Person:Alexander Reed (8)

Alexander Reed
m. abt. 1746
  1. Alexander Reed1748 - 1816
  2. Jean Reedest 1750 -
  3. Robert Reed, Jr.est 1760 - 1835
  4. Elizabeth Reedest 1774 -
  5. Thomas Reedest 1775 - 1801
  6. John Reedest 1778 -
  7. Deborah Reedbef 1785 - 1818
  8. Isabella Reedbef 1785 - est 1821-1829
  9. Agnes Reedbef 1785 -
m. 1775
  1. Jane Reed1785 -
  2. Barbara "Barbary" Reed1786 - 1831
  3. Robert Reed1788 - 1861
  4. Rebecca Reed1790 - 1829
  5. James E. Reed1792 - 1863
  6. Elizabeth Reed1798 - 1867
  7. Hugh Reed
  8. Nancy Reed
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Reed
Gender Male
Birth[1] 1748 Pennsylvania
Marriage 1775 Augusta County, Virginniato Martha Unknown
Death[1] July 1816 Rockbridge County, Virginia

Alexander Reed was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 64.--21st March, 1775. Robert Reed and Barbara to Alexander Reed, their son, tract on Middle River where Robert lives.
  • Page 221.--140 acres conveyed to Alexander Reed by Robert Reed, Sr., 21st March. 1775.

Records in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 478.--1st March, 1785. Thomas Stevenson's will--To son-in-law, George Poage, 1 shilling; to grandson, George Poage, 1 shilling; to grandson, John Poage; to Agness Reed; to Joseph Hannah; to Deborah Reed; to Isabel Reed; to Alex. Reed; what money Henry King owes to be given to the poor if got from him; 20 shillings to pale in the church yard; to Robert Reed, Jr. Executors, Alex. Reed and David Gibson. Teste: John Campbell, Thomas Willson, Jno. Dixon. Proved, 16th August, 1785, by Wilson and Dixon. Executors qualify.
  • Vol. 2 - 1792--July 23, James Gardner, Jr., and Elizabeth Reed, daughter of Ro. Reed (consent); witnesses, Jno. Gardiner, Alex. Reed; surety, Jacob Kinney. [Note: Elizabeth Reed was the sister of this Alexander Reed].

Estate Records in Rockbridge County

Rockbridge County, VA Decided Causes, File 4, Bundle 15.

Causes Ended, File 4, Bundle 15.

Alexander Reed's heirs

Bonds on Laurence Bousman paid by ptf.
1 March 1837 - Depositions of Wm. Moffett and David G. Houston at residence of Richard Parson on the lands of the hrs of Alexander Reid in Rockbridge County.
Wm. Moffett valued land.
20 Acres devised to Robert Reed @ $9 per acre.
The rest of the tract @ $7 per acre.
David Houston valued
20 A devised to Robt. Reed @ $7 per acre.
Other 221 Acres @ $5 per acre.
Bond showing Joseph Gilmores expenses as exor from Apr 1818 to Nov 1822 totaling $57.47
Bond-- Alexr. Reed owed Laurence Bousman $341.64 (30 July 1813) due by Sept. 1817
Undivided Interest
20 Acres-- Madison Gilmor $140.00
James Reed's Interest in 221 Acre - Jas. Gilmore $401.00
H. J. Reed's Interest in 221 Acres - Joseph Gilmore $401.00
14 April 1838
6 Jan 1835
John Paul's Deposition - In July 1823, myself & my wife (she being one of the hrs of sd. Reed) went to Joseph Gilmore's on a visit. In conversation with him in relation to the affairs of the estate of my wife inquired of him how "the boys" (meaning her bros) had come on paying for the land, he observed that they had paid up all but a mere trifle. Also stated Hugh Reed took 2 horses, some ploughs, some sheep, hogs & cattle when he moved off the farm. (understands that he took what was considered his part as his property in will of Alexr. dec'd). James Reed was considered the manager of the property left on the farm.
Deposition of Christian Waskey taken at house of Eleazer Sweetland in town of Pattonsburg. Deposes that bonds of Alexander Reed due to Laurence Bousman were in his hands for collection. Brought suit as ordered by Bousman when 1st bond became due. Collected no money until Bousman returned to this country then gave him up the balance of the bonds & was no longer his agent. Joseph Gilmore & old Bousman that if the Reeds could not pay him, he would see him pd.
Newspaper Notice
Messrs. Robert Reid & Hugh Reid
As you are not inhabitants of this state you will please take notice that I shall on the 29th of this month (March) take depositions of Christian Waskey & others in the town of Pattonsburg in County of Botetourt Va at the tavern of E. Sweetland.............. Along on the 3d day of April next at the house of John Galbraith, in Rockbridge County, VA............ Joseph Cloyd & others............
Madison Gilmore 9 March 1833 (2 separate newspaper clippings)
Alexandr Reed & laurence Bousman & Christopher Waskey bound to John Waskey for sum of $350.00, 30 July 1813, due 1 Aug 1814 (all signed)
Teste: William Miller, John Crawford Junr, Patrick McCorkle
Mr. Madsion Gilmore exor of Joseph Gilmore dec'd. On 2 Sept. next at the Country room of John Brabson on Boyd's Creek in Seveir Co, TN I shall take the deposition of Robert Reed to be read as evidence....
(Signed) James Reed
August 7th, 1833
Ack'd by Madison Gilmore
Notice to james Reed will take deposition of Jos. Cloyd & others at house of John Galbraith in Rockbridge 2 April.
Madison Gilmore
Ackn'd James Reed
Laurence Bousman of Miami County, Ohio acknowledged reciept of all debts dues or demands agst Alexander Reed of Rockbridge County through the hands of Joseph Gilmore, for which sd. Reed gave a deed to Joseph Cloyd for a tract of land in said county of Rockbridge (in trust) to secure payment of same)
10 Sept 1817
2 Apr 1833 - Joseph Cloyd's Deposition at house of John Galbraith. He wrote a will for A. Reed. James Reed had let Joseph Gilmore have the surplus wheat in payment of the bonds. Some years ago when Robert Reed was in the county he proposed selling his interest of the land, stating he wanted to know what his part of the purchase money was so he could pay it. 2 years last fall since Robert Reed was in the country.
3 Apr 1833 - G. W. Crawford's Deposition. James Reed stated that his father had left him & his brother Hugh very much indebted to Jos. Gilmore & his sisters (that is A. Reed's sisters) Conversation was about 2 years last fall.
George W. Crawford
Robert Reed's Depostion, State of TN, Sevier County, 2 Sept 1833. 1819, Joseph Gilmore's son Mackston rec'd from brother James Reed 13 bushels of flour, 11 of sold for $13.oo bushel, the other two sold but not for that price.
"I heard the sd. Joseph Gilmore say at his own blacksmith shop my bro. James & Hugh J. Reid had nearly pd. up for the land." "That with the crop the same year they would be able to pay up for all that was agst the land or more, the sd. Gilmore was my father's executor."
Deposition of Robert Reed, Sevier County, TN, 21 jan 1833
"What was done with the crop of flour on your father's farm 1818?" 13 barrels of flour, taken by boat to Richmond & Paxton Gilmore sold for his father. There was 10 bushels of it family flour & the balance super fine. I understood from Joseph Gilmore that it was in discharge of the debt. Had conversation with Joseph Gilmore in the later pt. of the summer of 1818 and asked him how brother James & Hugh was coming on paying for the land and he sd very well, if they had any luck with their flour they would pay it up that fall."
Source: USGenWeb Archives
  1. 1.0 1.1 Edmund West (compiler). Family Data Collection - Individual Records.

