Andrew Sittlington was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 115.--17th August, 1768. Jean ( ) Craighead and John Davis, of Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, executors of Alex. Craighead, deceased, whose will was proved and recorded in North Carolina, to Andrew Sitlington, £200, 1 moiety of lands mentioned in said will, on Cowpasture, corner tract of Adam Dickinson, 310 acres. Teste: Robert Harris, Jr., David Caldwell, Robert Harris, Robert Creaghead, Jas, Alexander, John McClure. Acknowledged in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, before David Rees and Abraham Alexander, Justices, and Robert Harris, clerk.
  • Vol. 1 - OLD DEEDS, WILLS, INVENTORIES, POWERS OF ATTORNEY, ETC., TO BE FILED. - John Lewis to Andrew Sitlington, 1785. Original.

Processioning List of 1767/8

Processioning was the periodic process of reviewing and agreeing upon property lines between settlers. Processioning lists can be useful to show the general area a settler was located, as well as his neighbors during that time period:
  • Page 451.--1767-68: Processioned by Samuel Hamilton, in Cowpasture, from his house down the river to James Baird's: For Samuel Hamilton, Andw. Sutlington, John Dickenson, William Sprowel, John Donaly, Hugh Caffey, Joseph Watson, Andw. Muldrough, Wm. Dougherty, John Clendenning, William Maze, James Beard. Processioned by John Botkin: For Samuel Wilson, Abraham Haptonstall, Robert Duffield, James Burnsides, Robert Carlyle, Richard Botkin, John Carlyle, Samuel Black, Edward Hynds, John Botkin, David Bell.

Will of Andrew Sittlington

Pg. 284. - Will of Andrew Sittlington of the Cowpasture, dated Oct. 12, 1801.
Wit: John Montgomery, John Shrewsbury, Adam Dickinson and Robert Porter.
Probated June 1804 Court.
Exec: wife Elizabeth and Jacob Warrick
Beg: to beloved wife Elizabeth all movable estate not otherwise disposed of, "the plantation on which I now live together with the location adjoining it for which I have obtained a patent" and all appurtenances for her life.
to his wife "use and profits" of another plantation in the Cowpasture known as Fulton's Spring on Mill Creek for her life.
to his wife Negroes Mathew and Hannah and her children and Emy and her children and all their increase "and tho I give them entirely into her disposal to do with them as she pleases either to free them or retain them in slavery forever yet I cannot help express my confidence in her humanity and tenderness that she will grant them their freedom in some reasonable time after her death."
My will also is that my wife shall have the whole disposal of all my other Negroes and the profits arising from them during her natural life and after her death my desire and will is that shall enjoy their freedom on condition that during her life they shall behave toward her in so friendly and dutiful a manner as to merit her approbation and consent to their freedom, but if otherwise, and she thinks at or before her death that they or any part of them shall have forfeited their right to freedom such shall be retained in slavery and disposed of as follows: viz, they shall be sold by my executors and the money arising from the sale shall be by them disposed of in the same manner and proportion as the cash bonds & other debts due the estate... I think it prudent and expedient that none of the males of my slaves shall be set at liberty before they arrive a the age of twenty five years but that they be bound out by me executors or in the case of his death by the overseers of the poor for this county, to honest industry and morality an& teach them to read and write, so as to be able to understand the scriptures & keep their own accounts and that the females shall be bound out in the same manner until they arrive at the age of twenty one years that shall bring them up to read at lease and to habits of industry and morality so that they may be fitted for being good and useful members of society. My desire is that my executors or the overseers of the poor as the case may be shall endeavour to secure for them, that is for those who shall be bound as much freedom from their masters as may be thought just & reasonable to be given to them so soon as they shall be free.
I also will that in case any of those slaves who shall be above the age of twenty five at the death of my wife, shall become old & infirm & unable by any accident to support themselves, that the others who shall be free at such time shall contribute to the comfortable support of such invalids.
to Gean Crawford, wife of Nathan 100 pounds.
to Andrew Sitlington Crawford, son of Nathan, 50 pounds.
to Gennet Sloan, 100 pounds.
to her daughter Polly, 25 pounds.
to Polly Young, wife of John, 50 pounds.
to Agness Beaty, wife of Andrew, 50 pounds.
to Elizabeth Kelso, wife of James, 50 pounds.
to her daughter Elizabeth Sittlington Kelso, 50 pounds.
to nephew James Erwin, 100 pounds.
to nephew Andrew Erwin, 100 pounds.
to niece Gean McGlaughlen, wife of Edward, 100 pounds.
to her son Andrew, 25 pounds.
to Andrew Sittlington McDonald, son of Samuel, 50 pounds.
to Elizabeth McDonald, dauther of John, 25 pounds.
to Elizabeth McDonald, daughter of Samuel, 25 pounds.
balance to his wife, at her death lands equally divided to Andrew Sittlington Warwick, son of Jacob Warrick, and Andrew Sittlington, son of Robert Sittlington.
to wife, land known as "Fulton Spring".
to nephew Andrew Erwin the plantation in Greenbrier Co. known as Vardeman's Place.
[Source: Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 35-36].

