Person:Alexander McClintic (1)

Alexander McClintic
m. 1748
  1. Joseph McClintic1752 - 1837
  2. Margaret McClintic1753 - AFT 1808
  3. Jane McClintic1754 - ABT 1801
  4. Nancy McClintic1756 -
  5. Robert McClintic1757 - 1845
  6. William Alexander McClintic, II1759 - 1786
  7. Alexander McClintic1765 - 1848
  • HAlexander McClintic1765 - 1848
  • WSarah Mann1769 - 1840
m. 06 February 1788
  1. William McClintic1789 - 1819
  2. Robert McClintic1790 - 1855
  3. Nancy McClintic1792 - 1867
  4. Thomas McClintic1794 - 1859
  5. Moses McClintic1797 - 1862
  6. Jane McClintic1798 - 1867
  7. Alice McClintic1800 - 1877
  8. Margaret McClintic1802 - 1867
  9. Sarah B. McClintic1805 - 1850
  10. Mary McClintic1808 - 1849
  11. Alexander H. McClintic1810 - 1876
Facts and Events
Name Alexander McClintic
Alt Name Alexander McClintock
Gender Male
Birth? 12 February 1765 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania
Marriage 06 February 1788 Falling Springs, Virginiato Sarah Mann
Death? 23 March 1848 Warm Springs, Jackson River, Bath County, Virginia

Alexander McClintic was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Alexander McClintic in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Vol. 2 - McClintic vs. Mann--O. S. 270; N. S. 95--Bill, 26th July, 1807, by Robert McClintic and Jane, his wife; W. H. Cavendish and wife, Alice; Alexander McClintic and wife, Sarah; which Jane, Alice and Sarah are daughters of William Mann, Sr., deceased, and sisters of William Mann, Jr., deceased. William, Sr., died, testate, will dated 3d February, 1778, and recorded in Botetourt. William Mann, Jr., died 1794 under age. Moses and John Mann are sons of William, Sr. Deed, 10th December, 1799, by Moses Mann and Sarah; John Mann and Archibald Mann, devisees of William Mann, deceased, of Bath County to Alexander McClintic, 163 acres, patented to William Mann 15th September, 1789, in Bath on Jackson's

River. Recorded in Bath County, December, 1799. William Mann, Sr., had a son Thomas, who had a son William Thomas Mann. Will of William Mann of Botetourt. Wife, Jane; oldest son, Moses, infant; second son, Thomas, infant; third son, William, infant; fourth son, John, infant; eldest daughter, Ealse; second daughter, Jenny; third daughter, Sarah. Thos. Madison, James Graham, Ro. Armstrong, Jr., executors. Dated 3d February, 1778. Recorded in Botetourt, November, 1778. Jane Mann deposes, at house of Robert Kincaid in Bath, 28th April, 1808. William Mann died 20th March, 1778. Jane is the widow. Their son William died an infant. William, Sr., also had a son Archibald. Wm. H. Cavindish married the widow McClintick Jane's daughter. John Kincaid deposes, at John Mann's house on Jackson's River in Bath County, 6th June, 1818, remembers that he came to this section 12 or 18 months before battle of Guilford, at which time Mrs. Mann, mother of defendant Moses, was in possession of the land.