    Name: Alexander Reed
    Parents: Robert Reed, Barbara Stevenson
    Birth Place: PA
    Birth Date: 1748
    Marriage Place: Augusta Co, VA
    Marriage Date: 1775
    Death Place: Rockbridge, VA
    Death Date: Jul 1816

  2.   U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900. (Yates Publishing).

    Name: Alexander Reed
    Gender: Male
    Birth Place: PA
    Birth Year: 1748
    Spouse Name: Martha
    Spouse Birth Year: 1750
    Marriage State: VA
    Number Pages: 1

  3. Public Member Trees: (Note: not considered a reliable source).
  4.   .

    Alexander Reed was born in Pennsylvania in about 1748. I estimate his birth based on a statement of his son, Robert Reed, found in Goodspeed's HISTORY OF WASHINGTON COUNTY ARKANSAS published in 1889. It said Alexander Reed had died in Rockbridge County Virginia at age sixty-four. On a trip to the area, I found his will dated June 28, 1816 and probated on August 6, 1816. Since he died in July of 1816, his birth would have been in 1748. This also places it in Pennsylvania. A copy of this will is in the Addendum of this work.
    Alexander Reed grew up in Augusta County Virginia. It was here that he married. Based on old deeds, I know his wife's name was Martha, but again I have no clues yet as to her maiden name.
    They were more than likely married in 1769. There is a record that Alexander Reed applied for a marriage License on March 21, 1769, and he was probably married shortly thereafter.
    On March 21, 1775, Robert and Barbara Reed sold Alexander 140 acres out of their original tracts of 144 and 89 acres where they currently lived. There was no monetary consideration in the deed, so I assume that it was a form of wedding present to young Alexander so that he might begin his own life.
    Alexander and Martha raised their children on this land and remained in Augusta County until 1813. In that year, on April 5, 1813, they sold their 170 acre plantation on Middle River to William Bell. Later on August 2, 1813 they purchased a new home and lands in Rockbridge County Virginia.
    They purchased 240 acres on the James River from Lawrence and Sally Bousman. They signed a note to pay for this land over a five year period on July 13, 1813.
    Alexander was sixty five years old at this time. He became ill a few years later, and wrote his will on June 28, 1816. He died during July and his will was presented in court on August 6, 1816. The will is transcribed in the addendum. Martha was still alive at that time. I do not know when she died.
    His two sons, James and Hugh, inherited the remainder of the Plantation after Robert was given some 20 acres first. He required each to pay his proportionate share of the monies still owing to Robert Bousman for the land. The note was to be paid by September 1, 1817. From the court records, it appears that the sons did not live up to the agreement. Suit was brought against them in 1832 for the balances still due. Robert owed $77.33, Hugh and James $186.42 each with interest from March 26, 1818. By this time, Robert and Hugh had left the state, and James was tending the property. Joseph Gilmore was the executor of Alexander’s will, and had agreed to pay the debt to Bousman who was living in Miami County Ohio at the time. Joseph Gilmore died in 1833, but his son Madison seems to have corrected the debt. In 1833 Bousman acknowledged that all the debts were paid through the hands (estate) of Joseph Gilmore. James Reed was still living on the property in 1833.
    Robert Reed, my ancestor, had left Virginia in the early 1820s and according to his deposition in 1833 from Tennessee, stated that in 1818 he had asked Joseph Gilmore how his brothers were coming in paying off the debt. He was told it would be cleared off by the Fall of 1818. Alexander and Martha Reed had eight children.