Person:Alexander Gibson (6)

Alexander Gibson, Sr.
b.ABT 1710
d.Bef. 16 June 1795 Augusta County, Virginia
m. Bef. 1710
  1. Robert Gibson1710 - 1760
  2. Alexander Gibson, Sr.ABT 1710 - Bef 1795
  • HAlexander Gibson, Sr.ABT 1710 - Bef 1795
  • WMaryAbt 1716 -
m. Bef. 1735
  1. Elizabeth Gibson1735 - 1782
  2. Alexander Gibson, Jr.Abt 1738 - Bef 1804
  3. James GibsonAbt 1744 -
  4. Christiana GibsonAbt 1746 -
  5. Mary GibsonAbt 1748 -
  6. Daniel GibsonEst 1750-1760 - 1782
  7. Margaret 'Peggy' Gibsonabt 1760 -
Facts and Events
Name Alexander Gibson, Sr.
Gender Male
Birth? ABT 1710 RIN: MH:IF304
Marriage Bef. 1735 to Mary
Death? Bef. 16 June 1795 Augusta County, VirginiaRIN: MH:IF305

Alexander Gibson was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Early Land Acquisition in Augusta County, VA

  • Page 23.--17th November, 1752. Silas Hart and Jane to Alexander Gibson, 199 acres, part of 400 acres granted Robert Rennock, 10th June, 1740. Buffalo Lick Branch. Teste: Alexander Richey, John Richey.
  • Page 26.--17th November, 1752. Daniel McAnore and Hannah to Alexander Gibson, 115 acres. Middle River of Shanando joining land where McAnore dwells. Corner John Trimble; Thomas Gardner's line. Teste: David Trimble, John Walker.
  • Page 429.--21st August, 1760. Robert Breckinridge and Lettice to Alexander Gibson, £160, 219-1/2 acres in Beverley Manor, part of 439 granted to John Maxwell and 219-1/2 conveyed to Robert by John; cor. Andrew Johnson. Delivered: Alex. Gibson, May, 1761.
  • Page 483.--17th August, 1762. Patrick ( ) McCallam to Alex. Gibson, £70, 205 acres in Beverley Manor conveyed by James Coyle to Patrick, 11th October, 1750, on Christian's Creek, cor. William Palmer, Alex. Thompson and Jno. Thompson. Cor. James Coyle. Acknowledged. Delivered: Samuel Frazier by your order, 5th September, 1765.

Disposition of Land from Chalkley's:

  • Page 122.--21st March, 1753. Alexander Gibson to James Reburn, 1753, 79-1/2 acres on Moffet's Creek of Cathey's River, below John Davison's land. Teste: John King, John Archer, David Trimble.
  • Page 72.--21st March, 1759. Alexander Gibson, farmer, and Mary ( ) to Thomas Gardner, blacksmith, £100, 199 acres, part of 400 acres patented to Robt. Rennock, 10th June, 1740, and conveyed by Robert to Silas Hart, 15th February, 1748, and by Hart to Gibson, 17th November, 1752, on Buffalo Lick Branch. Teste: James Kirk.
  • Page 208.--10th October, 1759. Alexander Gibson and Mary ( ) to Anthony Black, £89, 115 acres on Middle River, joining Daniel McNeer where he now dwells; corner John Trimble; Thos. Gardner's line.

Wills of Alexander Gibson

From Chalkley's:

Note: Alexander Gibson had two wills, written 12 years apart entered into Augusta County court records:

  • Page 178.--15th July, 1782. Alexander Gibson's will--Executor, son Alexander; to wife, Mary, to be maintained by son Alexander; to daughter, Christian, unmarried; to daughter, Mary, unmarried; to daughter, Margaret, unmarried; to grandson, Daniel Gibson; to grandchildren, Elenor McFarland, Daniel McFarland, John McFarland, Ann McFarland; to grandchildren, Isabella, Alexander, James, and Mary McFarland. Teste: John Elliot, Elizabeth Elliot, Elizabeth Gibson. Proved, July Court, 1795 (purporting to be a former will), by John and Elizabeth Elliott and recorded on motion of Alex. Gibson, Jr.
  • Page 171.--6th September, 1794. Alexander Gibson's will--To wife, Mary; to children, viz: Elizabeth, Christian, Mary Mowrey, Margaret; to grandson, Daniel Gibson, who is to make deed to Daniel McFarling for his tract on Christian's Creek; to John McFarling; to grandson Edward Atkins; to granddaughter, Sarah Allen (I believe is her name, but Mrs. Haladay knows her); to granddaughter, Ann McFarling; to granddaughter, Elizabeth Congo (Cargo?); to grandson, Samuel Cargo; to Daniel McFarling. Executors, Robert Porterfield, Henry Mowrey. Teste: Jas. Hill, Daniel McFarland, Christian Gibson. Proved, 16th June, 1795, by James Hill, Daniel McFarlin. Executors refuse to execute, widow also. Administration granted Alexander Gibson, son to decedent.

Records of Alexander Gibson in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley’s Augusta County Records:

  • Page 321.--28th November, 1749. Francis McCown, yeoman, to Andrew Steel, yeoman, Benjamin Borden, Kennedy's Creek. Teste: John Smith, Alexander Gibson, James McCowan.
  • Page 353.--29th May, 1750. Daniel McAnaire and Hannah to James Sayers. £80, 147 acres, part of 400 patented to Daniel, 10th June, 1740 and bounded by a tract laid off for Thos. Gardner on west and one for Alex Gibson on east. Teste: Jean ( ) Beard, William Christell. Delivered: Sampson Archer, November, 1759.
  • Page 395.--28th November, 17__. William King, blacksmith, to John Nickoll, 400 acres on Moffett's branch of Cathey's River. Ralston's Path. Patented to William King, 10th February, 1748. Teste: Robert Ralstone. Delivered: Alexander Gibson.
  • Page 20.--24th September, 1751. William King, blacksmith, and Mary Ann, to John Nichol, 400 acres on Moffet's Branch of Cathey's River, Ralston's Path; patented to William, 10th February, 1748. Teste: Silas Hart, Sam Wallace, Alexander Gibson. (Note: appears to be a duplicate of the record above).
  • Page 542.--20th August, 1761, Matthew Harper and Margaret to John Henderson, shoemaker, £40, 200, part of 1415 acres in Beverley Manor, formerly surveyed for William Henderson, on Christian's Creek; cor. Thomas Rutledge, crossing Black's Branch. Teste: Alex. Gibson, Francis Smith, George Skillern.
  • Page 21.--23d May, 1765. Same (From Robert Beverley) to Sampson and George Mathews, £20, 560 acres in Beverley Manor, including two hills called and known by the name of Betsey Bell and Mary Gray, Alexander Gibson's line; corner Col. Stewart's; McClanahan's corner. Delivered: Sampson, October, 1708 [sic].
  • Page 366.--25th May, 1765. Col. Andrew Lewis and Mr. Robt. McClenachan to James Shaw, £20, lot 15 in Staunton being that half of the lot joining the lot in Staunton now in the possession of Samuel Moore, containing 1/4 acre. Teste: Wm. Crow. Alexander Gibson, Wm. Kinkead.
  • Page 433.--21st October, 1765. James Sayers and Rachel to Daniel McAnare, £200, 140 acres, part of 400 patented to Daniel, 10th June, 1740, and conveyed to James, 29th May, 1756, bounded by tract laid off for Thomas Gardner, also a tract laid off for Alex. Gibson. Delivered: Daniel McAnare, 4th January, 1773.

RIN: MH:I147

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