Person:Alexander McDonald (36)

Alexander McDonald
b.abt. 1737
m. abt. 1731
  1. Randolph McDonald, Jr.1731 - 1757
  2. Margaret McDonaldest 1733 -
  3. Jane McDonaldAbt 1735 -
  4. Mary 'Agnes' McDonaldest 1736 -
  5. Alexander McDonaldabt 1737 - 1811
  6. Sarah McDonaldabt 1740 - aft 1816
m. abt. 1758
  1. James McDonaldAbt 1758 -
  2. John McDonaldAbt 1762 - 1834
  3. Randolph McDonaldAbt 1767 -
  4. Alexander McDonald1768 -
  5. Thomas McDonald1772 -
  6. Margaret McDonaldAbt 1773 -
  7. Mary 'Polly' McDonaldAbt 1775 -
  8. Rosannah McDonaldAbt 1777 -
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McDonald
Gender Male
Birth? abt. 1737
Christening? 9 November 1740 Tinkling Spring, Augusta County, Virginia[Bapt. by Rev. John Craig]
Marriage abt. 1758 Augusta County, Virginiato Margaret Randolph
Death? 19 June 1811 Jefferson County, Tennessee

Alexander McDonald was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Baptism at Tinkling Spring

Alexander McDonald is listed in the Tinkling Spring List of Baptisms in Augusta County, Virginia on 9 November 1740.

Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

Acquisition of Land in Virginia:

  • Alexander McDonald, as eldest surviving son of Randolph McDonald, along with his mother, Jean, received title to Randolph McDonald's 141-acre tract in Beverley Manor. This tract was sold to John Ramsey in the 1768 transaction, listed below.
  • 10 May 1780 - Indenture in which William Preston and William Thompson, Executors of the Will of William Patton, late of Augusta County, deceased, sell to Alexander McDonald of the County of Botetourt, a tract of land in the said county of Botetourt, Formerly Augusta County, containing 100 acres more or less, on a Branch of the Catawba called Middle Lick Rune, etc. (for 25 pds 12 shillings) - Recorded May Court 1780. [Botetourt County Deed Book 2, pg. 539].
  • 13 August 1785 - Alexander McDonald received a patent for 75 acres "on a branch of the Catawba called Middle Lick Run", (as listed in the dispositions below).

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 513.--16th May, 1768. Alexander McDonald and Margaret ( ) and Jean ( ) McClelland, his mother, to John Ramsey, £100, 141 acres in Beverley Manor; corner Andrew Russell on branches of Christie's Creek; oak on Maxwell's branch; Andrew Russell's line. Teste: Hugh Ross, Andrew Russell. Delivered: William Ramsey, 5th October, 1772.
  • Page 515.--16th May, 1768. Alexander McDonald, John Gray and William Hutcheson to John Ramsey, bond in £200 conditioned to make secure title to 141 acres for £100 in Beverley Manor, excepting mines and minerals, if any (mentions deeds of lease and where as having been made on same date as this).
  • 14 October 1788 - Indenture in which Alexander McDonald and Margaret, his wife, of the County of Botetourt, sell to David Hanson, of the same county - for 175 pds - Two tracts of land in said county - on a branch of the Catawba called Middle Lick Run one containing 100 acres and the other containing 75 acres which was granted to the said Alexander McDonald by - Patent dated 13th (sic) August 1785 - Recorded same date. [Botetourt County Deed Book 4, pg. 53].

Land Records in Tennessee

  • 1791 DEED: Jefferson Co, TN, 28 Oct 1791, DBC-32(17). Convayance from Alexander Outlaw to Alexander McDonald (Both of Green Co.), 150 acres, 15 pounds, Green Co. on the waters of Bent Creek joining the plantation whereon the said McDonald now lives (adj. John Howard, John Day). Wit: J. Hamblton; James Richardson, registered 3 Jan 1793.
  • 1808 DEED: Jefferson Co, TN, 1 Apr 1808, DBI-145. Alexander McDonald [McDannel] to John Hawn, 65 acres, $100, on the waters of Bent Creek; being part of a 150 acre survey which said McDannel purchased of Alexander Outlaw. Test: Zekiel Williams, Randolph McDonnald, Tidence Lane. /s/ Alexr McDonnal July Sessions 1808. Registered 2 Sep 1808.

Will of Alexander McDonald

  • 19 Jun 1811. Will of Alexander McDonald - (extract) Lists his wife, Margaret; five sons, Randolph, John, James, Alexander, and Thomas; daughters, Margaret McDonald and Mary Williams; five grandsons, Alexander son of John, Alexander son of Alexander, Alexander son of Randolph, Alexander son of Thomas, and Alexander Williams. [Jefferson County, Tennessee Will Book 2, pg. 16].

