Person:Alexander McNutt (8)

Alexander McNutt
d.29 MAR 1812 Lexington, Virginia
m. ABT 1754
  1. Alexander McNutt1754 - 1812
  2. Rebecca McNutt1755 - 1830
  3. Margaret McNutt1757 -
  4. Joseph McNutt1760-1773 -
  5. John McNutt1760-1773 - Bef 1818
  6. Robert McNutt1760-1773 - ABT 1781
  7. Benjamin McNutt1760-1773 -
  8. Isaac McNutt1760-1773 -
  9. William McNutt1774 - 1836
m. abt. 1791
  1. Margaret McNutt1792 - 1856
  2. Elizabeth McNutt1794 - 1871
  3. Anderson McNutt1795 - 1860
  4. Martha McNutt1798 - 1865
  5. Rebecca McNutt1799 - 1861
  6. Janetta Grigsby McNutt1804 - 1843
  7. Frances Ann McNutt1806 - 1877
  8. Sarah Alexander 'Sallie' McNutt1812 -
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McNutt
Gender Male
Birth[1] 10 DEC 1754 Augusta County, Virginia
Marriage abt. 1791 Virginiato Rachel Grigsby
Burial[1] 1812 Stonewall Jackson Memorial Cemetery, Lexington, Virginia
Death[1] 29 MAR 1812 Lexington, Virginia

Alexander McNutt was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia

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Burial: Date: 1812 Place: Falling Spring Churchyard, Hickory Hill, Rockbridge County, Virginia

Note: Alexander McNutt arrived with a group of Loyalists at Port Roseway, Nova Scotia (now Shelburne) in the spring of 1783, following the end of the Revolutionary War. His name is found on the founder's list for Port Roseway, along with others of the surname McNutt. The family settled an island which became known as McNutt's Island. He later returned to Virginia, as Port Roseway, rocky, isolated, and barren, unsuited for permanent settlement, gradually shrunk to a small fishing village. McNutt's Island could support only a small number of settlers. Other Loyalists moved on to other grants in Nova Scotia, or returned to their homes in America, disillusioned with the provision made for them by the English.

A pioneer McNutt was Robert, who died on a voyage to Ireland, and his wife, whose maiden name was Rosanna Dunn, married Patrick McFarland. Still another was George, who came here with his brother William as advance agents for some kinspeople. Tradition has it that both brothers were in the battle of King's Mountain. William went to the Northwest, and George, who was three times married and had a numerous family, settled near Knoxville, Tennessee.

Source: A History of Rockbridge County, Virginia by Oren F. Morton, published in 1920. Transcribed and submitted by: "Marilyn B. Headley" , 1997

Washington County, VA Survey records abstracts

  • Page 220 - Alexander McNutt...850 ac...Preemption Warrant...on the south east side of the south fork of Holston River joining his settlement...Beginning under a spur of the Ir Mountain...on the northeast side of Moses Creek...on Wallins Path...May 7, 1782
  • Page 263 - Alexander McNutt...450 ac...Treasury Warrant...on the south side of the south fork of Holstein River...Beginning under a high sp the Iron Mountain and on the north side of the spur...on Wallins path...May 7, 1782
  • Page 264 - Alexander McNutt...400 ac...Commissioners Certificate...Beginning under a spur of the Iron Mountain...May 7, 17__ Alexander McNutt, assignee of Arthur Campbell, assignee of William Fletcher...400 ac...on the south fork of Holstein, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1771...August 25, 1781
  • Page 278 - Alexander McNutt...421 ac...Treasury Warrant...on the southeast side of the fork of Holstein River...Beginning under a spur of the Iron Mountain...on the northeast of Moses Creek...on Wallins path then crossing the creek...May 7, 1782.
  • Page 278 - Alexander McNutt...400 ac...Commissioners Certificate...on the southeast of the south fork of Holstein River and adjoining his settlement...May 7, 1782 - Alexander McNutt, assignee of Arthur Campbel assignee of Wiliam Fletcher...400 ac...on the south fork of Holstein...includes improvements...actual settlement made in 1771...August 25, 1781.
  • Page 297 - Alexander McNutt - 300 ac - Commissioners Certificate - on both sides of the south fork of Holstein River - beginning adjoining to Moses Buchanan's land - in John McCutcheons line - on the south side of the river - by a roaring spring - May 26, 1782...Alexander McNutt, assignee of Archibald Blackburn, assignee of Thomas Ray - 300 ac - on both sides of south fork of Holstein, includes improvements, actual settlement made in 1771 - August 25, 1781Alexander, born Dec. 10, 1754.

Note: He was a Revolutionary War soldier, having served at Cowpens. He was a planter, slaveholder, and Presbyterian. He owned extensive property on North River, seven miles east of Lexington and which he and his family lived and where his widow resided after his death. His farm was on North River, 7 miles east of Lexington. A portion of it had been granted by the Commonwealth to his father in 1798 (about a mile west from Buena Vista). He died of pneumonia on March 29, 1812 and is buried at the Failing Springs Presbyterian Church graveyard. (I saw his grave in September [1998], and it is marked with a Revolutionary Soldier marker). Richa Elliott

Lucy Paxton Aldredge, NSDAR 102410, Alexander served in Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan's rifle regiment at Cowpens, where his brother, Robert McNutt, was mortally wounded. He was born and died in Rockbridge, VA. Also Rowena Osborne, NSDAR 91816, Sallie Crawford Griggs, NSDAR 72798, Virginia Osborne Ross NSDAR 61837, Roberta McChesney Crawford, NSDAR 60138, and Grace Lee Osborne Mortimer NSDAR 12267. SAR, Leander Hamilton McCormick had that Alexander was a private in the 4th NC regiment of riflemen and was at Cowpens.

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    Alexander McNutt
    Birth: Dec. 10, 1754
    Virginia, USA
    Death: Mar. 29, 1812

    Alexander McNutt is the son of John "Scotch Johnny" McNutt and Katherine Rebecca Anderson. He married Rachel Grigsby, on 7 Jan 1790 at her Fruithill Home in Rockbridge Co., VA by Rev. Samuel Houston. She is the daughter of John Grigsby and Elizabeth Porter. They had 13 known McNutt Children, listed on his wifes' site.

    He served in the Revolutionary War in the Rockbridge County VA Militia, in 1780 as a Sergeant under Capt. Jas Gilmore and Brig. Gen. Daniel Morgan and as an Ensign. (See the VA Genealogist, Vol. 43, #2, Apr-Jun 1999, p 144 and John H. Gwathmey's History Register of VA In the Revolution, p 538.

    He died intestate. His wife inherited her share of his estate and lived there until Jan 1840. His son in law James McChesney handled the administration of his estate, including about 125 acres in Rockbridge Co., VA.