Person:Alexander McPheeters (4)

Alexander McPheeters, III
b.ABT 1758
m. ABT 1758
  1. Alexander McPheeters, IIIABT 1758 - 1838
  2. John McPheetersabt 1762 - 1839
  3. Martha McPheeters1763 - 1836
  4. James McPheeters1764-1776 -
  5. Ann McPheeters1765 -
  6. Jane McPheeters1765 -
  7. Rebecca McPheeters1766 - 1861
  • HAlexander McPheeters, IIIABT 1758 - 1838
  • WJane Kelsoabt 1761 - BEF 1798
m. 16 September 1779
  1. Alexander McPheeters, IV1782 - 1825
m. ABT 1798
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McPheeters, III
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1758
Marriage 16 September 1779 Augusta County, Virginiato Jane Kelso
Marriage ABT 1798 to Florence Henderson
Death? 1838 Jessamine County, Kentucky

Alexander McPheeters was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Alexander McPheeters in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - McPheeters vs. Donaldson--Alexander McPheeters, Jr., and Jane McPheeters are about to remove to Kentucky, 1795, 4th September. (Note: this appears to be a likely clue to the first name of Alexander's first wife, who died prior his 2nd marriage to Florence Henderson abt. 1798).
  • Vol. 2 - Venable vs. Brown--O. S. 288; N. S. 101--Letter dated Green Creek, Bourbon County, Ky., 20th August, 1808, to Joseph Brown, Esq., Sheriff of Bath County, Va., signed John McKemey (McKinney?). Joseph's father was Colonel John Brown. John has been twice to see the Missouri; has his 2 oldest daughters married, the oldest lives at Green Creek and youngest lives about 70 miles up the Missouri. John hopes to move there this fall. Mr. Feemster has lost his property and is forced to live with his sister, Mrs. McCreary. John has been to the Louisiana; invites Joseph to come to Kentucky, where he can stay on place with John's son-in-law, Alexr. McPheeters, Jr. Alexr., Sr., lives in the neighborhood. Letter dated Cowpasture, 7th January, 1799, by John McKinney to Maj. John Brown, Cowpasture, Bath County. John brother David. Letter from Green Creek, Bourbon County, _____, 1794, by John McKinney to Capt. John Brown, Cowpasture, Bath County. McKinney says he has 4 girls and 1 boy and threatened with another one every day. Letter from same to same dated Lexington, Fayette County, 20th April, 1785. On 2d April inst., McKinney was shot in breast by Indians and breastbone shattered. Large number delinquent tax tickets from Bath.

Information on Alexander McPheeters

From "Clan McPheeters" website:

Alexander McPheeters #8 the first of the eight children of Alexander #2 was the most difficult one to trace. After the history of his three brothers had been determined and their descendants charted, there still remained this Alexander about whom very little information was available. It was known that he was born before 1761 the date of his grandfather's will. He was probably married before 1786 because his name was not in the First Marriage Book of Augusta County which began at that date. It was likely that he had gone to Kentucky with his brother John before 1798, the date of their father's will. This was the limit of the data at hand about Alexander #8. So in this case, as with his sister Rebecca, it was necessary to work back from the current generations hoping to find the connecting link.

The definite proof that linked the unknown Alexander #8 to the Washington County brothers was contained in a deed. In 1819, a parcel of land was bought in Orange County, Indiana, by Alexander McPheeters of Jessamine County, Kentucky. This same land was sold in 1839 by the heirs of Alexander as recorded in Orange County Deed Records, book 16, page 31 and is quoted in chapter on "Documents". Besides naming the four mentioned above, James, John C., the heirs of Hugh and Alexander #17 who had died, this deed showed that Alexander #8 had four more children, two sons Robert and William living in Callaway County, Missouri, and a daughter Margaret in Woodford County, Kentucky; another daughter had died and her heirs were listed, living in Woodford County and Callaway County. Estate records in Jessamine County, Kentucky, confirmed the heirship of this generation in the family tree, completing the line of descent from the colonial beginnings to the present.

"The Henderson Chronicles", published in 1915, was loaned to me by Miss Ema McPheeters of Mexico, Missouri. This little book furnished most of the data on the descendants of Robert and William McPheeters of Callaway County, Missouri. Their mother was Florence Henderson, second wife of Alexander McPheeters #8.