Person:Alexander Greer (3)

Alexander Greer
b.1752 Virginia
m. BEF 1752
  1. Alexander Greer1752 - 1810
  2. Joseph Greer1754 - 1831
  3. Ruth 'Ruthey' Greer1758 - 1819
  4. Jane Greer1760 -
  5. Andrew Greer, Jr.1763 - 1819
  • HAlexander Greer1752 - 1810
  • WMary DickeyABT 1745 - bef 1785
m. abt. 1777
  1. Mary Greer1778 -
  2. Andrew Greer1780 -
  3. Polly Greer1782 -
  4. Elizabeth 'Betsy' Greer1784 -
m. abt. 1785/86
  1. Mary Vance Greer1787 - 1851
  2. Louisa B. Greer1790 -
  3. Elizabeth Greer1791 - 1831
  4. Jane Bell Greer1793 - 1874
  5. Alexander David Greer1798 - 1868
  6. Catherine M. Greer1800 -
  7. Minerva Greer1803 - 1833
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Greer
Gender Male
Birth? 1752 Virginia
Marriage abt. 1777 Virginiato Mary Dickey
Marriage abt. 1785/86 prob. North Carolinato Jane 'Jenny' Bingham
Death? 18 February 1810 Big Spring, Bedford County, Tennessee

Alexander Greer was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Alexander Greer in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 362.--16th May, 1768. William ( ) McCandless to Andrew Moore, £60, 150 acres; corner Hugh Weir and Alexander Greer; corner William McCandless and Alexander Greer; William Alexander's line; corner Hugh Beard and John Weir. Teste: Thomas Wilson, Samuel Wilson, William Moore.

May be the Alexander Greer that obtained a marriage license in Augusta County, Virginia on September 23, 1773 (Source: Chalkley's, Mariage Licenses).

Information on Alexander Greer

GREER-L Archives

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>Since I haven't posted in some time, I would like to ask anyone for info on my >"most wanted" Greer ancestor. > >Alexander Greer, b. 1710 in Londonderry, IRE, m. (?) > Arthur Greer, b. 1726 > William Greer, b. 1728 > Andrew Greer, b. 1730 in Londonderry, IRE, d. Feb 1810 in Washington Co, >TN, m. Ruth Kincaid c. 1753 in Augusta Co, VA. > Alexander Greer, b. 1752, m. Ruth Talbot, Mary Dickey & Jane >Bingham. > Joseph Greer, b. 8 Aug 1754, m. Sarah Carter & Mary Ann Harmon. > Jane Greer, b. 1760, m. William Barrow > Andrew Greer, b. 4 Mar 1763, m. Sarah Burke > Ruth Greer, b. 1768, d. 7 Oct 1819, m. Thomas Talbot in Davidson Co, >TN. > >I am descended from Ruth Greer & Thomas Talbot. I would appreciate any info on >the >ancestors of Alexander Greer, or his unknown wife, or Ruth Kincaid (wife of >Andrew Greer). > >Tom Butler > Tom,

Have you seen "The Greer Family" by William Greer Peck? It has 2 pages on the ALEXANDER GREER family. It does not contain DoBs for ALEXANDER, ARTHUR and WILLIAM GREER. What is your source for these? The author believes that ALEXANDER lived in Garvaugh, Londonderry Co., Ireland and that only his sons came to America. It does not give his wife's name. ANDREW GREER first married RUTH KINCAID, dau of JOSEPH KINCAID and second MARY VANCE. If you have not seen this reference, I would be willing to send you a copy of same.

My 4-great grandfather was ARTHUR GREER who died in 1776-1777 in Rowan Co., NC. He may have been the son of ALEXANDER. Family tradition names a JOHN GREER as father of the next generation of children with the Philadelphia, Augusta Co., VA, and Mecklenburg Co., NC route but I have found court evidence that it was ARTHUR and not JOHN.

Richard A. Bain

1. ALEXANDER GREER, first child of Andrew and Ruth Kinkaid Greer, was born in 1752, in Duck Springs, Tennessee. He married first JANE BINGHAM. He married second time RUTH TALBOTT. He married third time JEANIE BARROW.

The children of Alexander and Jane Bingham Greer:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes a. Joseph A. Greer 03/30/1835 - b. Catherine Greer - married Jams R. White c. Polly V. Greer - married Samuel McKissick d. Betsy Greer - married Richard Williamson

The children of Alexander and Ruth Talbott Greer:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes e. Mary Vance Greer - married James McKissick f. Louisa B. Greer - married Nathan Evans g. Minerva Greer - married James Whitney, Jr. h. Elizabeth Greer - - i David Greer 1818 married Rachel Wilburn j. Jane Greer - married Joseph McKissick

a. JOSEPH A. GREER, first child of Alexander and Jane Bingham Greer, married FRANCIS EVANS. He died March 30, 1835.

the children fo Joseph and Francis Evans Greer:

Index The Children Date of Birth Notes 1a Alexander Greer 1841 born Green County, Alabama