Pg. 287 - Inventory - Andrew Sitlington
Submitted by \John Shrewsbury, Joseph Kinkead and ADam Dickinson
Negro woman Amey and 7 children, Hannah and 9 children, Lucy and 2 children, Hannah and 2, Negro men James, Jonathan, Harry and Prince, 2 old Negroes Sukey and Ellison; sheep 32, hogs 53, horses 11 and cattle 59; clothing, furniture, books, 17 years Isish linen, kitchen utensils and furniture, household furniture, farm implements, 55 (?) of feathers, old watch
Bonds, money and accounts, submitted July 1804 Court by Elisabeth Sitlington and Jacob Warrick, exec., with some payments noted and bonds dated back as far as 1787
John Harnest, John Lewis, John Beel, James Kenso, Jemes Ervine (payment by William Gillaspy), Adam Dickinson, Samuel and John Shrewsbury, Hugh Kelso, Dennis Sullevan, Henry Dill, James Graham, John Montgomery, Samuel Brown, Alexander Humphreys, Andrew McCauslin, William Slown, George Poage of Botetourt, James Huston, Thjomas Weir, Richard Humphreys, Thomas Cocks, Margaret Lewis, Robert Gay, Samuel McDonald, John Thompson, William Rogers, John Gay, Alexander Crawford, Hazle Williams, Nathan Crawford, Francis Crutchfield, John Brown, John Corardine, John Edde, Henry Cott, Edward McGlothlin, William Slown, John McClung, Jacob Warrick, Benjamin Thompson, James Mussen (?), Elisha Wiliams, John Williams, Benedict Elshie, Adam Porter, John Mcdonald, John Simpson, Andrew ERvin, John Gillespy, William Gillespy, Richard Mayse, John Munroe, John McDonald Jr., Thiopholus Gillespy, Samuel Edde, John Dickinson, Hugh McDonald, Andrew Ervin, George Harmentrout and Samuel McDonald.
[Source: Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia 1791-1842, Bruns, pg. 37].

Records of Andrew Sittlington in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • Page 406.--20th August, 1760. Adam Dickinson's bond (with Andrew Sitlington, James Gilespy, John Young).
  • Page 7.--14th February, 1761. Adam Dickinson's additional appraisement, by Andw. Sitlington, John Young.
  • Page 332.--20th May, 1761: Mary Garvin, orphan, bound to Andrew Sitlington.
  • Page 180.--18th August, 1762. Mary Gregory's bond (with James Gray, Andrew Sitlington), as administratrix of Naphtalum Gregory.
  • MARCH 16, 1768. (503) Following orphans of Charles Whitman to be bound: Hurson Mathias Whitman, to James Gregory, to learn trade of a weaver. Catherine Whitman to Andrew Sitlington. Jacob Whitman, to John Warwick, to learn trade of shoemaker.
  • Page 20.--17th November, 1772. Andrew Sutlington's bond (with James Gay, Archibald A. Smithers) as administrator of William Sutlington.
  • Page 267.--29th December, 1782. Inquisition at David Frame's before John McCreerey, one of the Coroners, on view of body of Gerrel Pheland-- Witnesses John McRoberts, James Young, that on said day they found said Wheland lying in the Cowpasture River without any wounds. Verdict: He was drowned in attempting to cross the river. Pat. iller, Andrew Suttlington, Robt. McCreerey, Wm. Black, Alex. Black, Abram Hempenstall, David Frame, Jeremiah Frame, Mathias Benston, Sampson Willson, Chas. Cameron, James Henry.
  • Page 350.--19th August, 1783. Recorded. Charles Donnally's appraisement by Alex. Crawford, Andrew Sutlington, Ralph Laverty.
  • Page 368.-- (undated, prob. bet. 16 Aug. 1784 and 12 Oct. 1784) Thomas Hughart and James Hughart and Margaret to Nathan Crawford, tract patented to James Hughart, Sr., 10th April, 1751, and devised to Thomas and James, his youngest son; corner John Cartmill. Teste: Andrew Sitlington, John Dean, Hugh Brown.
  • OLD DEEDS, WILLS, INVENTORIES, POWERS OF ATTORNEY, ETC., TO BE FILED. - John Lewis to Andrew Sitlington, 1785. Original.
  • 1789--August 24, James Kelso and Betsy Sitlington, daughter of John Sitlington (consent); witnesses, Alexander Crawford, Andrew Sitlington. James is son of Hugh Kelso (consent). Witnesses, John Walker, John Moore, John Stewart; surety, Alexander McPheeters.
  • Page 522.--__ March, 1786. Recorded. Andrew Donnelly's appraisement by John Dickinson, Andrew Sutlington, Alex. Crawford.

