Person:Andrew Moody (2)

Andrew Moody, Sr.
b.BEF 1748
d.1800 Kentucky
  1. Unknown Moody1743-1753 -
  2. Andrew Moody, Sr.BEF 1748 - 1800
m. BEF 1780
  1. Jane MoodyABT 1780 -
  2. Andrew Moody, Jr.1781 -
  3. James Moody1782 - 1856
  4. Margaret Moody1783-1793 -
  5. Samuel Shomen Moody1786 - 1856
  6. Rachel Moody1787 - BEF 1812
  7. Ruth Moody1788 - Abt 1835
  8. Isaac MoodyABT 1790 -
Facts and Events
Name Andrew Moody, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? BEF 1748
Marriage BEF 1780 Augusta County, Virginiato Catherine Shomen
Death? 1800 Kentucky

Andrew Moody, Sr. was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 470.--19th October, 1771. Thomas Rafferty and Esther (Easter) ( ) to Andrew Moody. £32, 18 acres on north side South River of Shanidore, part of 330 acres patented to George Anderson, 1741. Delivered: Andrew Moody, 18th April, 1775. (Note: this land is most likely the land acquired by Andrew Moody "in Staunton", prior to his move to the "Calfpasture", as listed in "Moody vs. Moody" listed below. This land was located near "Beverley Manor" on the South Shenandoah River and was acquired by George Anderson in 1741).
  • Page 422.--20th March, 1781. Martha ( ) Gay, widow of Henry Gay, of Rockbridge, to Andrew Moody. (Note: the land in this acquisition is most likely the land in "the pastures", as listed in "Moody vs. Moody" listed below. Henry Gay, who had died in 1779 owned land in the "Calfpasture", where this land was likely located).
  • Page 260.--27th October, 1788. Nathaniel Burkett and Karthrine ( ) to Andrew Moody, part of two tracts originally surveyed for John Anderson and by several conveyances came into possession of Nathaniel, on south side Middle River. (Note: this land was part of John Anderson's 747-acre tract acquired in 1739, which was perhaps in the vicinity to the land of George Anderson, John Anderson's brother, of which Andrew Moody acquired 18 acres of in 1771, as listed above).

Possible Parentage of Andrew Moody, Sr.

Andrew Moody acquired land in "Beverley Manor" in 1771, which was very close to land acquired by James Moody and Robert Moody (brothers) located just to the southeast of Andrew Moody's tracts acquired in John Anderson's and George Anderson's original patents in "Beverley Manor". It is very likely that Andrew Moody could have been the son of either James or Robert Moody, but there are no conclusive records to prove this. Additional research is necessary to prove Andrew Moody's parentage.

Records of Andrew Moody, Sr. in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's Augusta County Records:

  • Page 42.--7th July, 1768. David ( ) Stuart and Margaret to Alexander Stuart, their son, £50, 200 acres on a small branch of Middle River of Shanandore, James Sayers' line, oak near Buffalo Branch. Teste: John Poage, James Sayers, Andrew Moody. Delivered: Alexander Stuart (Stewart), November Court, 1773.
  • Vol. 2 - Page 301--List of insolvents for year 1786 in Augusta returned by Thos. Hughart, which was charged to be false, and he was indicted for perjury. Charles Ash removed. Ephraim Beats removed to Kentucky. Thomas Bleack removed to Greenbrier. Following have removed: John Awfold, Joseph and Jacob Bennett, Henry Baker, Jno. Brinkley, Jno. Bean, Jno. Collins, Henry Casebolt, Thos. Davis, John Denison (to French Broad), Jacob Elsworth, Francis Graham (to Kentucky), David Gregory (to Kentucky), James Hicklen (to Kentucky), Wm. Hicklen (to Kentucky), John Jordan (to Kentucky), Thos. Jerris (Jervis), Andrew Moody (to Kentucky), Henry Null (to Kentucky), James and John Lambert (to Kentucky), Henry Morrison, John Nelson, Cornelius Vansdale, Jno. Portlock (to Kentucky), Wm. Robenson, James Rucker, Chas. Ramsey, Lewis and Francis Tackett, James Tanner, Richard Bennett, Thos. Tackett, George Stout.
  • Vol. 2 - List of Delinquents and Insolvents in the Revenue Tax for 1786 given in by Thomas Hughart, Sheriff, in Second Battalion. These removed, viz: Andrew Moody, to Kentucky (listed among several others).
  • Page 73.--8th November, 1786. James Anderson and Ann (Agness) to Nathaniel Birkett (delivered: Andrew Moody, 25th October, 1788), part of 747 acres conveyed to John Anderson by Beverley, 16th March, 1739; also part of 135 acres patented to said John and since conveyed to James by said John, 15th May, 1781. (Note: this land was conveyed by Nathaniel Birkett to Andrew Moody in 1788 in acquisition listed above).
  • Vol. 2 - Marriage Bond in Augusta County - 1794--November 25, Alex. Sanders and Andrew Moody, surety. Alex.Sanders and Margaret Loffties, daughter of Ralph Loffties, of Rockingham, consent. Teste: James Givens, Thomas Givens.
  • Vol. 2 - Moody vs. Moody--O. S. 191; N. S. 67--Bill, 1812--Andrew Moody died in Augusta about 1810-11 intestate, without wife or children and orator, Andrew Moody, Jr., of Kentucky, and his brothers and sisters are the only heirs. Andrew was an Irishman brought to this country very young by his uncle, orator's father, who was also named Andrew Moody and was the only relation in America and was his paternal uncle. Orator's father was a citizen of Virginia and moved to Kentucky, where he died some years before Andrew. The only legitimate descendant of orator's at time of Andrew's death were, viz: Margaret, wife of Andrew Smith; James Moody Jane, wife of Nathaniel Teague; Rachel, wife of John Creason; Samuel Shomen Moody, Isaac Moody, Ruth Moody and orator beings sons and daughters, all living out of Virginia. Rachael Creason has died before 17th October, 1812, leaving no children. Andrew, orator's father, lived in Madison County, Ky. Teague and wife, and James Moody lived in Knox County, Ky. Orator lived in Barren County, Ky. Ruth Moody lived in Barren County, Ky. Smith and wife, Isaac and Samuel Moody in Madison County, KY. Andrew Anderson, administrator, answers that Andrew Moody came to Augusta before Revolutionary War with another person who called himself Andrew Anderson. Catharine Moody deposes in Jackesborough Tenn., 25th December, 1812. She is widow of Andrew Moody, Sr., of Kentucky. They were married in Augusta. Rachel Moody married John Creeson and moved to the Missouri and is reported to have died without children. She and her husband Andrew moved from neighborhood of Staunton in 1780 and removed to a place called the pastures, about 45 miles from Staunton, where they lived 5 or 6 years, and then moved to Carter's Valley in Tennessee, thence to Kentucky in 1796, where Andrew died in 1800. Andrew had no brothers or sisters except father of Andrew of Augusta.