Records of Alexander McDonald in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1756: page 110, Alex. McDonald, James Ramsey, his guardian.
  • Page 153.--18th August, 1766 (s/b 1756). John Ramsey's bond (with Israel Christian) as guardian (chosen) to Alex. McDonall, orphan of Randall McDonall. (Note: this record is mis-dated (appears on page with most records in 1756), as Alexander McDonald would have been about 28 years old in 1766)
  • Page 50.--15th November. 1758. Thomas Thompson, farmer, and Mary ( ) to Robt. Thompson, £30, 200 acres, part of tract on which John Thompson, deceased, formerly lived on Long Meadow: corner Wm. Wright's land. Teste: Jno. Poage. Geo. Crawford, Alexander McDonnall.
  • Page 455.--25th March, 1760. Thomas Thompson's will--Brother, James Thompson, 200 yekers which belonged to my father, Jno. Thompson. Executors, Wm. Johnson and Jno. Gray. Teste: Andw. McClure, Isabell Hutchinson, Wm. Logan. Proved, 19th August, 1766, by the witnesses. Executors qualified, with Alex. McDonall. Wm. Martin.
  • Vol. 2 - FEE BOOKS OF AUGUSTA COURT - 1761: page 95, Alex. McDonall, Linvell's Creek.
  • Page 27.--16th November. 1762. Samuel Henderson and Jean to Charles Smith, £40, two tracts on Dry River, a branch of North River of Shanandoe. 1st tract of 165 acres conveyed to Samuel by Samuel McMahon, 7th September, 1753. 2d tract, containing 117 acres patented to Samuel, 14th February, 1761; cor. Daniel Smith. Teste: Pat. Lockhart, Jno. Henderson, Alexander McDonnall. Delivered: Charles Smith, February, 1765.
  • Vol. 1 - FEBRUARY 18, 1763. - (477) Andrew Russell, with two tithables, William Palmer, William Martin, Alexr. McDonald, Wm. Thompson, Alexr. Thompson, John Thompson, George Caldwell and his two sons. Wm. Henderson and John Wallace, to work the road from Christian's Creek to Rockfeil Gap.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1763 (C). Know all men by these presents: That I, Lieut. John Sallard, am held and firmly bound unto Alexander McDonald, &c., &c. 23d March, 1762. Test: Alexander Stewart, Robert Fillson.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER, 1763 (C). - Sallard vs. McDonald.--Lieut. John Sallard to Alexr. McDonald. Bond 23d March, 1762. Witnesses: Alexr. Stewart and Robert Fillson.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1764 (B). - McDonald vs. McClenachan.--I, Alexander McClenachan, Lieutenant in the Virginia Regiment, do promise to pay to Alexander McDonald 33 pounds Virginia currency, 27th September, 1762. Alexander McClenachan. W. Cuningham, James Hughes.
  • Vol. 1 - MARCH, 1764 (C). - Alexander McDonald vs. Thomas Sumter.--Bond, 27th November, 1761. Defendant, Sergeant in the Virginia Regiment. Witness, John Cameron, Lieutenant in same. Writ, 19th September, 1763 (third year of reign).
  • Vol. 1 -COUNTY COURT JUDGMENTS, MARCH, 1764 (C). - McDonald vs. Sumter.--27th November, 1761. Sergeant Thomas Sumter's (in the Virginia Regiment) bond to Alexander McDonald for £59.9.0, C. M. Va. Test. John Cameron, Lieutenant in the Virginia Regiment; Robert Fillson.
  • Page 633.--20th July, 1764. Andrew Russell, Sr., to Andrew Russell, Jr., his son, £10, 150 acres in Beverley Manor on Christian's Creek, part of 496 acres whereon said Russell now lives. Teste: Alex. McDonnall. Delivered: Andrew Russell, March Court, 1767.
  • Vol. 1 - AUGUST, 1765. - Allen vs. McDonall.--I promise to pay Hugh Allen, 22d May, 1765. Alexander McDonald. Test. Robert Anderson.
  • Page 59.--18th November, 1767. John Harrison's estate settlement, recorded--Cash paid Iowel (Joel) Roboson, Thomas Wales. Sold, viz: to John Nedomtoone, John McDonnald, Alex. McDonald, Robert Dickey, Joseph English, John Needham, Jacob Decoson, Jacob Grub, Joseph Langdon, Danl. Prentice, Danl. Ponder, Jonathan Langdon, Jacob Peters.
  • Vol. 1 - NOVEMBER 19, 1773. - (249) Alexander McDonnald, witness from Botetourt.