Records of Andrew Sittlington in Bath County, VA

Note: there appears to be conflicting information in the record below. This Andrew Sittlington died in 1804, not in 1787:

  • Sitlington Heirs vs. Sitlington's Widow--O. S. 79; N. S. 27--Bill, 3d December, 1805. Orators are viz: James Kelso, and Eltzabeth, his wife, John Young and Polly, his wife; Nathan Crawford and Jane, his wife; Jennet Sloan (Kean?), Andrew Beaty and Agness, his wife; Edward McLaughlin and Jane, his wife; of whom Elizabeth, Polly, Jane Crawford, Jennet and Agness are the daughters and Jane Erwin is granddaughter of John Sutlington, deceased. John was brother of whole blood of Andrew Sutlington, of Bath. Andrew died 1787 without issue, widow Elizabeth. He made a will, dated 1801, and this suit is to contest it on account of inability by age and infirmity, being 90 years old. Andrew had writt John in Ireland to come to Virginia. He married Elizabeth when aged. She was a Montgomery? Her brother (?) John was a preacher. Defendants are viz: Elizabeth Sutlingon (widow of Andrew), Jacob Warwick, Andrew Sutlingon Warwick, Andrew Sutlington (son of Robert Sutlington), John Montgomery, and Andrew Erwin. Jacob Warwick answers that oratrix, Jane McLaughlin, is niece of Andrew Sutlington, who is understood to have had a half-sister, Mrs. Sherman, living in Pennsylvania at his death. Andrew had married the mother of Jacob. Elizabeth answers that John Sutlington had a son, Robert, now living in Bath. James Erwin is brother of Jane McLaughlin. Andrew died 15th April, 1804. He was in his 85th year. John Sutlington came to this country in 1774. Andrew and Elizabeth were married in 1779. Andrew Sitlington's will dated 12th October, 1801. Proved in Bath County, June, 1804. Wife Elizabeth; legat Gean Crawford, wife of Nathan Crawford. Legatee Andrew Sitlington Crawford, son of Nathan. Legatee Gennet Sloan and her daughter, Polly Sloan. Legatee Polly Young, wife of John Young. Legatee Agness Beaty, wife of Andrew Beaty. Legatee Elizabeth Kelso, wife of James Kelso. Legatee Elizabeth, Sitlington Kelso, daughter of Elizabeth Kelso, Legatee nephew, James Erwin. Legatee nephew, Andrew Erwin. Legatee niece Jean McGloughlin, wife of Edward, and her son, Andrew McGloughlin. Legatee Andrew Sitlington McDonald, son of Samuel. Legatee Elizabeth McDonald, daughter of John. Legatee Elizabeth McDonald, daughter of Samuel. Legatee Andrew Sitlington Warwick, son of Jacob. Legatee Andrew Sitlington, son of Robert. Letter by Andrew to John dated Greenbrier, 25th September, 1776, speaks of brother William (in Pennsylvania), and brother Thomas, of sister Elizabeth. [Source: Abstracts of the Wills and Inventories of Bath County, Virginia 1791-1842, Jean Randolph Bruns].