Person:Alexander Barnett (2)

Dr. Alexander Barnett
b.abt 1754 Virginia
m. 1747
  1. Jane Barnett1748 - 1825
  2. John Barnett1749 - 1817
  3. James Barnett1750 - 1835
  4. Ann Barnettest 1752-1770 -
  5. Mary Barnettest 1752-1770 - aft 1815
  6. Rebekah Barnettest 1752-1770 - aft 1808
  7. Dr. Alexander Barnettabt 1754 - bef 1826
  8. Rachel Barnett1763 - 1813
  9. Elizabeth Barnett1765 - 1835
  • HDr. Alexander Barnettabt 1754 - bef 1826
  • WDorcas LongAbt 1755 - 1842
m. est. 1774-1777
  1. Robert Barnettest 1775-1790 - 1824
  2. Elizabeth M Barnettest 1775-1790 - bef 1826
  3. John Barnett1780 -
  4. William M. Barnett1797 - 1827
Facts and Events
Name Dr. Alexander Barnett
Gender Male
Birth? abt 1754 Virginia
Marriage est. 1774-1777 prob. Augusta County, Virginiato Dorcas Long
Death? bef Dec 1826 Bourbon County, Kentucky[probate]
Will[1] 28 Sep 1826 Bourbon, Kentucky, United States
Probate[1] Dec 1826 Bourbon, Kentucky, United States

Alexander Barnett was one of the Early Settlers of Augusta County, Virginia


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Records of Alexander Barnett in Augusta County, VA

From Chalkley's:

  • MAY 21, 1782. - (54) Samuel Henderson and Alexander Barnett, who married two of the daughters of William Long, Sr., deceased, petition that the testator left 400 acres of land to be divided between their wives, and William Long, grandson of deceased, pray that a guardian be appointed for said William Long, an infant, and persons be appointed to make the division.--Samuel Long, uncle of said William, is appointed guardian and Commissioners appointed to make division.
  • Page 187.--29th January, 1781. William Long's will (of South River, Shanadore)--To wife; to son, Alexander Long, the money that son William had in possession at his decease; to son, William's son, infant; to son, Francis, 100 acres adjoining Jacob Gabhart; to sons, David and Joseph, 400 acres that David lives on; to son, John, if ever he returns home again; to son, James, part of testator's home tract adjoining James Bell; to son, Samuel, other part of tract lying between Francis and James; to daughters, Elizabeth Henderson and Dorcas Barnet, 150 acres on Long Meadow; to grandson, William Long, son of son William, 250 acres on Long Meadow adjoining Andrew McClure and James Alexander. Executors, sons Alexander, Samuel, James. Teste: John Bell, Gabriel Alexander, Joseph Bell. Proved, 18th September, 1781, by John Bell and Alexander.
  • Vol. 2 - Long's devisees vs. Long's executor, &c.--O. S. 58; N. S. 20--Bill filed 29th June, 1803. Orators, viz: Francis, David, Samuel and James Long are children of William Long, who died testate in Augusta. Wm. had also other sons, viz: Alexander & Joseph. A devisee was grandson William (son of son William), who died before December, 1797. John and Wm. Thompson answer that in 1788 they lived in Rockbridge. Alexander Long was Doctor Alexander Long. He had two sisters in 1788, viz: Elizabeth Henderson, wife of Samuel and Dorcas Barnet, wife of Alexander.
  • Vol. 2 - Long's executor vs. Long's executor--O. S. 317; N. S. 113--Bill, 19th October, 1815, by Joseph and James Long, that their brother, Samuel Long, of Augusta made his will 5th December, 1805, but died January, 1814, unmarried. Also Francis Long, another brother, made his will 12th February, 1810, and died shortly after having neither wife nor children. Defendants are, viz: Wm. and Saml. Long, executors; David Long, Alexr. Barnet and wife Dorcas, William Henderson, Mitchell and Nancy, his wife, Saml. Henderson, of whom William, Nancy and Saml. are heirs and representatives of Elizabeth Henderson, late Long, all of whom except the executors and David Long reside out of the Commonwealth.
  1. 1.0 1.1 Will Abstract, in Ardery, Julia Hoge Spencer. Kentucky records: early wills and marriages, copied from court house records by regents, historians and the state historian; old bible records and tombstone inscriptions; records from Barren, Bath, Bourbon, Clark, Daviess, Fayette, Harrison, Jessamine, Lincoln, Madison, Mason, Montgomery, Nelson, Nicholas, Ohio, Scott, and Shelby counties. (Lexington, Kentucky: Keystone Printery, Inc., c1932), 1:18, Secondary quality.

    ALEXANDER BARNETT-Will Book G, page 433-Those mentioned-son, John Barnett, his mother to live with him during her life; grandchildren, children of my daughter Elizabeth M. Brown, deceased; children of son, John Barnett; wife, Dorcus; Agnes Glky, formerly the wife of my deceased son, William Barnett; Martha Ward, formerly the wife of my deceased son, Robert Barnett; grandson, Alexander Montgomery Brown. Made 28th September, 1826. Proved December, 1826. Executors--John Barnett, John G. Brown. Witnesses-William B. Branham, Thomas Roger, Richard Brand.

  2.   Recorded, in Chalkley, Lyman. Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish settlement in Virginia: Extracted from the Original Court Records of Augusta County, 1745-1800. (Rosslyn, Virginia: The Commonwealth Printing Company, 1912-1913 in Three Volumes), Secondary quality.
  3.   Family Notes, Secondary quality.

    :Dr. Alexander Barnett 316,317,318
    :Born: 1754, Virginia
    :Died: 1826, Bourbon County, Kentucky

    :General Notes: The Clinton Public, April 30, 1886

    :The history of the BARNETT family is an important part of the early history of DeWitt county. They came from Kentucky, and made their first home in what is now called Barnett township---being named in honor of the family. The Barnetts were of Scotch-Irish stock, and settled in Virginia in the beginning of the eighteenth century. The grandfather of Alexander L. Barnett was born in Virginia in 1754, and during the revolutionary war served as regimental surgeon in the Virginia continentals. Dr. Barnett was an ardent admirer of the teachings of Thomas Jefferson, and he resolved that his children should not dwell on a soil tainted with slavery. He did not get to this land of freedom himself, but in his will he provided that his sons and their families should carry out his wishes. Two of Dr. Barnett's sons died without issue, and his surviving son, John, was entrusted the carrying out of the Doctor's wishes. The Barnett family had removed from Virginia to Bourbon county, Ky., at the close of the revolutionary war, where they bought seven hundred and ten acres of land. In the Doctor's will it was provided that three hundred and twenty acres of the land should be sold and invested in free soil for the benefit of his descendants, and the remainder of the land was willed to John BARNETT, the father of Alexander L., and his sister's descendants in fee simple. John Barnett was a soldier in the war of 1812. In 1830 he came to Illinois and bought land in this county. Robert F. BARNETT, the oldest son of John, came to this county in 1832 and settled on lands previously entered by his father. Alexander L., the third son, came from Kentucky in 1831, and located in Clintonia township, on the farm which he owned till the time of his death. John Barnett, the father of the DeWitt county Barnetts, removed to this county years after his sons came here, and spent the remaining days of his life on free soil, carrying out the wishes of the old revolutionary hero, Dr. Alexander Barnett. So intensely opposed were the elder Barnetts to the institution of slavery that they made no effort to bring slaves to this State, although under the existing laws at that time they could have done so.

    The Barnett Family of Bourbon County Kentucky

    :First Generation
    :Alexander Barnett born about 1754 in Virginia and died 28 September 1826 in Bourbon County, Kentucky. He is buried in the Barnett Cemetery located on Stonerside Farm on North Middletown Road in Bourbon Co., Kentucky3. He was married around 1779 to Dorcas Long in Virginia4. She was born in 1757 and died 12 September 1842 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky. She is also buried in the Barnett Cemetery located on Stonerside Farm on North Middletown Road in Bourbon Co., Kentucky3.

    :Second Generation
    :Alexander Barnett and Dorcas Long
    :Their Children:
    :i. John I. Barnett born 29 January 1780 in Augusta County, Virginia and died 16 May 1854 in Barnett Township, Dewitt County, Illinois and is buried in Barnett Cemetery in Dewitt Co., Illinois.5. He was married 15 Jun 1806 in Bourbon County Kentucky to Sarah (Sally) Kenney6. She was born 24 July 1786 in Bourbon Co., Kentucky.
    :ii. Elizabeth M. Barnett, died before 28 September 18262. She married John G. or T. Brown 16 October 1810 in Bourbon County Kentucky7.
    :iii. Robert Barnett vital information unknown. We know of his existence because he is name in his father's will. He was married to Martha Ward. There is record of an appraisement and settlement in April 1801 for Robert Barnett in Bourbon Co., Kentucky, most likely the same one.
    :iv. William Barnett born 27 Aug 1791 and died 5 Aug 18248. He was married to Agnes Glkey.